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24 Feb '22 Comex Gold Leaps Ahead of Physical Price Spike as Russia Invades Ukraine Adrian Ash
23 Feb '22 Gold Rises Again as Russia Sanctions Send 'Freedom's Price Tag' Higher for Oil, Gas, Wheat Adrian Ash
22 Feb '22 Putin's 'Terrifying' Move on Ukraine Sees Gold Bullion Hit 9-Month High Adrian Ash
21 Feb '22 Gold ETFs Expand, Price Hits Record Yen High as Russia Denies Talks with US Over Ukraine Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Feb '22 Price of Gold Bars at 8-Month High But ETFs Don't Expand on Latest Ukraine Fighting Adrian Ash
17 Feb '22 Ukraine Fighting Sees Gold Jump Near $1900, Edges Record JPY Price Adrian Ash
15 Feb '22 Gold Bullion Erases $30 Jump as Russia 'Withdraws Troops' Near Ukraine But Nato Sees 'No Sign' Adrian Ash
14 Feb '22 Gold Price Firm as 'Polar Vortex' of Nato-Russia War Sinks Stocks, Economic Outlook Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Feb '22 Gold Bullion Holds Weekly Gain Despite Rate Hike 'Certainty' After Inflation Blow-Out Adrian Ash
10 Feb '22 Gold Slips, Silver Price Firm as Core US Inflation Hits 4-Decade High Adrian Ash
09 Feb '22 Gold Price Defies 30-Month High in Bond Yields as Inflation 'Getting Worse Before Better' Adrian Ash
07 Feb '22 Gold Price 'Resilient' as Interest Rates Rise, Stock Markets Wobble Ahead of Inflation Data Atsuko Whitehouse
04 Feb '22 Gold Prices Rally with Tech Stocks as US Rate-Hike Bets Jump on Jobs Beat Adrian Ash
03 Feb '22 Gold Prices Split for Dollar vs Euro and GBP Investors as Central Banks Split Over Inflation Adrian Ash
02 Feb '22 Gold Price Up in Dollars, Falls in Euros as ECB Faces Record Inflation 'Acid Test' Adrian Ash
01 Feb '22 Gold Bullion 'Building Support' as Dollar and US Bond Yields Fall from Post-Fed Highs Adrian Ash
31 Jan '22 Gold Price Steadies Vs. Strong Dollar After Comex Specs 'Scramble Out' on Fed Rate-Rise Forecasts Atsuko Whitehouse
28 Jan '22 Gold Bar Prices Fall to $1780 'Because of Real Yields' After 'Inflation-Fighting' Fed Adrian Ash
27 Jan '22 Gold and Silver Fall as Markets Bet on 5 Hikes from 'Hawkish' Fed Adrian Ash
26 Jan '22 Gold Drops as Stocks Rebound Before FOMC But 'Fed Mistake Hedge' Snaps Link to Real Rates Adrian Ash
25 Jan '22 SLV Silver ETF Expands Fastest Since #Silversqueeze as Equities Rebound, Gold Nears Euro Price Record Adrian Ash
24 Jan '22 Gold ETF the GLD Expands Most in 18 Years as Stock Markets Slump in Face of US Fed's Inflation Rate Hikes Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Jan '22 Gold Price Gets 'Tailwind' from Russia-Nato Tensions as Silver SLV ETF Shrinks Again Adrian Ash
20 Jan '22 Gold Price at 2-Month Highs as Nasdaq Loses 9% from Nov's Peak on 'Fed Mistake' Bets, SLV Silver ETF Shrinks Again Adrian Ash
19 Jan '22 Silver Leaps, Gold Either '$130 Over-Priced' Or Warning of 'Fed Mistake' as Bond Yields Jump Adrian Ash

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