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24 Feb '21 Gold Price Dips Thru $1800 as Bond Yields Keep Rising 'But Inflation Won't' Adrian Ash
23 Feb '21 GLD Gold ETF 'Bleeds More Metal' But Bullion Holds $1800 as Bond Yields Jump Again Adrian Ash
22 Feb '21 Gold Price Rallies to $1800 But 'Most Massive Speculation' in Industrial Commodities Atsuko Whitehouse
19 Feb '21 Gold Price Hits 8-Month Low as Real Rates Jump, Inflation Forecasts Fall from 6-Year High Adrian Ash
18 Feb '21 Gold's Ratio to Silver Falls Near 6-Year Low as 'Reflation Trade' Fails to Spook the Fed Adrian Ash
17 Feb '21 Buy Gold? 'Call Me Some Other Time' Say Investors as Lottery Tickets Surge Adrian Ash
16 Feb '21 Gold Price Drops Thru' $1800 as Inflation Forecasts Sink Bond Prices on Covid Recovery Hopes Adrian Ash
15 Feb '21 Platinum Peaks Above $1300 1st Time in 6 Years, 'Go Big Now' Urges Yellen as S&P, Commodities Soar Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Feb '21 Gold 'Avoids Death Cross for Now' But Giant ETF GLD Shrinks 5 Days Running as Stocks Soar Adrian Ash
11 Feb '21 Platinum Price 'Over-Extended' Amid 'Scramble for Metal' as Gold, Silver Flatline Adrian Ash
10 Feb '21 Platinum Soars 10% on Eskom Power Cuts, Gold Up $10 on Weak US Inflation Adrian Ash
09 Feb '21 Gold, Silver Rise on 'Inflation Outlook', Platinum Tests 6-Year High Amid PGM Stockpiling Adrian Ash
08 Feb '21 Gold Prices Rally as Stocks Hit New Records, Inflation Forecasts Rise, Next Stimmy Checks 'Due by End-Month' Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Feb '21 Gold Back at $1800 as China Gets Set for New Year, 'ETFs Support' as Silver SLV Shrinks Adrian Ash
04 Feb '21 Gold Price Tumbles, SLV Shrinks as US Inflation Forecasts Hit 6.5-Year High on Covid Vaxx Recovery Adrian Ash
03 Feb '21 Silver Price Firmer Than Gold After SLV ETF Sucks in 13.5% of 2020's World Mine Output in 4 Days Adrian Ash
02 Feb '21 London Silver Forwards 'Positive', Defy Comex Backwardation as Coin Dealers Ask 35% Premiums Adrian Ash
01 Feb '21 Silver Price Spikes to $30 as WallStreetBets Pours a Record 1,000 Tonnes into SLV Atsuko Whitehouse
29 Jan '21 Silver 'Reddit Ramp' Drives Gold/Silver Ratio to 4-Year Low Yet SLV Shrinks Adrian Ash
28 Jan '21 Silver Prices Jump as 'Reddit Crowd' Urged to Buy Precious Adrian Ash
27 Jan '21 Gold Prices Fall with Real Interest Rates as US Fed Risks 'Taper Tantrum' and 'Inflation Freak Out' in Bonds Adrian Ash
26 Jan '21 Gold Bullion Dead-Flat as US Tensions Rise with China, Russia and China's Rise with Taiwan, India Adrian Ash
25 Jan '21 Gold Prices 'Caught' Between Covid and Massive Stimulus Ahead of Chinese New Year Atsuko Whitehouse
22 Jan '21 Gold, Silver Fall with Stocks, Inflation Outlook as Covid and Lockdowns Worsen, Pension Rows Hit China and Spain Adrian Ash
21 Jan '21 Platinum Price Hits New 4-Year High But 'Gold Has Peaked' as Rising Rates Greet Biden Adrian Ash

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