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07 Apr '20 London Gold Bullion Bars Lag New York's Comex by $40, China at $20 Discount as Covid 'Dislocation' Continues Adrian Ash
06 Apr '20 Gold Prices Near 4-Week High as Swiss Refiners Re-Open to Ease Comex Squeeze, Stock Markets Rally with Oil Atsuko Whitehouse
03 Apr '20 Gold Bullion Discounts Deepen in China, India as Covid Shutdowns Smash Jobs In US, Europe Adrian Ash
02 Apr '20 Gold Price Rallies as Stocks Rise After March's Record-Breaking Coronavirus Shocks Adrian Ash
01 Apr '20 Oil Crash Sees Gold Buying Paused by No.1 Central Bank, Price Slips as Stock Markets Fall Adrian Ash
31 Mar '20 Gold Price Now $100 Off March's 7-Year High as US Jobless Rate 'May Hit 1-in-3', Crude Oil Below $20 Adrian Ash
30 Mar '20 Virus Shutdowns See Gold Bullion Premiums Whip Sharply After Comex Shorts Quit at Record Pace Atsuko Whitehouse
27 Mar '20 Gold Prices Make Biggest Weekly Gain Since 2008 as Stock Market's Virus-Relief Rebound Fades Adrian Ash
26 Mar '20 Gold Bullion Rises with Stocks and Bonds as US Gets $2 Trillion Virus Relief, ECB QE Goes 'Turbo' Adrian Ash
25 Mar '20 Gold Bullion Bar Prices Steady After 2nd Biggest Jump Ever as Comex Reviews Futures Settlement Adrian Ash
24 Mar '20 Gold Prices Fracture as UK Goes into Lockdown, Comex Futures Hit $100 Premium Adrian Ash
23 Mar '20 Gold Price Jumps on US Fed's 3rd Emergency Easing of the Month Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Mar '20 China's Price to Buy Gold Extends Discount to London as Silver Demand Leaps on Cheapest Offers in 11 Years Adrian Ash
19 Mar '20 Profits in Gold Bullion 'Sold to Cover Other Losses' as US T-Bonds See Record-Wild Swings Adrian Ash
18 Mar '20 Gold Holds 'Either Side of $1500' as T-Bonds Sell Off, Stocks Sink 1/3rd in a Month, Commodities Hit 1976 Prices Adrian Ash
17 Mar '20 Gold Prices Jump $50 as Trump Vows $850bn to 'Kill The Virus' Adrian Ash
16 Mar '20 Gold Price Sinks, Silver Plunges as Fed's 0% Rates and New QE Fail to Stem Stock-Market Crash Atsuko Whitehouse
13 Mar '20 'Safe Haven' Gold 'Anything But' as Bonds Also Fall in Worst Week Since '87 for World Stock Markets Adrian Ash
12 Mar '20 Gold 'Just Another Asset to Sell' in Coronavirus Crash, Price Sinks as Bond Liquidity Vanishes, Crude Oil Nears 16-Year Low Adrian Ash
11 Mar '20 Gold Prices Firm, China Discount Widens as Stock Markets Fall Despite Big Central-Bank and Fiscal 'Response' to Virus Adrian Ash
10 Mar '20 Gold Price Retreats as Equities Bounce Despite Covid-19 Crisis, Trump Attacks 'Pathetic Fed' Adrian Ash
09 Mar '20 Gold Silver Ratio Hits All-Time 100 High as Virus Panic Sinks Stocks, Oil, Rates Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Mar '20 Gold Prices Hits 7-Year USD High, Virus Crisis 'Not a Drill' as Bond Yields Sink with Stocks and Oil Adrian Ash
05 Mar '20 Gold Price Tries $1650 for 7th Time in 9 Sessions as Covid Panic in Bonds 'Bullies the Fed' Adrian Ash
04 Mar '20 'Buy Gold Aggressively' as Virus Shutdowns Spread Worldwide After Shock US Fed Rate Cut Adrian Ash

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