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08 Dec '21 Gold ETFs Shrink, Price Flat as Ukraine Saber-Rattling Offset by Omicron Vaccine Claims Adrian Ash
06 Dec '21 Gold Price Flat as Western Stock Markets Rebound, China's Bullion Demand Rises Atsuko Whitehouse
02 Dec '21 Gold Bars Cheapest in a Month as Powell's Pivot and Omicron Whack Global Stocks 5% Off Peak Adrian Ash
30 Nov '21 Update: Gold Bullion Sinks to 4-Week Lows, Ratio to Silver Price Slips as Powell 'Accelerates' Taper Adrian Ash
29 Nov '21 Gold Price Bounces as Oil, Stocks Rally from New Covid Shock Atsuko Whitehouse
26 Nov '21 Gold Price Spikes as Nu Covid Fears Whack Stocks, Commodities, Bitcoin and Bond Yields Adrian Ash
24 Nov '21 Gold Bullion Tests $1780 'Floor' as GLD ETF Expands on Price Plunge Adrian Ash
23 Nov '21 'Buy this Silly Dip' in Gold Prices as 'Dovish Duo' Vow to Tackle Inflation Adrian Ash
22 Nov '21 Comex Gold Bulls See Price Sink $30 Through 'Support' as Powell Gets 2nd Fed Term Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Nov '21 Gold ETF Investing Weak with China Demand as Prices Hold Inflation Jump Adrian Ash
17 Nov '21 Gold Prices Split by FX Action as UK Inflation Hits 2011 High, Euro CPI Near Record Adrian Ash
16 Nov '21 Gold Bullion Rises Again as Energy Prices Jump Amid Europe-Russia and US-China Tensions Adrian Ash
15 Nov '21 Gold Price Holds Multi-Month Highs as the Fed and Biden Deny Blame for Inflation Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Nov '21 Gold Bullion Holds $40 Inflation-Shock Jump, 12-Month High in Euros But ETFs Fail to Grow Adrian Ash
10 Nov '21 Worst-Ever Real Interest Rate for US Savers Sends Gold and Silver Prices Soaring Adrian Ash
09 Nov '21 Gold Price Rises Within $5 of 'Key Resistance' Ahead of US Inflation Data as Fed Warns on Evergrande Adrian Ash
08 Nov '21 Gold Prices Hit 10-Month Euro Highs as Surging Nat Gas and Crude Oil Question 'Transitory' Inflation Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Nov '21 Gold Jumps Near 2021 Euro and UK Highs, Tries $1800 as US Jobs Beat Forecast Despite Covid Adrian Ash
04 Nov '21 Price of Gold Bars Leaps as Bank of England Fails to Raise Rates Adrian Ash
03 Nov '21 Gold Price Sinks as Strong US Data Precedes Fed Tapering Decision Adrian Ash
02 Nov '21 Gold Price Ignores GLD Outflow as FX Hits Volatility in Big Week for Central Bank News Adrian Ash
01 Nov '21 Gold ETF Outflows Continue as Stock Markets Set New Record Highs Ahead of the Fed Atsuko Whitehouse
29 Oct '21 'Stagflation' Data Sink Gold Prices, Bonds, Stocks and Commodities as Fed Rate Hike Bets Jump Adrian Ash
27 Oct '21 Highest Inflation 'Forecast' in 15 Years Sees Gold Prices Try $1800 Yet Again Adrian Ash
25 Oct '21 Gold Regains $1800 as Powell, Yellen and the World Bank Acknowledge Higher and Persistent Inflation, Oil Hit Multi-Year High Atsuko Whitehouse

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