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01 Feb '21 Silver Price Spikes to $30 as WallStreetBets Pours a Record 1,000 Tonnes into SLV Atsuko Whitehouse
26 Nov '20 12.5% Gold Price Discount for Black Friday as US Fed Delays Rate Hike to 2024 Adrian Ash
21 Sep '20 Gold Price Drops to 2011 Peak as Banking Scandal Whacks Stock Markets, Covid Pandemic Worsens Atsuko Whitehouse
02 Sep '20 Gold Price's Link with Real Rates Weakening as US 10-Year Falls to New Record, Deflation Hits Euro Adrian Ash
20 Aug '20 Gold Price Drops Back to 2011 High as Fed 'Disappoints' on Yield Curve Control, Bargain-Hunters Expected Adrian Ash
14 Aug '20 Weak Demand Sends China Gold Price to Record Discount as Bridgewater Goes 17% Gold ETFs Adrian Ash
10 Aug '20 'Stretched' Gold Price Slips from $2075 Record as ETFs Take Profit, Real Rates and US Dollar Rise Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Aug '20 Gold Price Hits Record Highs 4 Days in a Row, Analysts Predict Further Gains, 'Nowhere Near' All-Time High in Real Terms Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Jul '20 Silver Price Hits $21, Up 80% in 18 Weeks from Covid Crash to Crush Gold/Silver Ratio Below 90 Adrian Ash
08 Jul '20 Gold Price Hits Sept 2011 Highs at $1800 in US Dollars as ETFs Swell Fastest in 10 Years Adrian Ash
02 Jun '20 Silver Price Up 20% in a Month, Outpaces Gold Again with $20 'Clearly in Sight' Adrian Ash
20 May '20 Silver Prices Erase March's Covid Crash, Platinum 'Could Jump' as Gold Rallies, Equities' Vaccine Rally Fades Adrian Ash
29 Apr '20 London Gold Price Slips Near $1700 as Scotia Shuts Shop, Covid Sinks China Demand, Moscow Won't Buy Adrian Ash
23 Apr '20 Gold Price Hits New Euro and UK Records as Virus Crisis Erases Last of USA's Post-GFC Jobs Recovery Adrian Ash
21 Apr '20 Gold Prices Drop as Inflation Falls Faster Than Bond Yields on Sub-Zero Oil Prices Adrian Ash
20 Apr '20 Gold Prices Steady as Dollar Gains, Equities Slip, Crude Oil Sinks to 21-Year Lows Amid Covid Crisis Atsuko Whitehouse
09 Apr '20 Gold Price Up 3.5% in USD for Easter Week But China at Record Discount, India Demand 'Down 1/3rd in 2020' Adrian Ash
09 Mar '20 Gold Silver Ratio Hits All-Time 100 High as Virus Panic Sinks Stocks, Oil, Rates Atsuko Whitehouse
17 Jan '20 High Gold Prices and Weak GDP Growth Hit Chinese and Indian Demand Adrian Ash
10 Dec '19 Gold Hits 5-Month Low in GBP Ahead of UK Vote, 'De-Dollarization' to Support 2020 Prices Adrian Ash
25 Jun '19 Gold Price Hits Fresh 6-Year Highs on Speculative Surge as GLD Expands, Iran Calls Trump 'Idiotic' Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Jun '19 New 6-Year High in Gold Price as GLD Expands Fastest Since 2008 AIG Bail-Out, Comex Bulls Surge Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Jun '19 Gold Prices 'Crazy' at 5-Year High as Fed Turns 'Impatient' on Cutting Rates Adrian Ash
25 Mar '19 Gold Prices Start 4th Week of Gains as US Yield Curve Inversion Signals Recession Atsuko Whitehouse
09 Jan '19 Dollar Poses 'Biggest 2019 Threat' to Gold Prices as US Deficits Soar Adrian Ash

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