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03 Feb '23 Blow-Out US Jobs Data See Gold Bullion Sink from Post-Fed High, Silver Down $2 Per Ounce Adrian Ash
02 Feb '23 Gold Price Trims Post-Fed Surge, New UK Record Despite European Rate Hikes Adrian Ash
01 Feb '23 Gold Bullion 'Sensitive' to US Fed's Hawkish or Dovish Tone as Tech Recession Deepens Adrian Ash
31 Jan '23 Gold Price Rebounds from $1900 as 'Unreported' Central-Bank Buying Boosts Global Demand Adrian Ash
30 Jan '23 High Gold Price Strong on China's New Year Return Ahead of the Fed, But Sinks Indian Demand Atsuko Whitehouse
27 Jan '23 Gold Bullion Nears Longest Bull Run Since $2075 Peak Ahead of PCE Inflation and the Fed Adrian Ash
25 Jan '23 Gold 'To Do Well' in US Recession as GOP Tries to Calm Debt-Ceiling 'Alarm' Adrian Ash
24 Jan '23 Silver SLV ETF Grows Fastest Since #SilverSqueeze on $1 Plunge Adrian Ash
23 Jan '23 Gold Price Defies 'Hawkish' Fed and Chinese New Year Shutdown as ETF Inflows Join Comex Bulls Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Jan '23 Gold Price Enters Year of the Rabbit at Record Chinese New Year Highs Adrian Ash
19 Jan '23 Gold Rallies, Silver Holds $1 Plunge as 'Risk Off' Hits Oil, Stock Markets Adrian Ash
17 Jan '23 Gold Bullion Hits New UK Record, Yuan Price Close as Markets Fear BoJ YCC Shock Adrian Ash
16 Jan '23 Gold Price Hits New 9-Month High as Comex Specs Pile In, GLD ETF Shrinks Adrian Ash
13 Jan '23 Gold Jumps, Silver Flat for Week as Dollar Falls on 'Soft' US Inflation Data Adrian Ash
11 Jan '23 Gold in Dollars Hits 8-Month High Ahead of US Inflation Data, UK Price £1550 Adrian Ash
10 Jan '23 Gold Defies Price Models, High Real Yields and 5% Fed as Shanghai Specs 'Drive 2023 Jump' Adrian Ash
09 Jan '23 Gold Price Jumps vs. Weaker Dollar After 'Most Bullish Signal', More Chinese Buying Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Jan '23 Gold's Best Friday Finish Since June Defies US Fed and Lowest Jobless Rate in 53 Years Adrian Ash
05 Jan '23 Gold and Silver Sink as Fed Says 2023 Pivot Ain't Gonna Happen Adrian Ash
04 Jan '23 Gold, Platinum and Silver Price Defies 'Commodity Confusion' as Oil and Gas Sink Adrian Ash
03 Jan '23 Gold and Silver Spike and Retreat After 'Short Squeeze' Leaves ETFs Behind Adrian Ash
30 Dec '22 Gold Price Enters 2023 with 3rd Record Year in a Row Adrian Ash
22 Dec '22 Gold Price Sinks with Stocks as Strong US GDP and Inflation Data Fight 'Hawkish' Fed Adrian Ash
20 Dec '22 Bank of Japan's YCC Shock Sees Gold Jump Through $1800 But Sink in Yen Adrian Ash
19 Dec '22 Gold Prices Steady Below $1800 as 2022's Volatile 'Tug of War' Sees GLD ETF Shrink Again Atsuko Whitehouse

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