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24 May '24 Gold Falls 1.3% for Week as China 'Encircles' Taiwan, IMF Welcomes ZiG Currency Adrian Ash
23 May '24 Gold Price -$100 from Record as Politics Trumped by Fed Rate Forecasts Adrian Ash
22 May '24 Silver Falls, Gold Price -1.2% in 30 Minutes as Inflation Keeps Rates Higher for Longer Adrian Ash
21 May '24 Gold Sets Fresh London Record But Ratio to Silver Price Tumbles on Shanghai Surge Adrian Ash
20 May '24 Gold Spikes, Silver Hits $32.50 on China and Comex Trading Amid Fresh Iran Tensions Atsuko Whitehouse
17 May '24 Gold Price Retests $2400 Record High, 'Unhurt' by Fed Rates on Geopolitical Bid Adrian Ash
15 May '24 Gold's Price Discovery 'Moving to Shanghai' as US Inflation Slows, China Readies 'Fiscal Stimulus' Adrian Ash
14 May '24 Gold Rallies, Fed 'Hawkish' Ahead of Stagflation Data Atsuko Whitehouse
10 May '24 Household Gold Investing Beats Speculation as India's Festive Spending Grows Adrian Ash
08 May '24 Gold Price Defies ETF Outflows as Central-Bank Buying Trumps 'Negative' Variables Adrian Ash
07 May '24 Gold Price 'Not Overbought' as Geopolitics Worsen, Fed Rate-Cut Hopes Rally Adrian Ash
03 May '24 US Jobs Miss Sinks Gold, -2% for Week on Record Snap vs. TIPS Real Rates Adrian Ash
02 May '24 Gold Price Erases $30 Pop After US Fed Goes 'Higher for Longer', Denies Stagflation Adrian Ash
30 Apr '24 Gold Price Sub-$2300 as Western Investing Outflows Add 7% to Global Supply Adrian Ash
29 Apr '24 Gold Prices Slip Again as SGE Premiums Drop, Comex Specs Sit Tight Ahead of the Fed Atsuko Whitehouse
26 Apr '24 Gold Price 4% Off Record High as China Buys, Western ETF and Coin Selling Continue Adrian Ash
25 Apr '24 Gold Price Solid as Stocks, Bonds Wilt on GDP Inflation Shock Adrian Ash
24 Apr '24 Gold Price Trading $100 Off Top as Role of Chinese Speculators Makes Headlines Adrian Ash
23 Apr '24 Real Rates Rise But Gold and Silver Rally from Steep 1-Day Drop Adrian Ash
22 Apr '24 Gold and Silver Drop as Iran-Israel Tensions Ease, Fed Rate-Cuts Bets Vanish, US Debt Soars Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Apr '24 Gold Gets 'Too Hot Short Term', Physical Demand Hit by Comex, SHFE Options Trading Adrian Ash
17 Apr '24 China's Gold Investment 'Strong' on Mixed Data at $2400 as Price Defies Hawkish US Fed Adrian Ash
15 Apr '24 Gold Price $80 Below Pre-Iran Attack Peak as Crude Oil Falls Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Apr '24 Gold Sets 13th Euro Price Record in 14 Days as 'Geopolitics Beats Trading Costs' Adrian Ash
10 Apr '24 Gold Bullion in Dollars Whacked by US Inflation Beat, Sets New CNY, EUR and UK Highs Adrian Ash

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