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23 Apr '24 Real Rates Rise But Gold and Silver Rally from Steep 1-Day Drop Adrian Ash
22 Apr '24 Gold and Silver Drop as Iran-Israel Tensions Ease, Fed Rate-Cuts Bets Vanish, US Debt Soars Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Apr '24 Gold Gets 'Too Hot Short Term', Physical Demand Hit by Comex, SHFE Options Trading Adrian Ash
17 Apr '24 China's Gold Investment 'Strong' on Mixed Data at $2400 as Price Defies Hawkish US Fed Adrian Ash
15 Apr '24 Gold Price $80 Below Pre-Iran Attack Peak as Crude Oil Falls Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Apr '24 Gold Sets 13th Euro Price Record in 14 Days as 'Geopolitics Beats Trading Costs' Adrian Ash
10 Apr '24 Gold Bullion in Dollars Whacked by US Inflation Beat, Sets New CNY, EUR and UK Highs Adrian Ash
09 Apr '24 Gold Price Sets Record 8th Record in a Row Amid China 'Speculation and Hype' Warnings Adrian Ash
08 Apr '24 Silver Spikes Near 3-Year High as Comex FOMO Sees Gold Price Hit Fresh Record Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Apr '24 Gold Price Sets Another 6-Day Run of New Records as 'Geopolitics Drives, Not Data' Adrian Ash
03 Apr '24 Gold Price Hits Another Fresh All-Time High Despite Stronger Private Payroll Data Amid Rising Geopolitical Risks Atsuko Whitehouse
28 Mar '24 Gold Hits Fresh Record High for Easter 2024 Ahead of US Inflation Data Adrian Ash
26 Mar '24 Gold Price Tries $2200 Again, Silver ETF Inflows Diverge US vs. Europe Adrian Ash
25 Mar '24 Gold Prices Steady at New Record Highs as Shanghai Premium Jumps, India's Demand Drops Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Mar '24 Gold Prices Retreat from New All-Time Highs in All Major Currencies Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Mar '24 GLD Gold ETF Expands Again, Central Bank Demand 'Resilient' Ahead of US Fed's New 'Dot Plot' Forecasts Adrian Ash
19 Mar '24 Gold Price in Yen Hits New Record as Bank of Japan Finally Quits Negative Interest Rates Adrian Ash
18 Mar '24 Comex Gold Bulls and GLD ETF Surge See Price Steady Below Latest Record Highs Atsuko Whitehouse
15 Mar '24 Gold and Silver Snap Price Connection as Stock Markets Slip, Copper and Oil Rise Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
14 Mar '24 Jump in Gold and Silver Prices Slips Back with Stocks and Copper as Fed Rate Forecasts Rise Adrian Ash
13 Mar '24 Stocks Priced in Gold -4% in March So Far Despite New S&P Record Adrian Ash
12 Mar '24 Gold Snaps Record Price Run, Sinks $30 on CPI Inflation as Pundits Split on 'Bubble' Adrian Ash
11 Mar '24 Gold Price Hits 6th London High in a Row as Comex Futures and Options Trading Jumps Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Mar '24 Comex Gold Trading Sees Price Near $2200, Breaks £1700 and €2000 Adrian Ash
06 Mar '24 Gold Price Hits Another All-Time High as Powell Confirms 2024 Rate Cuts, Real Yields Fall Adrian Ash

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