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Read testimonials from BullionVault users. BullionVault has been offering a safe and easy online marketplace for buying and selling precious metals since 2005. We have users across the globe, including many customers who have trusted BullionVault for trading gold bullion for more than a decade. Read reviews from a selection of users below.

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Before you read these comments I want to re-affirm that every one of them is genuine. Where quotes come from a website I have identified the writer, but where they are from customers they were sent to me personally, and I have used initials in order to preserve client anonymity. I have retained the email history - in case I should ever have to answer for them! Paul Tustain (Director)

Through an innovation by BullionVault... private investors can access, at reasonable price, the professional gold bullion market in London. Until the innovation, because of the imposition of large minimum deal sizes, the market was virtually inaccessible to private investors, who were restricted to the higher costs of the smaller-scale coin market. To support the novel idea, the company developed internet technology for the buying and selling of gold twenty four hours a day, without the need for a human dealer, and also for publishing daily information to reassure clients that their gold is safe and that they are entitled to it.
Established in 2005 and based in London, Galmarley Ltd, t/a BullionVault won the Queen's Award for International Trade in 2013 and for Innovation in 2009. It is the world-leading marketplace for private investors to buy and trade physical precious metals and is used by over 100,000 users internationally. Through its technology, dealing costs are cut compared to traditional coin retailers, with its peer-to-peer platform giving investors of any size direct control of their orders and accounts 24/7 online and via its smartphone apps. Overseas sales have grown over three years by a total of 359% now accounting for 66% of all business. The company has made sales to clients on every continent (including Antarctica). By region its largest market is the Eurozone, North America follows and then Asia. The company wins the Queen's Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years.
Ideas like this don't come along very often. This is a high-quality website.
Doug Richard - The Financial Times
... one has emerged to clearly stand out as the best overall online product: BullionVault ... fees are wafer thin...To highlight the contrast: the lowest fees of BV's closest competitor are greater than the highest rate charged by Bullion Vault . Haven't heard much about it yet? You will ... look beyond [deleted by editor] and its pricey .40% annual expense ratio. Bullion Vault's annual fee for storage and insurance, by comparison, is only .12%, less than one-third ... traders, investors and competitors alike will find BullionVault.com a very tough act to follow.
Chip Hanlon - 321gold
It [BullionVault.com] allows investors to buy gold at the lowest-possible markup and store it at the lowest-possible price.
Bill Bonner - The Daily Reckoning
As one of London's premium wealth management companies we are committed to offering our high net worth clients best advice across all asset classes, including direct holdings in commodities. We recommend BullionVault's excellent service for diversifying portfolios into gold.
David Alexander, CEO, Alexander Associates Group
If you're going to own gold, the nature of the risk you are hedging is such that owning stocks in mining companies and ETFs don't cut it, you need to own the physical stuff. And not only that, but you don't want it in vaults here, you want it in a politically stable country that's friendly, but not too friendly, if you know what I mean. Zurich is good, and that's what these guys do.
Eric Janszen - President itulip.com
I've been following the progress of bullionvault.com for some time and have tested it myself and believe its an excellent system and a method of buying gold and company for which I would have no hesitation in recommending to the over 40,000 gold investors a month which visit our gold price websites.
Joel Bruce - CEO goldprice.org
Paul, I can only add to the chorus of voices praising your excellent vision of real, safe, bullion trading for everyone. I think that this store of value will become more and more important in the days to come, and I would urge everyone to include some BullionVault gold in their portfolio for security and peace of mind.
Steve Rapaport - Proprietor - Soylent Greenback
I have yet to find a more convenient way to own Investment Grade Gold Bullion ... Excellent customer service, total security and peace of mind.
Garry Knott
I work for Virtual Metals Research and Consulting in London. We are doing some work on the various costs and benefits of different types of gold investment ... your product appears to be one of the most cost competitive. Your website is super clear on the costs of investing.
Matthew Turner - Commodity Analyst myfinances.co.uk
Looking for a hedge against future inflation and monetary devaluation I found EXACTLY what I was looking for from BullionVault.com. The entire process of gold bullion ownership was made simple to understand and fast and efficient to set up. I can, and do, highly recommend BullionVault.com
Richard Ells, Director, www.SiteWizard.co.uk
I was also amazed that I could buy gold more cheaply through your service than I could here in the States. That's a great service in and of itself. Thanks for everything.
I'm very impressed with the service so far. Everything very professional and secure. Love the fact you can vault your gold where you choose. Everyone I've spoken to at BullionVault has been very professional, helpful and friendly.
AR Jnr
I just funded and verified my account and I must congratulate you with the speed, usability and service. Such high standards of customer service are very rare these days
I'm very impressed both by the online system / process itself, and by the customer service on your online chat help facility. I'm sure this will be very successful
Absolutely great, and very much appreciate the time you took to clarify a few matters on the phone a few weeks ago.
I'm very impressed with your site and with the service you provide. Congratulations on a great idea and a job well done!
Thanks for every thing you guys have been great
This is a very impressive site. The concept is brilliant.
I have done a lot of research regarding the purchase and safe storage of gold bullion. Without question, in my opinion, your service is by far the best... I only wish I had learned what I now know and understand earlier. Thank you for your excellent service.
I inadvertantly placed an order to buy @ 15,488 in error of 15,408. Bullion Vault then filled the order @ 15408. I am now even more impressed by your company and its honesty than previously - and my estimation was already very high.
ML [Ed - Your order is executed at the best possible price inside your limit. Because 15408 was quoted when the order was received that's the price you paid.]
I was hesitant when I transferred $50,000 into cyberspace and made my first purchase. I have now completed a number of trades and want you to know that although I have never been a gambler, nor a trader (I buy things to keep them) I have discovered that buying gold through BullionVault is actually fun! This worries me a bit, as I don't want it to become habit forming. Anyway, thank you for making it easier for me to sleep at night.
BullionVault has a very informative and well-constructed website; all the information one needs is to be easily found. Your colleagues are courteous and helpful on the phone ... I've already recommended BullionVault to several friends because it is so secure and user-friendly.
Excellent design with thorough coverage of all gold-investment considerations. Efficient registration process. Great background info for newcomers, verified by my extensive search of other internet investment services. Your site is an education for first-time visitors to the world of investment in gold. I found [BullionVault] professional, educational, honest and effective.
I just joined BullionVault after lengthy research in which I also checked other services. BullionVault is exactly what I have been looking for ... I love the order board. It's just the coolest. I'll be using BullionVault as my main gold savings account for many years to come.
Congratulations ... an excellent business and online trading facility which is exactly what I've been looking for. I stumbled across your site a few weeks ago while looking into the practicalities of purchasing physical gold from my offshore home in South-East Asia. I'm hugely impressed with your service - it's clarity, transparency, attention to detail, functionality, and its safeguards. Although I had never heard of your company or your service before, I was sufficiently assured to open an account and deposit a significant sum which I have subsequently invested in gold bullion. Keep up the great work.
The costs are low - premiums are low, the spread is minimal and the site puts the investor in full control.
I think what you are offering is amazing and much better than anything else on the market.
Just wanted to say you and your team are doing a fantastic job. Your website is top level and really easy to use. Thanks for making it so easy to buy gold, especially in these strange financial times.
All in all, I am very impressed by the professionalism of your service and the "feel" of your site and the articles I read on there. I'm so glad that your company exists for people who are very concerned about losing all that they've worked their life for in a fiat money catastrophe.
Thank you for the excellent service. It is a fantastic way for a modest (GBP 2,000) investor like me to get ownership of physical gold at professional dealing prices.
It's the first time I have bought gold bullion but I did take the time to look around and yours is the most cost effective and informative on line access to physical gold ownership I could find. The order board is the centre of it all for me and I think it is excellent.
Just wanted to say how glad I am that I have registered and bought gold on your inestimable site. I remember your prescience in saying that something was rotten in the US economy ... but of course we all had our snouts buried so deep we were blind. Great service, clear and easy-to-use, plus intelligent presentation and analysis.
Your interface is incredibly useful to get a feel for the market. And being a software engineer, I can see how well it is written. The interface allows a user to easily and quickly check the market and their own orders. It has already taught me a lot I really never understood about how the market works. How very useful.
Thank you for providing a wonderful service in these uncertain economic times. I am very glad I found BullionVault.com and have been recommending your service to my friends ever since.
Thank you so much for your extremely courteous and informative response to my e-mails. I'm very impressed with the way you replied so quickly. Thanks so much - you really are a 'Gold Team'.
I had been looking at [deleted by ed] for some time but came across BV and was really impressed. I the the clarity and depth of the website, and the related links were a big part of my decision. And I love the real marketplace feel of the service. I am impressed by the security measures like the email alerts and notices for sign on, etc. I just completed my first purchases today. Worked as advertised. One purchase at less than my order and one at my order price. Both executed essentially instantly with great follow up paperwork to email also almost immediately. The order board had me a little confused at first compared to [deleted by ed] (buy at spot plus, sell at spot), but I think I've gotten the hang of it and like it better. It absolutely gets me much, much better prices than coins, and notably better prices than [deleted by ed].
I am new to buying gold, so have very much an amateur's perspective ... I had no idea that buying gold could be so easy and wish I had discovered you long ago ... I also really like the way the site offers real-time trading, even after hours.

I have been using BullionVault since October 08 and absolutely love it. You just cant beat the convenient access to owning physical gold with off-shore vaulting options. The website and tools are simple and well thought out. I have recommended BV to many friends and family ... keep up the good work!
I'm happy I can cope with the dealing screens [although] like many, I only want to own gold, not trade it. Your service is cost-effective and hard to fault.
100/10 marks for your web site! Absolutely superb. The Order Board is great.
I think your Bullion Vault website is really excellent. The only major problem I had was getting the files with scanned copies of our documents into the relevant windows on your Validation page, but I phoned Bullion Vault and was talked through the procedure very patiently.
Actually I like it quite a lot. I've made one trade thus far... It went smoothly, though I held my breath for a second after hitting the "buy" button ... In short I am a satisfied customer
I must congratulate you, really very professional indeed! It will be my pleasure to work with you and place orders. Being a German citizen, I surely prefer European locations i.e. London, or Switzerland.
My sole purpose in using BullionVault is to provide a safe haven for my money. I will not be trading at all. I am very pleased with your service. I wouldn't have thought it could be so easy to convert my cash to gold and get it out of the UK. It is now safely locked away in Zurich and I plan to keep it there for quite some time.
I invested in gold via ETFS Securities Gold ETF ... If it had not been for the US government rescue of AIG I would have become an unsecured creditor of AIG rather than an owner of any Gold. After much research I whole-heartedly prefer BullionVault as a vehicle for holding gold and strongly recommend that others research the underlying risks involved with all ETFs
SH [Ed - We recommend owning gold, not a security. Why make something complicated when it's cheaper and safer to keep it simple?]
I decided only a few days ago to venture into bullion and consider myself fortunate to have found BullionVault on the internet. I was full of trepidation - a gold virgin - but the website is beautifully designed and unexpectedly efficient. The guidance is comprehensive and expressed clearly in plain language without leaving me feeling patronised. I have been impressed by the speed, efficiency and courtesy of responses - rare virtues indeed! Now I feel more secure that my purchases are in a country which is likely to remain stable longer than most and where financial security is close to a religion. And I am reassured that charges compare well with other organisations. I look forward to learning quickly and with enthusiasm about this, for me, new trading experience.
My feeling is that the gold market was pretty unsophisticated for trading, and Bullion Vault has brought it into the 21st century. I have been very pleased with it; what I like most is that if I want to call someone for help, there is someone there to guide me. I feel you have covered all the bases and everything works very well.
My fears are now completely allayed as the funds reached my account at lunchtime today. All I can say is thanks for the phenomenal communications and my faith in BullionVault is now completely vindicated. Another satisfied customer.
Customer service using the online live help has been excellent. Quick, friendly and helpful. I like the order board, and I like being able to keep orders up to allow for price rise and drops, means I don't have to be in front of the computer all the time. You are onto a winner. Its great for a hobby trader, small trader...as well as major investor.
I have only positive experiences with your website. It's straightforward and easy to use. Your customer service is also swift in replies.
I think you do business in a manner which reflects in every way your view that everyone would like to be treated in the way you would like to be treated. It is an incredibly efficient service ... I cannot fault the incredible computer software.
a convenient and cost effective solution for gold ownership. Your operators on the telephone are very helpful and seem to have all the time in the world to set my mind at rest and give me the information that I need before undertaking a new investment such as this. Thanks for your help so far
I think you have a wonderful service with an excellent web design which is clear and easily navigable. I was attracted by the vaulting in Switzerland which maybe a more emotional choice but as the UK gains more and more regulation and restriction, I felt this was a real bonus... Great business and glad to be aboard.
Service excellent. Reasonable fees, and tight spreads. Overall very good.
It was really easy ... Your web site is really good in all aspects, very hard to fault
I can certainly recognise the excellent website quality and brilliant concept when I see it. It is a case of, if you hadn't designed and built it already then it was just waiting to be invented.
BullionVault is a great service and the website is very nicely made.
I very much appreciate the service that BullionVault provides.
Trading on the BullionVault site was a piece of cake. I admire your concept. It's really GREAT not having to pay the spread. I've got the impression you're service is very sincere, honest, transparent and giving every one the opportunity to get the best price.
BullionVault is a fantastic site, very easy to use and exactly fulfils my requirements. I particularly like the e-mail notifications when I log on... I have found it extremely easy to use and am delighted with the great customer service. I cannot recommend BullionVault highly enough to everyone I meet! Keep up the good work!
I'd like to say that your web site is without a doubt, one of the most functional, well-organized, and well-designed that I've ever worked with.
Love the service and the site. Actually, your whole business model is a good one and like many excellent ideas is simple and just leaves me wondering why it hasn't been done before.
you are providing an excellent service. I especially like being able to choose a storage facility in Switzerland. The order board is simple and easy to use especially with the suggest feature [accessed via the Wizard - Ed]. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
I think that you have developed a state of the art Web based bullion trading platform! Your trading commissions are the lowest that I have seen on the Web.
I think you have the best online service bar none. It seems to me the customer is guaranteed to obtain the closest to the spot price of gold via your service
Many thanks for having such a user-friendly and efficient set-up
Everything has been of excellent quality: service, information, explanatory steps (Help file) etc... Thanks a lot to you and your team.
Just a quick message to say I absolutely love BullionVault.com. Your website provides one smart, efficient service... I can't see how it could be improved on!
the most exciting development in the gold market I've ever witnessed. BullionVault enables you to trade the purest gold at the tiniest spreads - with no delivery charges, minimal insurance fees, and storage costs to make your local bank blush.
Adrian Ash - City Editor - www.DailyReckoning.com [Editor's note: A year after writing this Adrian Ash joined the staff of BullionVault as Head of Research. I guess he meant it!]
If Bill Bonner et al. recommend you, then that's good enough for me... I am currently looking into funding my account and will be trading shortly.
I am new to gold ownership and had been looking to add some to my investment portfolio for some time ... I came across your web-site and it was exactly what I was looking for - an easy method of buying, selling or just holding gold without any hassle, and at very reasonable commissions. The order board is very simple to use, even for a novice like myself.
So far, So good! You have an incredibly user-friendly system.
We have been customers of Bullion Vault for nearly eighteen months. We thought that we would write and tell you how happy we are that we chose Bullion Vault for our gold investment. We are happy because having ownership of physical gold in the London Vault, is better than having AAA rated bonds. We could have saved a miserly 0.12% per year by buying unallocated gold (we now call that 'sub prime' gold!!) with a bullion dealer, but they may have lent our gold to a hedge fund, who sold it to buy BBB mortgage backed securities and may now in 2007 not have enough money to buy [it] back. [Then] we would be up the creek without a paddle. Thank you Bullion Vault.
Keep up the good work. No need to change a thing! Excellent site and service.
Your company is just what I was looking for, great site with excellent information and a very intuitive navigation system.

An investment website for people to buy and sell gold bullion, which they own outright and is securely stored in professional vaults. The website scores highly for being easy to read and well-designed. It is clearly laid out for even an inexperienced user and the home page has links to detailed but simple instructions and FAQs. Click through to read explanations of meanings of terms, about gold bullion bars, security, insurance, storage, risks etc.

I've been looking for an easy, inexpensive way to own bullion. This seems to fill the niche perfectly. I think it's great. I set my price and wait for the market to get there. This is really a great service you're providing.
I was looking through your site (BullionVault) and am very impressed. If only all e-commerce sites were as clearly explained.
I love the concept and like the site. You've done a superb job setting this up.
I just bought 1kg ... Your prices are the best. Keep up the fine work.
The service you offer seems excellent and furthermore, highly principled and ethical, not always seen in todays business climate
I must congratulate you on your web presentation and the simple and honest way you explain the principles and details of the market.
I am doing business with your firm because it appears to be the easiest and cheapest way for me to park some funds into gold located in Zurich ... I look forward to a long, solid relationship with your firm.
Some of us who have relatively small amounts to invest (£35K is a lot to me) know that selling up top and buying back nearer the bottom is risky, but it's also the only way we can increase our little pots of gold. Thanks to your tiny charges, it's possible to snatch a few extra grams without needing a rollercoaster in the charts ... Listening to people like Money Morning has kept me out of serious trouble - and sent me to you. As a person who 'flaps' quite easily, I feel safe in Bullion Vault because the system won't allow me to hit the wrong button and spend money I don't have. Thank you - and all your lovely staff - VERY much.
As a novice user the 'wall' was initially overwhelming, but with a little perseverance on my part and the excellent tutorials you provide within a few days I got to grips with the functionality of the site and now value the ability to act as market maker as well as punter.
After several other methods of investing in gold, I have to say I love Bullion Vault and recommend it to anyone who asks.
The Queen really ought to Knight you for the very excellent service your company provides for us average folks. Our US federal tax return check showed up the night before last, so with my wife and 3 kids I was qualified for 600x2 + 300x3 totaling 2100.00 USD. That is the exact amount. Without further delay that was wired into the BV account yesterday, ASAP, and it purchased the real thing.
This company is the best place to invest in gold.
I find the service and tools to be excellent. The setup procedure and verification was also easy and convenient.
Just to say thank you for your cheerful, patient and friendly assistance - again - to a nervous newbie! Brilliant site, amazing software, great crew. What more can I say? Maybe further thanks to Adrian who's writing encouraged my confidence in the first place!
I would just like to say how incredible BullionVault is and that I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of the service you provide. I have been with you only since last October (2007) but I am blown away by the incredible professionalism and class of BV. I cannot recommend BV highly enough to everyone I meet and I am constantly singing your praises. Your website is incredibly detailed, easy to use, clear and most importantly incredibly secure. I have been extremely impressed by your innovative and outstanding personalised security features such as text and e-mail alerts when I log on to my account and when withdrawal requests are made. This gives me very strong re-assurance and peace of mind to know that if there is any attempted fraudulent use of my account I will be alerted immediately. I really cannot say just how amazingly delighted and impressed I am with you - I rate you at 11/10 and five stars out of five. Your competitors do not stand a chance against you ... I have invested now on behalf of my mum,dad and younger brother who are all impressed by BullionVault. Thank you so much from a VERY VERY happy Gold Investor.
The fact that you are a British company and yet you default everything to US Dollars frankly disgusts me. But it's a great concept and I look forward to becoming a bullion tycoon very soon.
The site is perfect for my needs thankyou, no complaints here!
I hesitated for a while after learning about your services. I emailed BullionVault before opening an account, and received prompt response. Then, I opened the account and transfered funds, from Canada ... I used the live support (maybe abused it a bit ;-) ) and always got great support. Even got help in French, which made me happy. Then I did trade my first gold. Your IT system is great. It is well designed! Great job. I am now a proud owner of a few grams of gold in Zurich! Although it is not like having it in your hand, I understand the benefit of leaving it in your vault. I live in Ottawa, and the Royal Canadian Mint has their store here. I can buy gold bullion at their store, of high quality, walking distance from my work office, but there's a premium for small size. Royal Canadian Mint sells 1/20 of an ounce Maple Leaf coin, but with smaller size comes a huge premium: C$70 for 1/20 ounce, C$1,400 an ounce. It is very interesting to be able to buy any quantity for the same price per kg. Also, you commission is very cheap! with no such thing as a minimum commission of $10. It is also a good thing that you keep your market open 24 hour/day.
You are most definitely providing an excellent service, and I thank you for coming up with your brilliant idea which is bullionvault. I have been telling my close friends about your site, I am THAT impressed with it.
a great new business which I suspect will be of interest to many Fullermoney subscribers
David Fuller - fullertreacymoney.com
A convenient, economical and safe way to buy and store gold bullion : Those who are interested in taking outright ownership of physical gold whilst avoiding the problems of having to store the gold themselves could consider using https://www.bullionvault.com/. The charges for using the service are low, as are the buy-sell spreads.
At the moment I have just experimented with a small amount of money to see how the system works. I have found it very easy to use . I think the site is the best and cheapest way to buy gold, so good I have become a referrer for your site.
I wanted to say thank you for such an incredible service. I have been looking closely at how to invest in gold safely, securely and flexibly. Having the ability to tap into the bullion market without fiddling with coins and with easy access to the best prices without travelling to dealers is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Your service is clearly the best option, both technically and financially, for owning gold bullion for the retail customer, bar none. I also appreciated the online service chat... Congratulations on your well deserved success and wish you much more.
The whole website and trading system is exceptionally solid and well-designed.
We chose to buy our allocated gold from the BullionVault for two reasons, one is they only deal in allocated gold and secondly we got one percent more gold because of lower commission charges. What impressed me about BullionVault was the fact that now anyone can afford to buy allocated gold whereas previously you had to buy either a 100 or 400oz bars which go for circa 25k and 100k respectively. Now you can buy from one gram upwards circa £8.70. I think that this will have the same effect on gold ownership that Henry Ford had on car ownership. The trading platform is the [edited - meaning "very good"] and will put ordinary folks on a level playing field in terms of speed and information with the professionals.
D & M S
The Order Board and screens are excellent.
As investors re-discover gold, we're frequently asked about the best way to buy physical gold bullion. To us, the answer is clear: BullionVault. Why do we think so highly of BullionVault? It offers extremely low transaction charges, unheard of storage fees for allocated metal, and unsurpassed security (the principals at Delta Global have personally visited its New York storage facility).
CH - Deltaga
Let me say I think you have developed a fabulous product. I have already told several of my friends about it.
I'd like to say how impressed I am with this approach to buying, selling, and storing gold, and with the quality of the web site. I've been looking for a convenient way to buy, sell, and store gold, and this is by far the best approach I've found after quite a bit of research.
I've just registered, and I'm very impressed. It's also intriguing that your market could be considered to offer a sort of proxy for the currency markets.
I think BullionVault is a great project because it provides, at a fair price, the right service in the right moment. Especially in a country like Italy, which is at such a high risk on a global level because of its deep structural weaknesses, I believe that the chance to buy physical gold and storing it safely and cost effectively is a chance that nobody should miss.
Andrea Barbarossa - www.itgold.it
I am a novice in the world of gold bullion but have learnt enormously from Galmarley and BullionVault.com. I trade shares online and I found the use of your website to be very straightforward and efficient and I am very satisfied with your product and service in my limited time with you. I have bought bullion in Zurich during the last week.
I like the idea of holding assets in multiple locations. I like that the middleman is cut out. I like that I can control the buys and sells and not wait on a dealer to liquidate.
Many thanks for your speedy service and excellent support. I'm very glad that I've found your service and you provide allocated gold easily and efficiently without all the headaches of physical storage for privately held gold. I've got peace of mind knowing of a quiet little nest egg safe from the financial storms about to brew. Again many thanks for you help and support.
I think you're providing one of the most professional services I have ever known. I recommended it to my brother and he already bought some gold ... Keep up the good work.
The 'order board', although somewhat intimidating at first, is quite easy to use once one gets a feel for it. The option of multiple storage locations is also a plus. I find that your spreads/fees are certainly competitive with other gold dealers. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others.
Just wanted to say that I very much appreciate the service and facilities you provide, and for giving people like myself the opportunity to buy, own and securely store gold through online transactions. I have set up an account only recently, and my activities have been limited to buying gold - for longer term (years) investment. So far I have not noticed any aspect where I could point out room for improvement. Thanks again
As a customer of bullionvault.com I am very impressed with the service and the opportunity to the small investor who wishes to purchase gold without paying premium prices for coins
Your service and gold trading is the best gold trading module on the net.
Just wanted to say I am really excited about my new Bullionvault account. I have been buying retail gold for some time now and always knew I was losing out (although I do like the collectability of smaller pieces). I nearly got into buying [deleted by editor] and unallocated gold which attract various risk and higher broker charges. Thank God I found your site. It's so easy to use, but brilliant. Account setup is so quick, and the online live support is excellent. Thanks for bringing this to us. I am telling all my friends and colleagues.
I wish I had found BullionVault before I did; you provide a very useful service; thank you.
BV seems an excellent service to me. Very easy to use. I like the idea of being able to store my gold in a variety of places - I now have physical ownership, gold in Zurich.
I think you offer a really good service, which has the potential to open up gold investment to a completely new market.
I like your operation. Everything is professional and well organized.
Your site is very well done - very easy and well presented (I am a computer professional). Your business model also seems to be well thought out. Definitely hits all the items in my check list.
Your services are great.
I would like to say that I am very impressed with both the service and the way it is implemented on the web site. The web site is clearly presented, robust and easy to use. It has obviously been thought out very carefully.
This is truly a wonderful platform for the modest punter to hold Gold ... The ease of dealing is what makes this for me ... Thanks again for a great experience.
It's an absolutely incredibly good service/website, from everything to presentation, ease of use and security its very clear and a pleasure to use.
Bullionvault looks good. The best that I've seen. Just the service that I will need.
You guys have a great product
I am very happy that I finally found my way to your site. It's exactly what I was hoping a long time to find. Your service looks to me almost perfect. I am very pleased with every aspect of it.
I think this is a great service that offers lots of convenience and flexibility at relatively low cost. Best features (in order): choice of vaults, lower costs, immediate execution, and trading in gram increments.
I like your service just fine... It all seems very easy... Thank You.
While you seem to have a fairly good grip on global finance, far more impressive is your ability to use apostrophes appropriately. That alone is sufficient reason to entrust my savings to BullionVault.
RL [Editor's note. Sadly this has the same effect as my English teacher used to, and leaves me just as terrified of making mistakes in future.]
I would like to let you know I am very pleased with the service. I am a real novice at this and have found the system very user friendly. Thank you very much
It looks like you've done everything possible to make Bullion Vault as secure a system as can be.
If there is an easier route to purchasing bullion I have not found it.
The service has been excellent so far. I appreciate the quality help documentation and FAQs. If I can think of suggestions for improvement, I'll notify you.
I have read your web site extensively and am most impressed.
It is reassuring that The Queen agrees with my own view of BullionVault.

Is BullionVault Safe?

As an established online marketplace for trading physical gold bullion, BullionVault prides itself on offering a safe and easy-to-use platform for clients around the world. As well as a secure purchasing platform, customers’ gold bullion is stored and insured in high-security professional market vaults operated by some of the world’s largest logistic companies.

BullionVault also publishes a Daily Audit that reconciles all client property (cash and bullion) to the bar lists and bank statements independently issued by the vaults and banks we use. Professional assayers also conduct an in-depth annual audit of all users’ bullion, so you can rest assured that your investment is safe with one of the world’s most experienced and reputable global marketplaces for precious metals.