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01 Nov '22
Bank of England bullion custody shrinking...
19 Oct '22
3 million ounces seen needed for both...
11 Jun '22

Platinum and palladium added to list...

10 Jun '22
'Modest' growth forecast for official-sector total...
10 Jun '22 India's Gold Bullion Imports Jump on Price Decline Gabriela Daurignac
29 Apr '22 Silver Price Forecast to Fall Despite Record Demand Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Apr '22 Big 2's Gold Buying Sinks as Prices Jump Adrian Ash
04 Mar '22 Platinum: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Take to the Seas World Platinum ...
11 Feb '22 Chinese Gold Buying 'Robust' Amid Lunar New Year Consumer Downtrend Goldbug
28 Jan '22 Gold Investment Weakest Since 2015 Price Lows Goldbug
28 Nov '21 China's Mystery Platinum Imports 'Help Absorb' Record Surplus Goldbug
27 Aug '21 India: Big Changes Hit Gold's No.2 Buyer Goldbug
22 May '21 India's Covid Crisis Sees Gold Loans Boom Goldbug
18 May '21 Platinum Industrial Demand Set to Rebound, But Analysts Split Over Market Balance Goldbug
22 Apr '21 Major Gold Miners' Debt at Decade Low, 'Capex Needed' to Sustain Output Goldbug
17 Mar '21 Central-Bank Gold Buying 'Moderate' But 'Highly Symbolic' in 2021 Goldbug
10 Feb '21 Green Energy: Platinum Key to New 'Hydrogen Catapult' World Platinum ...
04 Feb '21 2021 Gold Price to Rise 11.5%: LBMA Forecast Goldbug
15 Jan '21 'Cut Bullion Duty to Cut Smuggling': India's Gold Industry Goldbug
04 Dec '20 Platinum Price Hits 4-Year High Even as Electric Beats Diesel Cars in Europe Goldbug
19 Nov '20 Record Investing Pushes 'Industrial' Silver and Platinum into Deep Deficits Goldbug
20 Oct '20 2020 Physical Gold Buying Sinks 25% to 11-Year Low Goldbug
15 Oct '20 $2000 Gold to Boost ASM Mining 13% in 2021 Goldbug
28 Sep '20 Central-Bank Gold Buying -40% in 2020 CPM Group
21 Aug '20 Platinum Outperforms Gold Price on Covid-19's GFC Replay World Platinum ...
30 Jul '20 Household Gold Demand Crashes as Record ETF Investing Sends Price to New Highs Goldbug
16 Jul '20 India Gold Price Boosted as Lockdown Hits Smuggling Goldbug
01 May '20 Gold Investing Soaks Up Virus Crisis' Surplus Bullion Goldbug
28 Apr '20 Covid Crisis and Record Bullion Prices Spur Asian 'Cash-for-Gold' Scrap Sales Goldbug

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Market Fundamentals