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21 Apr '24 China's Private Gold Demand Nears 1% of GDP at Record Prices Goldbug
02 Apr '24 Western Investors Bank Record Profits on Gold Goldbug
27 Mar '24 ChatGPT vs Gemini Gold Price Predictions 2024 Goldbug
22 Feb '24 Gold in Yen Hits New Record as Nikkei Finally Beats 1989 Bubble Top Goldbug
09 Feb '24 Platinum Never Cheaper vs Gold But Erases Palladium Price Discount Goldbug
22 Dec '23 2024 Silver Price 'Boosted' by Gold, 'Tempered' by Recession Goldbug
07 Oct '23 Asia's Giant Gold Buying Rises as Biggest Demand Season Starts Goldbug
04 Oct '23 Central Bank Gold Holdings Goldbug
23 Aug '23 Germany's Gold Coin and Bar Demand Collapses Goldbug
15 Jul '23 China and India Curb Gold Imports at Record-High Prices Goldbug
15 Jun '23 Gold Mining Output to Hit New Record in 2023 Goldbug
23 Mar '23 China Buys Gold at Record Prices But India's Demand Sinks Goldbug
15 Feb '23 LBMA Forecast 2023 Bullish on Platinum Prices, Bearish Palladium Goldbug
01 Feb '23 Modi's India Whacks Jewellers Again, Hikes Silver Import Duty Goldbug
11 Feb '22 Chinese Gold Buying 'Robust' Amid Lunar New Year Consumer Downtrend Goldbug
28 Jan '22 Gold Investment Weakest Since 2015 Price Lows Goldbug
28 Nov '21 China's Mystery Platinum Imports 'Help Absorb' Record Surplus Goldbug
27 Aug '21 India: Big Changes Hit Gold's No.2 Buyer Goldbug
17 Jun '21 Platinum's Industrial Use: Interactive Chart Goldbug
22 May '21 India's Covid Crisis Sees Gold Loans Boom Goldbug
18 May '21 Platinum Industrial Demand Set to Rebound, But Analysts Split Over Market Balance Goldbug
22 Apr '21 Major Gold Miners' Debt at Decade Low, 'Capex Needed' to Sustain Output Goldbug
17 Mar '21 Central-Bank Gold Buying 'Moderate' But 'Highly Symbolic' in 2021 Goldbug
04 Feb '21 2021 Gold Price to Rise 11.5%: LBMA Forecast Goldbug
15 Jan '21 'Cut Bullion Duty to Cut Smuggling': India's Gold Industry Goldbug
04 Dec '20 Platinum Price Hits 4-Year High Even as Electric Beats Diesel Cars in Europe Goldbug
19 Nov '20 Record Investing Pushes 'Industrial' Silver and Platinum into Deep Deficits Goldbug
20 Oct '20 2020 Physical Gold Buying Sinks 25% to 11-Year Low Goldbug
15 Oct '20 $2000 Gold to Boost ASM Mining 13% in 2021 Goldbug
30 Jul '20 Household Gold Demand Crashes as Record ETF Investing Sends Price to New Highs Goldbug
16 Jul '20 India Gold Price Boosted as Lockdown Hits Smuggling Goldbug
01 May '20 Gold Investing Soaks Up Virus Crisis' Surplus Bullion Goldbug
28 Apr '20 Covid Crisis and Record Bullion Prices Spur Asian 'Cash-for-Gold' Scrap Sales Goldbug
18 Feb '20 Platinum Market 'Swings into Deficit' on Record Investing Goldbug
09 Feb '20 Gold Mining Slips But 2019 Supply Sets Record Goldbug
03 Feb '20 Gold 2020: New Record Coming, Says Top Forecaster Goldbug
31 Jan '20 Gold Price Jump Whacks Consumer Demand to Worst Since 2009 Goldbug
09 Jan '20 Investors 'Swing Behind' Platinum with Record Bullish Bets as 2020 Begins Goldbug
05 Dec '19 Gold Mining's Mega-Merger Output -10% as M&A Eats Exploration Spending Goldbug
22 Nov '19 Silver Investing 'Healthy', Still 40% Shy of Peak Goldbug
15 Nov '19 Gold Bars Rise to Premium in India as Bullion Imports Sink Goldbug
06 Nov '19 Gold ETFs Surge But Consumers Buy The Least Gold This Decade Goldbug
29 Oct '19 Diwali Gold Buying 'Only Down' 25% on 2019's Record Indian Rupee Prices Goldbug
09 Oct '19 Gold-Mining Output 'Peaking' as New Drilling Retreats Goldbug
13 Sep '19 Platinum Investing 'Halves Surplus' in 2019 Goldbug
06 Sep '19 World's Central Bank Gold Reserves and Interactive Map Goldbug
22 Aug '19 India Gold Hits Record Discount on Summer 2019's Bull Run Goldbug
06 Aug '19 New Gold Investing Grows, Profit-Taking Slows Goldbug
12 Jun '19 Gold/Silver Ratio Hits New 26-Year High Goldbug
24 Apr '19 Investing Drives 'Remarkable Run' in 'Oversold' Platinum Goldbug

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