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21 Feb '14 India Tightens 80:20 Gold Import Rules Goldbug
20 Feb '14 UK Gold Exports Were Twice ETF Selling in 2013 Goldbug
20 Feb '14 Gold Price "Going Against" Bearish Forecasts, Analysts Raise Targets Goldbug
18 Feb '14 India Gold Smuggling "Near 200 Tonnes": WGC Goldbug
17 Feb '14 India's CAD Halves on Gold Imports Ban, Chidambaram "Weighs Easing" Goldbug
12 Feb '14 Turkey's Gold Imports Blamed for Record Trade Deficit Goldbug
12 Feb '14 China Uncertainty "Driving Gold Prices" Says SocGen Goldbug
07 Feb '14 Buying Gold "Popular" But at Lower Weights as Chinese New Year Spending Slows Goldbug
04 Feb '14 Silver Price "Needs Investment" to Rally Goldbug
28 Jan '14 India Gold Smuggling Adds $1bn to CAD Goldbug
23 Jan '14 Japan Sees Net Gold Buying for 1st Year in 10 Goldbug
21 Jan '14 Gold Fix Probes in London Scare Off Singapore Competitors Goldbug
20 Jan '14 Gold Bars at NY Fed "Need Recasting", Says Bundesbank Goldbug
15 Jan '14 Gold Mining Costs "Put Floor" at $1150, Supply to "Decline Rapidly" Goldbug
15 Jan '14 Buying Gold "A Bet Against the US Economy" Goldbug
13 Jan '14 China's Gold Buying "Make or Break" for 2014 Prices Goldbug
20 Dec '13 Gold Mining "Pretty Much" at Break-Even Worldwide on Price Slump Goldbug
19 Dec '13 China's Gold Price "Impact & Importance" to Grow Goldbug
19 Dec '13 Rising Rates "Will Spur" Gold Miner Hedging Goldbug
17 Dec '13 India Gold Imports Ban Stays on US Fed Taper "Risk" Goldbug
17 Dec '13 Swiss Gold Bullion Data Revamped, "Transparency" Welcomed Goldbug
11 Dec '13 Gold Bars "Sold by North Korea to China": Claim Goldbug
05 Dec '13 Hedging "Just Makes Sense" Says Barrick's New Chair Goldbug
04 Dec '13 India's Gold Smuggling "Rises 7-Fold", Import Ban "Hits Only Official CAD" Goldbug
29 Nov '13 Iran-Turkey Gold Trade Returns After Nuclear Sanctions Deal Goldbug
27 Nov '13 Gold Price 2014 Base Case: "No Recovery" Say Analysts Goldbug
27 Nov '13 China Gold Imports Surge on New Year Stockpiling, Quota Rush Goldbug
19 Nov '13 2014 Gold Prices "Driven" by US Fed Tapering & Rates Goldbug
18 Nov '13 Dynamic Hedging "May Boost" Central Bank Gold Buying in 2014 Goldbug
14 Nov '13 6-Year Rarity in Gold Demand on "Cannibalization", India Ban Goldbug
13 Nov '13 Silver Investment "Rises 6-Fold" in 10 Years as Source of Demand Goldbug
12 Nov '13 Silver Comex Stocks "Show Improvement" in Broader Demand Goldbug
07 Nov '13 People's Bank of China "Buying Gold, Supports Prices" Goldbug
06 Nov '13 Gold Bull-Market Boost to Mine Output "Will End 2015" Goldbug
05 Nov '13 India's Demand to Buy Silver Doubles on Gold Ban, Price Drop Goldbug
04 Nov '13 China's Gold Mining "Hits New Record", But Consumers "Rational" Goldbug
24 Oct '13 Silver Scrap Supply "Falls 30%" from 2011 Peak Goldbug
23 Oct '13 India's Gold Coin Import Ban "Will Stay", Smuggling Surges Goldbug
14 Oct '13 India's Gold Deposit Scheme "Risks Rupee Sell-Off" Goldbug
14 Oct '13 India's Gold Bullion Refineries "Near Closure" After Huge Investment Goldbug
10 Oct '13 CBGA-4 in Doubt as W.Europe's Hold on Central-Bank Gold Slides Goldbug
09 Oct '13 Price Drop Accelerates Gold Mining "Production Cliff" Goldbug
09 Oct '13 Gold Coin Sales Hit Record at Turkish Mint Goldbug
08 Oct '13 India Gold Smuggling Jumps as "Mobilize Gold" Schemes Begin Goldbug
08 Oct '13 China's Gold Bullion Imports Slip But "Very Strong" Goldbug
07 Oct '13 Central Banks "Prioritizing Other Assets" Over Gold Investment Goldbug
04 Oct '13 Platinum ETFs Jump But Price Falls, "Logical Fundamentals" Queried Goldbug
03 Oct '13 Gold Trading in China Deregulated Further Goldbug
26 Sep '13 Recycled Gold Needed as India's "Longest" Wedding Season Nears Goldbug
25 Sep '13 Gold Trading Leak Alleged After Fed's "No Taper" Shock Goldbug

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