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05 Sep '23
'Investment insurance' winning over silver...
01 Aug '23

Silver sellers outnumber buyers at world No.1 marketplace...

04 Jul '23
Record high BullionVault client gold holdings too...
06 Jun '23
10-month high in gold buying near $2000 record price...
02 May '23 US Savers Jump to Invest in Gold at $2000 Record Adrian Ash
04 Apr '23 New Gold Investing Doubles, Profit-Taking Hits Record Adrian Ash
07 Mar '23 Gold Investing Jumps But New Buyers AWOL Adrian Ash
07 Feb '23 'No Crisis' Gold Price Spike Sinks Investor Buying, Profit-Taking Leaps Adrian Ash
03 Jan '23 Silver Investor Index Hits Record Low on Price Jump Adrian Ash
06 Dec '22 Silver Bullion Hits Profit-Taking on Hot-Money Price Spike Adrian Ash
01 Nov '22 UK's Mess Leads New Record Gold and Silver Investing Adrian Ash
04 Oct '22 Crisis-Hit UK and Italy Lead Rebound in Gold Investing Adrian Ash
06 Sep '22 Invest in Gold? New Interest Hits 1-Year Low Despite Inflation Crisis Adrian Ash
02 Aug '22 Gold Investing Leaps on Price Plunge Adrian Ash
05 Jul '22 Gold Investing 'Resilient' Amid 2022's Market Slump Adrian Ash
07 Jun '22 'Rolling Crisis' Sees Gold Investing Jump on Price Drop Adrian Ash
03 May '22 Gold Investing Jumps to 10-Month High Adrian Ash
05 Apr '22 Gold Investing Jumps Fastest Since Covid Crisis Adrian Ash
01 Mar '22 Physical Gold Investing Drops on Ukraine-Invasion Price Jump Adrian Ash
01 Feb '22 Unhappy New Year for Gold and Silver Investing Adrian Ash
04 Jan '22 Gold and Silver Investing Rallies into New Year 2022 Adrian Ash
07 Dec '21 Bullion Investors Sell Gold and Silver on Price Spike Adrian Ash
02 Nov '21 Inflation? Private Investing Still Cold on Gold Adrian Ash
05 Oct '21 Investor Selling Hits Gold 1st Time Since Pandemic Began Adrian Ash
06 Sep '21 Gold Investing Rallies, But Inflation Fading Say Precious Metals Adrian Ash
03 Aug '21 Gold Investing 1/3rd More Popular in Covid Pandemic Adrian Ash
06 Jul '21 Gold Bullion Investing Jumps 40% on Inflation, Price Drop Adrian Ash
03 Jun '21 Silver Investing Slows as Inflation Spike Sees Price Hit 8-Year High Adrian Ash
01 Jun '21 New Gold Investment Doubles as Cryptos Sink Adrian Ash

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