Getting started

We recommend you print this one webpage and follow the procedure through from start to finish.

Your objective is to...

  1. Get registered on BullionVault [and receive a free 4 grams of silver]. (2 minutes)
  2. Fund your account. (2-4 minutes here - then a delay while your bank sends money to us)
  3. Buy and store gold bullion. (1-2 minutes)

So you should get your bullion safely stored in a vault in less than 10 minutes of your time.

Waiting for the bank transfer can be a bit annoying but there is no other easy way.


If you have problems completing this procedure please either:-

Outside office hours you can email us at

The procedure

Go to and click on the OPEN ACCOUNT button at the top of the screen.
Fill in the fields on the registration page and press the SUBMIT button.

If you're likely to forget your username or password here's a space to note them. 

Your username ...............................................

A reminder for your password ................................

What happens next ?

Logging in

Go to the BullionVault front page and click the LOGIN button at the top of the screen.
Enter your username and password then and press the SUBMIT button.

Fund my account

On BullionVault you cannot buy gold before you pay money in. The modern financial world is very careful about money laundering - and this is especially true with gold bullion.  This is why we have to get paid by you direct from your bank, and it slows things down a bit.

When we say 'fund your account' you first use the BullionVault website to choose your best way to make your payment, and the site produces a simple printed instruction for your bank.  You then tell your bank where to send money using this instruction.

Click the ACCOUNT button in the main menu bar, and click the DEPOSIT option in the sub-menu bar.

There are several choices, allowing you to select the deposit mechanism to suit you.

Simply click on your payment choices. 
When you have selected your deposit method you are presented with an instruction to your bank.  Print it using the PRINT button - or copy it very carefully.

What happens next?

We will email you as soon as your money arrives.  Also, you can check yourself by logging in, and accessing your ACCOUNT BALANCE.  As soon as your money arrives in your BullionVault account it is cleared to buy gold, which is what we'll do now.

Go to the BullionVault front page and LOGIN.

You'll get a reminder to validate your account, but you can skip over this for now , so click  LATER 

Click ACCOUNT and BALANCE and see your money in the green panel at the bottom.
The green line will show your currency balances, including your new deposit. At the end of that line, you'll see a box saying, 'Buy in'. Click it, and select your preferred vault.

You'll see the order panel (on the far right) gets filled in with an order to buy your gold at market prices.

At the bottom of the order panel, click BUY/BID, and you'll be asked to review and confirm your order. Check the instruction is correct and then click CONFIRM.

What happens next?

You should check your ACCOUNT BALANCE and make sure your cash and gold balances are what you expect.  There will be a bit of cash left over, which will pay your storage charges over the coming months. 


You've done all the hard work.  Now that your first purchase is complete you could have a good look around.  Check out the BullionVault CHART, which you'll use to monitor price movements.  Have a look at the HISTORY screen for your ORDERS and STATEMENT, and the MARKET ORDER BOARD to watch the market as it moves.

Also you could update your ACCOUNT SETTINGS with addresses, time-zones etc., and also verify your identity (this last bit is important, and you have to do it in the next couple of weeks).  Press the HELP button and read about it under 'How to do it'.

In the meantime - welcome to BullionVault!

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