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Open an account

If you have any problems please contact BullionVault via email using our contact link at the bottom right of the BullionVault screens.

The procedure to open an account

Step 1.

Go to the main home screen at

Step 2.

Click on the OPEN ACCOUNT button (top of your screen, in the middle). You will then see:

Step 3. Fill in the username field. This is 6 to 12 letters and numbers without spaces. It becomes your account number. You'll need to remember it to log into your account in future.
Step 4. Fill in the email field. We will use this to send you important communications like your statements (monthly) and your dealing advices (whenever you deal). If you use many email addresses please enter here one which you treat seriously. It diminishes your safety if we cannot tell you at a trusted and used mailbox when there are things happening on your account.
Step 5. Fill in and confirm your password. This is case sensitive. You'll need to remember it to log into your account in future.
Step 6. If BullionVault is running a promotional offer, your account may be created with a small bullion and cash balance already present. Read about our promotions here.
Step 7. Set the checkbox. You must confirm you have read, understood and agreed the Terms and Conditions. Press the SUBMIT key.

What happens next?

  • You should receive an acknowledgement on screen that your account has opened. Your account is immediately operable. You should have a small account balance from one of our free offers.
  • We keep the account opening process as short as possible to allow you to get on and use the BullionVault system fast.
  • You might like to start using your account immediately. Access the home page at and press login. Then type in your username and password to commence a real BullionVault session. Any free grams and/or currency balances are immediately tradable. Check out your balance by clicking ACCOUNT and sub-menu BALANCE.
  • There are other details which you should consider adding to your account set up. In particular be aware of enabling your account's 'Burglar Alarm' by entering your SMS enabled mobile phone number - which makes a significant contribution to your safety.
  • These other data are accessed from the ACCOUNT sub-menu SETTINGS screen.