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Regular Gold Investment Plan

What is the Regular Gold Investment Plan?

BullionVault's Regular Gold Investment Plan allow savers to buy gold regularly with minimum effort at the London Price published daily on the London Bullion Market Association’s website, and used as global benchmarks in the professional wholesale markets.

You can buy using US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros. Once set-up, you simply make regular deposits into your BullionVault account and the money will be used to purchase gold for your account automatically. The bullion is stored in the normal Zurich vault. There's no need to place orders yourself or deal directly on BullionVault's markets.

Set up a monthly automatic payment or standing order from your bank account and you can build up your savings in securely vaulted bullion.

You can stop making deposits or sell your bullion and withdraw at any time, without notice.

How do I set up the Regular Gold Investment Plan?

  • Log in to your BullionVault account and switch on Auto-Invest in ACCOUNT > SETTINGS. This authorises BullionVault to use available money to buy bullion for your account at the Daily Price.
  • Set up an automatic payment or standing order with your bank to make regular deposits every month to your BullionVault account. Do this through your online banking or contact your bank directly. Check the banking fees that will apply each time.

All deposits to your BullionVault account must come from the same bank account. Please be sure to quote your username as your payment reference with any deposits into BullionVault.

How much does it cost?

BullionVault charges a transaction fee of 0.5% on buying and on selling gold at the Daily Price. This includes the premium charged by the market, physical allocation, vault delivery charges and our commission. Daily Price orders placed in British Pounds or Euros incur an additional 0.3% currency-switching fee. Our ongoing charges for storage, including insurance, are as normal. Please check the banking fees that will apply, including currency conversion charges if you are not depositing in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

How does the buying of gold work with Auto-Invest?

  • Any available funds in your account (if over the minimum order size for a Daily Price purchase in that currency: $100, £75 or €85) will be committed at 2:35pm London time, on UK business days, in order to buy gold.
  • You will buy at the main-market clearing price for that day. This price is only set on UK business days - not at weekends or on UK public holidays
  • Your bullion will normally arrive in your account after two working days. Once settled, the bullion can then be used to reserve specific bars in your name or can be sold on BullionVault's markets.
  • Any excess money left after a purchase of bullion at the Daily Price will be returned to your available balance.

Other details of the Auto-Invest function

  • The London Bullion Market Association publishes prices for gold in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros. BullionVault’s Daily Price uses these values. No price is published for Japanese Yen, so the Daily price is not available in Yen.
  • If you have less than the minimum order size for a Daily Price purchase in a given currency ($100, £75 or €85) available in your account, no order will be created for that currency.
  • If you have sufficient money in more than one currency, then orders may be created for each currency separately.
  • To prevent the proceeds from a sale being used to re-buy bullion, you will not be able to sell bullion when Auto-Invest is switched on. If you are selling bullion to withdraw the proceeds, please do not switch Auto-Invest on again until the withdrawn funds have cleared in your bank account.
  • We rely on you to manage the Auto-Invest setting and to switch it off if you do not want money in your account to be used by BullionVault to purchase bullion at the Daily Price.
  • If an account is suspended, locked or closed, the Regular Gold Investment Plan will also be suspended and no purchasing of bullion at the Daily Price will be carried out.
  • BullionVault reserves the right to switch off Auto-Invest for your account at any point but will notify you by email.
  • The Regular Gold Investment Plan is executed under our standard Terms & conditions.