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Understand your statement


Unlike your bank account BullionVault provides you with a multi-instrument account. It contains maybe several currencies, and bullion balances in several depots.

Note also that your bullion balances in different vaults are treated separately. A kilo of gold in London is not interchangeable with a kilo of gold in Zurich. Because they have different values they are kept apart in the statement. You only see a single aggregate gold, silver, platinum or palladium balance if you stick to a single vault.

A simpler view - one thing at a time

You can turn off multi-currency statements to examine either one currency or one bullion vault at a time.

To do this set the Bullion or Currency filter to the at the top left of your statement screen.

Multiple executions

Although you may enter only one order it is often the case for order board trades that it deals in small parts. We post each part to your account as it happens. You will see Deal references. These tally to the execution advices you receive via email.

Pending Settlement

For certain order types, such as those placed at the Daily Price, we normally settle the bullion to your account after two working days. This reflects the time required for us to receive shipment of bullion to/from the vault from the main markets, if needed. At settlement, bullion from a purchase (or cash from a sale) become your property and the cash reserved against the purchase (or bullion reserved towards a sale) is removed from your account.

Assets and Property

At the end of your statement the new balance of each instrument is carried forward. We are rigorous in pointing out the difference between your bullion and money balances carried forward. Your bullion balances are your property - not your assets. Meanwhile your money balances are assets not your property. We make this distinction because your assets are technically exposed to the insolvency of BullionVault's bankers.

Your property - i.e. your gold, silver, platinum or palladium - is not exposed to anyone's insolvency.


The references on the left are not meaningful to you. They do - however - make our lives much easier if you query something.