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BullionVault's Referral Programme

BullionVault is one of the fastest growing businesses on the web.  You can participate and earn a no-nonsense 25% share of our gross commission by introducing gold and to your own website's visitors.  It takes two minutes to set up and continues earning you respectable money for years.

When new customers are referred by you ... 

  • You get a full 25% share of commissions
  • You get further 6.25% share of commission on further new accounts referred in by those you introduced
  • You continue to generate commission income at the same rate on repeat business for a full 2 years from account creation - and many BullionVault customers deal repeatedly.
  • Your BullionVault account receives your commission instantly, with no complexities or delays

To help you benefit we provide you with ...

  • a simple link which you can put anywhere on your website
  • access to our market commentaries - which you can use as a powerful sales generator
  • an on-line statement with line by line credits for your commission earnings

How much can you earn?

By composing an email and sending it to his registered members our very first referrer earned $2,500 in his first month as a referrer.  We have referrers from across the world generating revenue from the programme.

This is because thousands of thoughtful and wealthy people all over the world are turning to gold - and to BullionVault - as a response to currency expansion running out of control.  They are looking for the product you can now introduce them to. 

"If there is an easier route to purchasing bullion I have not found it." TH

"Love the service and the site. Actually, your whole business model is a good one and like many excellent ideas is simple and just leaves me wondering why it hasn't  been done before." RK

"It's an absolutely incredibly good service/website, from everything to presentation, ease of use and security its very clear and a pleasure to use." BR

How it works

Becoming an affiliate is simple.  First go to and Register, so that you have a BullionVault account.

Your referral link to BullionVault then takes the form :

Please remember to change MYUSERNAME to the BullionVault username you chose when registering.

You may notice that the URL string returned by clicking on the referral link is long. Please be reassured that your referral details will be captured in our database.

The html code you need to add to your website is:

<a href="">BullionVault</a>

Please note that the above referral URL structure is the only way referrers can link to BullionVault. If you use any other URL structure then you will not receive any commission.

If you are looking to refer only one or two friends, another way we can record your referrals is on the BullionVault registration page in our marketing drop-down called "How did you first find BullionVault?"

In the drop-down is a field called "Referred by" which allows your friend to enter your BullionVault username in the "Please enter the username" box.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the BullionVault Referral Programme or any other marketing query please contact us at

Example: Banner advert

If you would like to add a banner to your website, the html code you need to use is:

<a href=""><img src="" title="BullionVault" alt="BullionVault" border="0" width="468" height="60"></a>

This will generate a referrer link as follows:


Please remember again to change MYUSERNAME to the BullionVault username you chose when registering.

You can choose an alternative banner image from our banner catalogue.

Ways to refer

Use your referral links and banners on your site, blogs, emails, message boards, personal social media pages etc.

NB If you use email we insist that you avoid spamming.

You can also display the latest gold or silver buy and sell prices via our live price widgets. There are 4 banner sizes to choose from and you can include your referral id in the code.

You may also like to consider embedding BullionVault's customisable gold and silver price chart on to your website. You have two versions to choose from and both allow you to include your referral id in the code.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the BullionVault Referral Programme or any other marketing query please contact us at .

Linking to

In addition to the referral programme, we appreciate direct links to

Tracking your earnings

You can track your referral programme earnings online, by logging in and selecting  HISTORY > REFERRALS .

From there you'll see how many new accounts you've referred and how many of those have funded. As soon as your first referred customer makes a deposit, you'll see a breakdown of how much business you've generated and how much commission you've earned so far.

Commission shares are passed to you the instant your referred customers trade, so you'll also see your earnings reflected in your account balance and online statement.

Terms and Conditions

  • You are entitled to receive commission at the stated rates (25% of BullionVault's gross commission) where you are responsible for introducing a BullionVault customer via an appropriate link - according to the procedures of the referral program.
  • You are entitled to receive commission at the stated rates (6.25% of BullionVault's gross commission) where a new BullionVault customer was referred by someone you referred - according to the procedures of the program.
  • You will generate commission share for a period of 2 years. The two year period will start on the account creation date of the referred customer.
  • You understand that in order to track visitors BullionVault will place a 2 month cookie on the prospects computer system identifying you as the referrer - but only where (i) it is allowed by the browser settings and (ii) no pre-existing equivalent cookie referencing another referrer would be replaced.
  • You accept that the existence of a pre-existing cookie will cause that referrer to benefit by commission sharing instead of you.  You acknowledge that you understand that sometimes you will benefit from this policy - where you are in fact the first referrer - and sometimes you will lose out - where you are a second or subsequent referrer. 
  • You acknowledge that the expiry of the cookie on a referred customer's machine within two months of the referral during which time the prospect has neither registered nor visited the BullionVault site causes the cookie containing your referrer id to be expunged.
  • You acknowledge that housekeeping utilities in use by the visitor may cause the cookie to be expunged before the time period is up, and that in this event BullionVault is not expected to identify you as the first referrer.
  • Only referrers using the prescribed referral URL structure as detailed above will generate commission. Any referrer linking to BullionVault using an incorrect URL structure after 31st March 2015 will have their commission halted and account frozen until they switch to the prescribed referral URL.
  • Existing BullionVault customers whose details are already held on the BullionVault database will not be included in the commission share if they open a new account via your referral links.
  • You acknowledge that while your account will be credited immediately when you start earning commissions you will correctly identify yourself to BullionVault prior to receiving actual payment.
  • You understand that you will pay a wire or equivalent banking fee for withdrawing your commissions aggregated over a period into your bank.
  • You will not refer your own accounts or those of your spouse.  You understand that where doubt exists BullionVault may prevent withdrawal of referral earnings until a reasonable number of accounts have been referred and funded.
  • All material offered for your use remains copyright of BullionVault/Galmarley Ltd. By reproducing it in any way — whether by email, website, print or any other medium, and including substantive amendments — you hereby agree to use this material solely for promoting BullionVault alone.
  • Your websites will not contain any material which is defamatory, violent, pornographic, unlawful, threatening, obscene or racially, ethnically, or otherwise discriminatory or in breach of any third party rights and shall not link to any such material. Infringement will result in the loss of all referral income.
  • You will at all times conduct yourself with all due skill, care and diligence, including Good Industry Practice, and in accordance with your own established procedures and all applicable laws, enactments, orders, regulations and other similar instrument.
  • BullionVault will not tolerate any abuse in its name of international "anti-spam" regulations. Infringement will result in the loss of all referral income, howsoever generated. In promoting BullionVault by email, you hereby accept liability for ensuring your lists are up-to-date, "opt in" only, and fully compliant with your local data protection legislation.
  • You will not register any domain names or register keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in any search engine, social media network, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service or include meta tag keywords on their website that incorporate terms which are identical to, similar to or could be reasonably confused with BullionVault services and/or Website, trademarks (or other trademarks owned by BullionVault) and you will at all times comply with such guidelines for the use of BullionVault’s services and website and trademarks as may be issued from time to time. You may be contacted by BullionVault to change the referral tracking links you are using and associated html code. You will have 45 days to action this request. If any of the above actions are undertaken we will halt your commission and freeze your account.
  • If your BullionVault account is closed you will cease to earn any referral commission from the users you have referred that are linked to your account.
  • These are BullionVault’s Referral Programme Terms and Conditions as of 22nd February 2015. These terms and conditions are subject to change with 30 days notice to active referrers.

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