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Popular queries

What is the price of gold/silver?

Check BullionVault’s live order board for the best prices for gold or silver in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros or Japanese Yen. You can also see current bullion spot prices in those and other currencies on our chart.

Can I buy coins on BullionVault?

No. Coins and small bars are typically 7% more expensive than gold on BullionVault. Dealers also tend to buy back at a discount of about 1%.

BullionVault’s vaulted gold is in the form of large ‘Good delivery’ bars – the standard on the wholesale bullion market, and the most cost effective way to invest in gold.

While most BullionVault users prefer to hold their bullion securely in the vault, it is possible to withdraw your gold efficiently in the form of Pamp 100g gold bars, or in bespoke amounts at a higher rate.

How does it work? Tell me more about your service.

Before BullionVault, it was difficult for private investors to buy gold and silver because wholesale bullion market deals are often more than they would be able to afford, in addition to insurance and storage. BullionVault lets you buy as much gold or silver as you want (from as little as 1 gram), at prices very close to those offered in the wholesale markets. Your gold or silver will be part of a large ‘Good delivery’ bar stored in a professional market vaults in your choice of locations around the world.

There are several ways to buy and sell. The most popular is to trade on our live, peer-to-peer market, quoting your own prices like a broker on the professional market would. Unlike the professional markets, our order board is open for trading 24/7 (excluding occasional scheduled downtime for website maintenance).

BullionVault users can also access the liquidity of the wholesale bullion market by placing orders at the daily London Prices. The prices are set by auction between major bullion banks every UK working weekday, and are widely published as benchmark gold and silver prices.

Regular savers wanting to build their own gold reserve may be interested in our Regular Gold Investment Plan. Simply set up a regular payment into their BullionVault account and gold will be bought (at the daily London Price).

How do I open an account with BullionVault?

Opening an account is free and takes just a few minutes. All you’ll need to get started is an email address and then choose a username and password.

Validating your account should be done within two weeks of funding it. You’ll need to provide your personal details and upload scans or digital photos of your photo ID and bank statement.

Fund your BullionVault account by bank transfer. The bank account you first send funds from should be used for all future deposits. We will return your cash withdrawals back to it. You will need to upload a digital copy of your bank statement as part of your validation.

Can I pay by debit/credit card? How do I deposit funds?

It is not possible to fund your BullionVault account by debit or credit card.

Merchants can be charged fees of around 2% to accept card payments. Retailers selling goods on high margins can afford this. But this isn’t cost effective for BullionVault which charges lower commission (0.5% and less).

To fund your BullionVault account, please make a bank transfer from your bank account to BullionVault. Please include your username on your payment so we know to credit the funds to your BullionVault account. Please see BullionVault’s bank details.

Can I get a copy of an old statement?

Yes. You can download monthly statements by logging in and going to your HISTORY > STATEMENT page. You can see statement details for the last 30 days and download statements from previous months.

Can I get a copy of a contract note?

Yes. You can download contract notes by logging in and going to HISTORY > ORDERS. Highlight the order in question from the list and it will bring up the details in the order panel to the right of the screen with an option to download the contract note as a pdf file.

I have gone through your password reset process but haven’t heard back from you. What’s happening?

Some password reset requests are reviewed manually prior to approval. Please allow 1 working day for this review process.

How do I cancel an order?

See a list of your orders by logging in to your account and going to HISTORY > ORDERS. Click on an order and the corresponding details will appear in the order panel on the right. If an open order can still be cancelled, you will be offered a red KILL button.

Orders on BullionVault’s order board can be matched in multiple deals, a bit at a time. If your order is already partially matched, you will only be able to kill the untraded part of it. After killing an order, you will receive an email contract for any part of the order which traded.

In certain circumstances an open order may not be cancelled. For example, open orders at the daily price may not be cancelled shortly before the announcement of that price.

Has my order been successful?

You can monitor the progress of your order on the HISTORY > ORDERS page. The ‘Matched’ column shows you what percentage of your order has traded.

Upon completion of an order which successfully traded, you will be sent a contract note in PDF format to your registered email address.

I have sent money to BullionVault but cannot see it on my account?

How long a deposit takes to reach us depends on where in the world the sending bank is and what type of bank transfer is used. Ask your bank to confirm which transfer type was used, and that the transfer has been sent.

Please also check that the transfer was sent with the correct bank details for your bank’s country and the currency of the deposit.

If your deposit has arrived, but has not yet been assigned to your BullionVault account, it’s usually because we’re missing some required information. For example, if we receive a deposit from you which does not include a BullionVault username as the payment reference or memo, we may have sent an email to you at your registered email address, asking for more information. Usually, we ask you to log in and answer a few questions about your deposit.

I do not use the bank account I have registered with BullionVault anymore. How can I change my bank details?

Maintaining a single linked bank account, used for both deposits and withdrawals, is one of our strongest security features. We recommend not changing your linked bank account if at all possible.

If the change is necessary (e.g. if the original bank account has been closed), you will need to follow our procedure for changing your registered bank. To find out more, please send us an email to with the subject line ‘Changing bank details’. Please state the reason for the change and your BullionVault username.

I can see I have a negative cash valuation on my account. What does it relate to?

This is usually because of unpaid charges, often the monthly storage charges for bullion held in your account ($4/month minimum for gold and $8/month minimum for silver). Check your recent statements (HISTORY > ORDERS) to see the storage charges applied.

I have been asked to fill in a form online regarding a deposit I made recently. Could you please check and apply the funds?

Any details you submitted need to be reviewed manually. Please allow 1 working day.

The funds in my account don’t appear to be in the currency I expect.

If your overall account valuation is not shown in the currency you expect, this does not mean that your funds are necessarily in this currency. To give an idea of the overall value of your account holdings, their value is estimated and summed in a single ‘valuation currency’. For example, you might hold gold, silver and British Pounds but choose to see your overall account valuation in US Dollars. Use the ‘Set currency’ button on your Balance page to change the valuation currency.

For any recent deposit, please check that you deposited into the correct BullionVault bank account. Our bankers will convert funds into the currency of the receiving account. BullionVault does not convert currencies directly.

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