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11 Jul '24
How can bullion prices be rising if no-one is buying...?
10 Jul '24

From 9/11 to 20-second stock holding...

08 Jul '24

10x the electricity use of a Google search...

05 Jul '24

Stop complaining and just vote for the old man...

04 Jul '24 Vote for Gold in the 2024 UK Election Adrian Ash
03 Jul '24 Gold Forecast $2538 for New Year 2025 Adrian Ash
03 Jul '24 Monster Bad Breadth Hits Stocks Gary Tanashian
02 Jul '24 Gold Profit-Taking Slows Near Zero at New Record Prices Adrian Ash
01 Jul '24 ChatGPT vs Gemini Gold Price Predictions 2024 Goldbug
01 Jul '24 Sterling's Post-Imperial Warning for the Dollar James Rickards
28 Jun '24 Golden Nugget Gary Tanashian
26 Jun '24 All the Gold in China, Again Adrian Ash
25 Jun '24 Palladium Price -$90 from Short-Squeeze Spike vs. Record Bearish Specs Adrian Ash
21 Jun '24 Silver Investing: Which Country Wins Euro 2024? Adrian Ash
18 Jun '24 Annual Price Patterns in Gold, Silver, Platinum Adrian Ash
18 Jun '24 Gold ATMs Return, Gangnam Style Adrian Ash
13 Jun '24 The $12,000 EV vs. Tesla Frank Holmes
12 Jun '24 How the Bond Market Works Tim Price
11 Jun '24 Stock Market Built on Seismic Fault Brian Maher
10 Jun '24 Hyperinflation or Deflation? Or, Rome vs. USA '24 Addison Wiggin
07 Jun '24 Central Bank Gold Holdings Goldbug
07 Jun '24 Barbarous Gold Is Back James Rickards
06 Jun '24 Silver: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Adrian Ash
06 Jun '24 Swap Meme Stocks for Solar Addison Wiggin
05 Jun '24 Yield Curve Inversion: It's the Steepener That Hurts Gary Tanashian
04 Jun '24 Western Gold Investing Sentiment Hits 11-Month High Adrian Ash
29 May '24 Japan's Big Problem Nathan Lewis
23 May '24 AI's Wild West Gets a Slow-Moving Sheriff Addison Wiggin
21 May '24 Trump's Dollar Plan: Currency Peace, Not War James Rickards

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