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To get you started we give you free silver and free cash.

Our promotion usually gives you 1/8 oz (4g) of silver bullion, $1 (US Dollar), €1 (Euro) and £1 (British Pound). If you register from Japan you will get ¥100 instead of the €1.

Use it and you can immediately sell and buy silver on the BullionVault order board. If you use the order board skilfully you can accumulate a growing balance. You'll find you can use several of the vaults and all the currencies. You'll quickly see how easy it is.

You'll be trading live and just like any normal BullionVault account, only smaller, and at our risk. With average skill you'll find you can trade multiple times in each currency, because on BullionVault commissions are so low that it will take a lot of trading to cost $1.

You cannot withdraw your promotional balance unless you've funded and validated your account, and if you abandon your account we'll take back the balance after a few months, so that someone else can have a go. If you do fund and validate your account you'll be adding to the balance you already own and it will be permanently yours.

That's all there is to it. Enjoy it.

N.B. BullionVault monitors attempts to abuse offers and shuts down unfunded accounts whose usage appears to be non-educational. Where in our opinion - based on the duration of the account, the amount deposited, and the trading activity - the customer has set up a BullionVault account solely to benefit from the value of our promotion, we reserve the right to close the account and return only the customer's original deposit.