Gold News
05 Dec '19 Gold Mining's Mega-Merger Output -10% as M&A Eats Exploration Spending Goldbug
22 Nov '19 Silver Investing 'Healthy', Still 40% Shy of Peak Goldbug
15 Nov '19 Gold Bars Rise to Premium in India as Bullion Imports Sink Goldbug
06 Nov '19 Gold ETFs Surge But Consumers Buy The Least Gold This Decade Goldbug
29 Oct '19 Diwali Gold Buying 'Only Down' 25% on 2019's Record Indian Rupee Prices Goldbug
27 Oct '19 LBMA Gold Bar Refiners 'Must Use' ASM Mine Output Adrian Ash
24 Oct '19 Platinum Update: Fuel Cell EV Demand World Platinum ...
17 Oct '19 LBMA 2019: Silver Prices 'Not Healthy', Gold Ratio to Stay High Adrian Ash
09 Oct '19 Gold-Mining Output 'Peaking' as New Drilling Retreats Goldbug
13 Sep '19 Platinum Investing 'Halves Surplus' in 2019 Goldbug
22 Aug '19 India Gold Hits Record Discount on Summer 2019's Bull Run Goldbug
26 Jul '19 Gold Price Surge Spurs Heavy H1 Selling Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Jun '19 Gold/Silver Ratio Hits New 26-Year High Goldbug
16 May '19 Platinum Investment 'Will Slash' 2019 Market Surplus Adrian Ash
01 May '19 India's Platinum Demand Sparkles for Akshaya World Platinum ...
24 Apr '19 Investing Drives 'Remarkable Run' in 'Oversold' Platinum Goldbug
05 Apr '19 'Informal' Gold Mining 'Now 15%' of World Output Adrian Ash
27 Mar '19 Platinum: Big in Japan World Platinum ...
15 Mar '19 Silver to Rise, Gold Ratio to Fall in 2019 Goldbug
10 Mar '19 'Hands Off Our Gold Bars' Say Central Bankers to Politicians Goldbug
01 Feb '19 Gold 'Set to Drive' Silver Price Gains in 2019 Goldbug
30 Jan '19 LBMA Gold Price Forecasts See Tight Range in 2019 Goldbug
16 Jan '19 Gold Mining M&A Now 'Easier' Than New Exploration Goldbug
21 Dec '18 Platinum: Fuel Cell Energy 'Now Viable' Goldbug
29 Nov '18 Platinum-Palladium Autocat Switch 'About Supply as Well as Price' Goldbug

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