Gold News
15 Mar '19 Silver to Rise, Gold Ratio to Fall in 2019 Goldbug
10 Mar '19 'Hands Off Our Gold Bars' Say Central Bankers to Politicians Goldbug
01 Feb '19 Gold 'Set to Drive' Silver Price Gains in 2019 Goldbug
30 Jan '19 LBMA Gold Price Forecasts See Tight Range in 2019 Goldbug
16 Jan '19 Gold Mining M&A Now 'Easier' Than New Exploration Goldbug
21 Dec '18 Platinum: Fuel Cell Energy 'Now Viable' Goldbug
29 Nov '18 Platinum-Palladium Autocat Switch 'About Supply as Well as Price' Goldbug
21 Nov '18 London Gold Trading Half the Smallest Size Guessed Goldbug
14 Nov '18 Platinum 2020 'Supply Deficit' on 'Solid' Auto Demand Adrian Ash
08 Nov '18 Silver 2019 Recovery Seen on Strong Tech, Beta to Gold Adrian Ash
06 Nov '18 Gold Bar Refining Margins -80% on Over-Capacity Adrian Ash
12 Oct '18 Trade War 'A Concern' for Silver as Solar Installations Slump Goldbug
04 Oct '18 Gold Bars and Oil Hit by US-China Trade War Goldbug
02 Oct '18 Central Banks Buy Gold Fastest Since 2012 Atsuko Whitehouse
13 Sep '18 Platinum Bridal Sales 'Strong' in China World Platinum ...
11 Sep '18 'Adverse Trends' Hit India Gold Buying Goldbug
02 Aug '18 Platinum Price Jumps as Nymex Bears Wake Up to Mining Output Cut Adrian Ash
17 Jul '18 Silver's Solar Demand 'Down 40% by 2024' Atsuko Whitehouse
28 Jun '18 Cheaper Gold ETF Lists as IAU Hits 1/3rd GLD's Size Goldbug
20 Jun '18 Peak Gold? Mining 'At Tipping Point' Goldbug
12 Jun '18 India's Gold Industry 'Faces Transition' in 'Challenging' 2018 Goldbug
15 May '18 Platinum in 'Stark Contrast' with Palladium as Mining 'Hamstrung' Goldbug
09 May '18 Iran Targets Gold Coin 'Bubble' as US Quits Nuclear Deal Goldbug
05 May '18 Western Households Buy Fewer Gold Coins, Sell Less Scrap Goldbug
18 Apr '18 China's Gold Mining Output Shrinks Again Goldbug

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