Gold News
25 Oct '16 Price Premium Returns for Diwali But India's Gold Industry Struggling Adrian Ash
12 Oct '16 Gold Trade Reporting Coming to London 2017 Adrian Ash
29 Sep '16 Gold Investment's 'Remarkable Return' Set to Run in 2017 Adrian Ash
13 Sep '16 Buying Gold Deterred in Turkey, India as Price Hits Demand Goldbug
02 Sep '16 Gold Mining Hedges Rise with Costs & Price Goldbug
05 Aug '16 China Gold Leasing Boosts Imports, Masks 20% Demand Drop Adrian Ash
13 Jul '16 Platinum: Demand Up, Supply Down Katie Hillan
08 Jul '16 Gold Price Cuts India Demand as Government Schemes Don't Katie Hillan
07 Jul '16 Gold Selling Jumps on Brexit Gold Price Surge Katie Hillan
06 Jul '16 Gold Bars Smuggling Jumps in Japan Katie Hillan
15 Jun '16 China & Russia Buying Gold 'as Safe Haven' Adrian Ash
02 Jun '16 2016 Silver Prices 'Will Rise Further on Ultra-Loose' Rates Goldbug
27 May '16 Turkey's Demand to Buy Gold Weak, Scrap Sales Strong Goldbug
09 May '16 No Festive Boost for India Gold Buying After 'Pitiful' Q1 Goldbug
04 May '16 'New Record' Solar Silver Demand in 2016 Goldbug
28 Apr '16 Gold Miner Hedging 'Strongest Since 1990s' on Price Jump Goldbug
21 Apr '16 All You Need to Know About China's New Shanghai Gold Fix Adrian Ash
12 Apr '16 Gold ETF Investing Jumps in China, But Market 'Still Tiny' Adrian Ash
06 Apr '16 Germany Stops Selling Gold, Eurozone Sales Fall to Zero Goldbug
24 Mar '16 India's GMS 'Must Pay Gold' Says Richest Temple Goldbug
23 Mar '16 LBMA Silver Price 'Enhanced' After January's 4% 'Miss' Adrian Ash
10 Mar '16 Gold Miner Hedging 'Iceberg' Grows on 20% Price Jump Goldbug
02 Mar '16 Budget Boost for India Gold Bonds as Duty Raised, Not Cut Goldbug
02 Feb '16 Gold to Fall 5% in 2016, Silver -6%: LBMA Experts Goldbug
26 Jan '16 Gold Mining Output 'Starts Decline', Price Below Cost Adrian Ash

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