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12 Dec '17 India's 'Grey Market' in Gold Jumps 80% on Tax, New Rules Goldbug
28 Nov '17 Platinum 2018: Demand Up, Supply Down Goldbug
31 Oct '17 Central-Bank Demand for Gold Bars 'Set to Grow' in 2018 Goldbug
05 Oct '17 Silver Bars Imports Jump to China + India, Gold Picture Mixed Goldbug
22 Sep '17 India's Pre-Diwali Gold Buying 'Halved' by New AML Rule Goldbug
20 Sep '17 Gold Mining: Investment 'Must Resume' as Reserves' Life Shrinks 1/3rd Adrian Ash
08 Sep '17 Platinum Auto Demand 'Robust' vs 'Hostile' Diesel Headlines Goldbug
10 Aug '17 Millennials Blamed for 5-Year Low in China's Gold Jewelry Demand Sam Williams
07 Aug '17 GST 'Will Boost' India's Gold Buying Long Term Sam Williams
04 Aug '17 Rent Seeking + Politics 'Set to Cap' Gold Mining Output Sam Williams
03 Aug '17 London Beats New York as Gold Bar No.1 Sam Williams
25 Jul '17 GST Drives Indian Gold Buying to Dubai Steffen Grosshauser
03 Jul '17 Japan's Gold Smuggling Jumps Again Steffen Grosshauser
18 Jun '17 Gold Mining 'Set to Decline' But Aussie Exploration Rebounds Steffen Grosshauser
08 Jun '17 India's New 3% GST 'Positive' for Gold Market Goldbug
08 Jun '17 'Major Surplus' in Silver but Price Seen +7% in 2017 Steffen Grosshauser
09 May '17 Silver Bar & Coin Demand Sinks in 'Saturated' US Goldbug
21 Apr '17 India's Gold Buying 'Strong' for Akshaya Tritiya Goldbug
10 Apr '17 Platinum Price Below Gold for Longest Since 19th Century Adrian Ash
06 Apr '17 Turkey Targets 'Under the Pillow' Gold Again Adrian Ash
30 Mar '17 2017 Gold Investing 'Could See Price Hit $1475' Adrian Ash
10 Feb '17 Demonetisation Shock to India's Gold Bullion Demand 'Only Temporary' Goldbug
31 Jan '17 Gold Price +8% in 2017 Says Top LBMA Forecast Adrian Ash
27 Jan '17 3-Decade Low in World Gold Jewelry Demand Goldbug
11 Jan '17 Silver's Solar Demand 'Key' in 2017, PV Thrifting 'Critical' Goldbug

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