Gold News
04 May '16 'New Record' Solar Silver Demand in 2016 Goldbug
28 Apr '16 Gold Miner Hedging 'Strongest Since 1990s' on Price Jump Goldbug
21 Apr '16 All You Need to Know About China's New Shanghai Gold Fix Adrian Ash
06 Apr '16 Germany Stops Selling Gold, Eurozone Sales Fall to Zero Goldbug
23 Mar '16 LBMA Silver Price 'Enhanced' After January's 4% 'Miss' Adrian Ash
02 Mar '16 Budget Boost for India Gold Bonds as Duty Raised, Not Cut Goldbug
02 Feb '16 Gold to Fall 5% in 2016, Silver -6%: LBMA Experts Goldbug
19 Jan '16 Record Gold Mining Output 7 Years Running Adrian Ash
13 Jan '16 India's Gold Industry Split Over New PAN Rule Adrian Ash
07 Jan '16 Gold 'Below $1000' by April: Top Forecaster Adrian Ash
10 Nov '15 Diwali 2015 Sees India Gold Prices Rise, Sales Drop Adrian Ash
10 Sep '15 India's Gold Mobilisation Plans 'Likely to Flop' Goldbug
17 Dec '14 Gold Miners 'Don't Think Price Will Fall', Hedging 'Still Isolated' Goldbug
15 Dec '14 Johnson Matthey Exits Gold & Silver Refining After 160 Years Goldbug
04 Dec '14 Gold Tax Rate "Deterring Investor Sales" in France Goldbug
24 Oct '14 Silver Buyers "Not Investing, But Stacking" Goldbug
10 Sep '14 3 Reasons the Gold/Silver Ratio "Will Fall" as 2014 Ends Goldbug
14 Aug '14 Ban Gold Advertising & 22-Carat, Says Indian Professor Goldbug
15 May '14 Silver Investing Hits Record, Scrap "Exhausted" on 2013 Price Crash Goldbug
09 Apr '14 Gold Import Rules: India's BJP Manifesto Silent Adrian Ash
20 Feb '14 UK Gold Exports Were Twice ETF Selling in 2013 Goldbug
20 Dec '13 Gold Mining "Pretty Much" at Break-Even Worldwide on Price Slump Goldbug
04 Oct '13 Platinum ETFs Jump But Price Falls, "Logical Fundamentals" Queried Goldbug
16 Sep '13 India's Gold Shortage Gets Political, "Killing" Jewelry Business Goldbug
21 Aug '13 India "May Use" Gold Reserves to Fight Crisis Adrian Ash

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