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06 Sep '21 Gold Price Near 1-Month Highs as China, India and Central-Bank Demand Rises Atsuko Whitehouse
03 Sep '21 Gold Price Spikes as Dollar Sinks on Mixed-Signal US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
01 Sep '21 Gold Bullion Gains as Euro Rises After 2 ECB Members Call for End to Pandemic QE Adrian Ash
31 Aug '21 'Buy Gold' Advise Investing 'Legends' But Price Falls as Euro Inflation Hits 10-Year High Adrian Ash
27 Aug '21 Gold Price Jumps $20 on Powell's 'Non-Event' Jackson Hole QE Taper Speech Adrian Ash
26 Aug '21 Gold Bullion Slips Ahead of 'No Taper Tantrum' Jackson Hole as Inflation Hits German Bund Holders Worst Ever Adrian Ash
25 Aug '21 'Vague, Confusing' Fed Sees Gold Lose $1800-Handle Despite Most Negative Real US Rates Since 1980 Adrian Ash
24 Aug '21 GLD ETF Shrinks Again Despite Gold Retaking $1800, Ratio to Silver Pauses at 76 Adrian Ash
23 Aug '21 'Surprising' Move in Gold Price Above $1800 as Real Rates Rise, Stocks Rebound Before Jackson Hole Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Aug '21 Gold Prices Up, Stocks and Silver Down as GLD ETF Shrinks Amid Afghan Crisis, Fed 'Taper Talk' Adrian Ash
16 Aug '21 Gold Bullion Retreats from One-Week High as Markets Monitor Geopolitical Concerns, Speculators More Than Halve Their Bullish Betting on Gold and Silver Atsuko Whitehouse
13 Aug '21 Gold Price Up 50-Fold on 50th Anniversary of Nixon Shock as US Inflation Jumps with Debt Adrian Ash
09 Aug '21 Gold and Silver Rebound from ‘Flash Crash’ as Oil Sinks on China Virus Curbs and Climate Warning Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Aug '21 Gold Crashes Out of Summer Doldrums as US Jobs Recovery Jumps Despite Delta Pandemic Adrian Ash
04 Aug '21 Gold Price Spikes on 'Stagflation' Fears But Correlation with Real Rates Weakest in 2 Years as Covid Wave Worsens Adrian Ash
02 Aug '21 Gold Slips, 'Needs New Catalyst' as Record-Low Real Rates Fail to Stir Prices Atsuko Whitehouse
30 Jul '21 Gold Bullion Erases 1/2 of June's Price Slump as ETF Buying Twitches, China and India's Demand Weak Adrian Ash
29 Jul '21 Gold Price Jumps as US Fed 'Keeps Free Money Flowing', Powell Stumped by Record-Low Real Yields Adrian Ash
26 Jul '21 Gold Price 'Lacks Conviction' as Comex Specs Stay Shy Ahead of the Fed Atsuko Whitehouse
23 Jul '21 Wholesale Gold Bar Prices 'Rangebound' at $1800 as Stocks Rise Despite Covid Adrian Ash
22 Jul '21 Gold Price Stuck at $1800, Support Seen from Central Bank Buying After Brazil Jumps 10 Places Adrian Ash
21 Jul '21 Gold Bullion Slips Below $1800 as Bezos Returns to Earth, AMZN Doesn't Adrian Ash
20 Jul '21 Gold/Silver Ratio Jumps Above 72 as Equities, Crude Oil Bounce from Inflation-and-Covid Slump Adrian Ash
19 Jul '21 Gold Price Rebounds as Everything But US Dollar Sinks on Covid Fears, Real US Rates Hit New Record Low Atsuko Whitehouse
16 Jul '21 Highest Weekly Close in 5 for Gold Bullion But ETFs Shrink as Google 'Inflation' Searches Fall from Record Adrian Ash

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