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12 Apr '22 Worst US Inflation in 4 Decades Sees Gold Prices Hit 1-Month Highs, Bitcoin Struggles at 1-Month Lows Adrian Ash
11 Apr '22 Gold Price Defies Rise in Real Interest Rates, Hits New JPY Record, as Inflation Spooks Investors Atsuko Whitehouse
07 Apr '22 Price of Gold Bars Firm vs. Rising USD as 'Hawkish' Fed and ECB Spook Stock Market Adrian Ash
06 Apr '22 Gold Price Survives Fastest Real Rates Jump Since 2013 as Fed 'Inflicts Pain' on Investors Adrian Ash
05 Apr '22 Gold Price Base Case 'Now $2000' on War, Inflation and Recession Risk Adrian Ash
04 Apr '22 Gold ETFs Swell to 18-Month Peak But Comex Bulls Retreat as Russia 'Commits War Crimes' in Ukraine Atsuko Whitehouse
01 Apr '22 Gold Bullion Flows 'Driven by Fed Mistake' Risks as Crude Oil Jumps 36% in 1st Quarter Adrian Ash
30 Mar '22 Gold and Silver Rally from 4-Week Lows on US Yield Curve Inversion Adrian Ash
29 Mar '22 Gold Bullion Falls as Interest Rates Jump on 'Worst Inflation Shock Since the '70s' Adrian Ash
28 Mar '22 Gold Price Slips as China's Covid Lockdowns Offset Rising Inflation Atsuko Whitehouse
25 Mar '22 Gold Price 'Should Be $3000' Says 1% Allocator as West Tries to 'Disarm' Russia's Bullion Reserves Adrian Ash
24 Mar '22 Gold Bullion Tries $1950 as ETF Inflows Jump, Western Sanctions Target Russia's Gold Reserves Adrian Ash
22 Mar '22 Gold Price Fall as US Yields Surge on 'Whatever It Takes' Powell, 'Absurd War' Boosts Inflation Forecasts Adrian Ash
21 Mar '22 Gold Price Rallies as GLD and IAU ETFs Expand Amid Comex Liquidation Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Mar '22 Gold Prices Fall as US-EU Vow to Sanction China If It Supplies Arms to Russia Adrian Ash
17 Mar '22 Gold Prices Rise as US and UK Central Banks Tweak Rates in Face of Surging Inflation Adrian Ash
15 Mar '22 Gold Bullion Slides to 2-Week Low with Crude Oil as Russia-Ukraine Talk, Stock Markets Bounce Adrian Ash
14 Mar '22 Gold Prices Retreat as Euro Stocks Rally, Fed Prepares Rate Rise Amid Inflation and War Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Mar '22 Gold and Silver Fall from Ukraine-Russia Spikes, ETFs Mixed as Real Rates Correlation Jumps Adrian Ash
10 Mar '22 Gold Bars Rally as Ukraine-Russia Talks Fail, US Inflation Jumps, Mining Boss Makes Bid for Post-Abramovich Chelsea Adrian Ash
09 Mar '22 Gold Drops $50, Russia's Bullion Hoard 'Can't Beat Default' as Asian Demand Vanishes Adrian Ash
08 Mar '22 Gold Price Spikes Near $2075 Record as US Moves to Ban Russian Oil Imports and Sanction Gold Deals Adrian Ash
07 Mar '22 Gold Price Touches $2000 as Crude Oil Leaps on Russian Embargo Risk, Equities Face 'Stagflation' Atsuko Whitehouse
04 Mar '22 Russia's 'Nuclear Terrorism' Sees Gold Hit Fresh Euro Record as Stock Markets Tumble Adrian Ash
03 Mar '22 Gold ETFs Expand, Oil Hits 2008 Levels as 'Worst to Come' in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Adrian Ash

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