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06 Dec '22 Gold and Silver Rally But GLD and SLV ETFs Shrink Again Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
05 Dec '22 Comex Bears' Short-Covering Takes Gold, Silver to Multi-Month Highs on China's Covid Pivot Atsuko Whitehouse
02 Dec '22 Gold 'Outpaced' by Silver as Fed-Dented Dollar Bounces on US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
01 Dec '22 Gold Hits $1800, Silver +5% as Dollar Sinks on Inflation Dip and 'Moderate' Powell Adrian Ash
30 Nov '22 Gold Price Slips vs. Dollar as US GDP Beats Forecasts, Inflation Targets 'Should Be Raised' Adrian Ash
28 Nov '22 Gold Price Slips as Crude Oil Sinks with Copper on China Covid Protests Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Nov '22 Gold Bullion Gains vs. Falling Dollar as US Fed Prepares 'Slower Hikes' for Weakening Economy Adrian Ash
23 Nov '22 Gold Price Firm Ahead of Fed Minutes as Crude Oil Falls, Nat Gas Spikes on Western Price Caps Adrian Ash
21 Nov '22 Gold Price 'Still Not Bullish' as GLD ETF Shrinks, Comex Short-Covering Ends Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Nov '22 Gold Price Slips from 3-Month Dollar High as Inflation Hawks 'Hold Upper Hand', Gold ETFs Shrink Adrian Ash
17 Nov '22 Gold Falls with Stocks, Commodity and Bond Prices as Fed Repeats 'No Pivot', UK Flips to 'Austerity' Adrian Ash
14 Nov '22 Gold Price Defies US Fed's Rate Warning as Real Assets 'Get Boost' from Crypto Crash Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Nov '22 Gold Hits 13-Week Friday High as Dollar, Rates Sink After US Inflation Data Adrian Ash
10 Nov '22 Gold Price Jumps Again as US Inflation Drops, Crypto 'F***s Up' Adrian Ash
09 Nov '22 Surging Gold and Silver 'Break Downtrends' as Mid-Terms See Red Ripple, Not Wave Adrian Ash
07 Nov '22 Dollar Drop Sees Gold Price at 3-Week High, Silver Holds $2 Leap as Weak China Data Challenges Zero Covid Policy Atsuko Whitehouse
04 Nov '22 Gold and Silver Jump as US Jobs Market Weakens, Another Yield Curve Signals Recession After the Fed Adrian Ash
03 Nov '22 Gold Price Sinks in Dollars, Jumps in Pounds as the Fed and BoE Both Hike 0.75 Points Adrian Ash
02 Nov '22 Strong US Jobs Data Sees Gold Prices Slip with Stocks, Bonds and Oil Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
31 Oct '22 Gold Prices Split by Rising Dollar Ahead of the Fed as Asian Demand Jumps, ETFs Shrink, Comex Specs Bearish Atsuko Whitehouse
28 Oct '22 Gold 'Fails to Rise' vs Weaker Dollar as ETFs Shrink Yet Again Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
27 Oct '22 Gold Price Pops vs. Euro as ECB Hikes Rates, EU Moves Towards Gas-Price Cap Adrian Ash
24 Oct '22 Yen Falls Faster Than Gold Prices as Tokyo Fights FX Market Despite Interest-Rate Gap Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Oct '22 Gold Price Near 2022 Lows But Silver Gains for the Week as Chinese Supplies Dry Up Adrian Ash
20 Oct '22 Gold Prices 'Losing to Dollar' Despite Inflation as Rates Rise, GLD Shrinks, UK's Truss Resigns Adrian Ash

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