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18 Jun '21 Gold Bars in China Show 1st Premium This Month as London Price Sinks $100 for Week on US Fed News Adrian Ash
17 Jun '21 7th Worst Drop for Gold Prices in History as Pundits Call US Fed 'Hawkish' Despite No Hikes 'Til 2023 Adrian Ash
16 Jun '21 Gold Prices Struggle Ahead of 'Taper Talk' Fed as Energy Spikes Global Inflation Rates Adrian Ash
15 Jun '21 Gold Price 'Already Seen 2021 High and Low' as Stocks, Inflation Forecasts Both Rise Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
14 Jun '21 Gold Prices Tumble as Macron Calls for IMF Sales, 'Overly-Long' Hedge Funds Cut Back But ETFs Grow Atsuko Whitehouse
11 Jun '21 Gold Fails Again at $1900 But Silver Tries 7-Year Weekly High as 'The Markets Back the Fed' on Inflation Adrian Ash
10 Jun '21 Gold Prices Erase $20 Loss on Fastest US Inflation Since '92 Adrian Ash
09 Jun '21 Gold In 'Not Inflation Hedge' Shocker as China Data Back Yellen, Powell Adrian Ash
08 Jun '21 Gold Tries and Fails 'Key Psychological' $1900 Yet Again After Comex 'Purge' Adrian Ash
07 Jun '21 Gold Price Reverses $10 Dip as Yellen Calls Inflation 'A Plus for Society' Atsuko Whitehouse
04 Jun '21 Gold Price Erases $30 of $50 Plunge on Weak US Jobs Data as Real Interest Rates Fall Adrian Ash
03 Jun '21 Gold Bullion Sinks, China Hits $25 Discount on New AML Laws as 'Meme Stock' AMC Says 'Don't Buy Our Shares' Adrian Ash
28 May '21 Rush to Buy Gold Among Central Banks as US Inflation Outruns Interest Rates by Most Since 1975 Adrian Ash
27 May '21 Gold Price Slips from $1900 as Euro and UK Split from US Fed on 'Taper Talk' Adrian Ash
26 May '21 Gold Price $1900 Defies 'Taper Talk' as Glut of QE Money Threatens to Push Dollar Interest Rates Below Zero Adrian Ash
25 May '21 Gold and Silver Prices Dead Flat in Falling Dollars as China Steps Up Attack on 'Speculators' Adrian Ash
24 May '21 Gold ETFs Set for 1st Monthly Expansion in 8 as Bitcoin's Volatile Losses Continue Atsuko Whitehouse
21 May '21 Gold and Silver Set Highest Friday Finish of 2021 So Far as ECB Joins US Fed in Shrugging at Inflation Fears Adrian Ash
20 May '21 Gold's 4-Month High on Crypto Crash Saw Heavy Options Trading, GLD Shrank Adrian Ash
19 May '21 Volatility Hits Gold, Silver and Platinum as Cryptos Sink on China Ban, Inflation Fears Hit Stocks, Commodities Adrian Ash
18 May '21 Gold Prices 'Driven by Real Yields' as China's Bond Selling-Spike Sees Dollar Fall Adrian Ash
17 May '21 US Fed 'In a Very Good Place for Gold' Say Comex Traders as Breakeven Inflation Jumps Again Atsuko Whitehouse
14 May '21 Strong Inflation Plus Weak US Growth 'Bodes Well for Gold' Near 14-Week Highs Adrian Ash
13 May '21 Gold Falls Near $1800 as Tech Stocks and Crypto Plunge on Inflation 'Fact, Not Fears' Adrian Ash
12 May '21 Gold, Silver Whip as US Inflation Hits 25-Year High But Fed Vows 'Patience' Adrian Ash

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