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20 May '22 Gold Bars Halve Last Week's $100 Drop as Dollar Retreats Adrian Ash
18 May '22 Gold ETFs Shrink, Price Struggles as Fed's Powell Vows to Hike Rates Until Inflation Falls Adrian Ash
16 May '22 Gold Price Hits 3-Month Low as Dollar Gains Amid War, Inflation and Global Economic Slowdown Atsuko Whitehouse
13 May '22 Gold Price Erases 2022 Gains as Fed's Powell Admits 'Should've Hiked Sooner' Adrian Ash
12 May '22 Price to Buy Gold 'Should Rise' as Crypto Crashes, Equity Bear Market 'Begins' Adrian Ash
11 May '22 Gold Price Rebounds with Stocks on Strong US Inflation Data Adrian Ash
10 May '22 Gold Bullion Flat YTD vs Strong USD as Surge in Real Rates Sees Nasdaq, Bitcoin Plunge Adrian Ash
09 May '22 Gold Prices Extend Post-Powell Drop as Hedge Funds Cut Bullish Bets to 3-Month Low Atsuko Whitehouse
06 May '22 Gold Price Cuts Weekly Loss to 1.6% as Stocks Sink Further on Fed Hike, US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
05 May '22 Gold Price Jumps as UK Joins US at 1% Interest Rates in Face of 7% Inflation Adrian Ash
04 May '22 Gold Prices 'Likely to Fall' as Inflation Forces US Fed to Hike Rates Hardest Since 1994 Adrian Ash
03 May '22 Gold Prices Rally from 11-Week Dollar Low Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
29 Apr '22 Gold Shrugs Off 2013-Style Surge in Bond Yields as Equities Don't, Sets Record GBP and EUR Prices Adrian Ash
27 Apr '22 High Prices Hit Gold Bar Demand in No.1 Buyer China as Covid Lockdowns Hit Economy Adrian Ash
26 Apr '22 Gold and Silver Rally from China's Covid-Lockdown Crash as PBOC Tries to Boost the Yuan Adrian Ash
25 Apr '22 Gold Price Drops Below $1900 as Dollar Jumps, China and Ukraine Whack Stocks and Commodities Atsuko Whitehouse
22 Apr '22 'Hawkish' Powell Hits Gold, Silver Price Sinks 8% Even as Inflation Outruns Interest-Rate Forecasts Adrian Ash
21 Apr '22 Gold and Silver Prices Fall, Catch Up with Zero Real Rates But Russia's War Boosts Safe-Haven Appeal Adrian Ash
20 Apr '22 Gold Bullion Erases Last Week's Gain as Japan and Swiss Confirm Easy Money Policies Adrian Ash
19 Apr '22 Gold and Silver Retreat from 6-Week Highs as Euro Bond Yields Hit 7-Year Records Adrian Ash
13 Apr '22 Price of Gold Bars Hits New JPY Record as Inflation 'Changes Economy' Adrian Ash
12 Apr '22 Worst US Inflation in 4 Decades Sees Gold Prices Hit 1-Month Highs, Bitcoin Struggles at 1-Month Lows Adrian Ash
11 Apr '22 Gold Price Defies Rise in Real Interest Rates, Hits New JPY Record, as Inflation Spooks Investors Atsuko Whitehouse
07 Apr '22 Price of Gold Bars Firm vs. Rising USD as 'Hawkish' Fed and ECB Spook Stock Market Adrian Ash
06 Apr '22 Gold Price Survives Fastest Real Rates Jump Since 2013 as Fed 'Inflicts Pain' on Investors Adrian Ash

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