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06 Oct '22 Gold Capped by Strong Dollar But GLD Expands as Oil Cartel 'Attacks World Economy' Adrian Ash
05 Oct '22 Gold and Silver Drop vs. Dollar Rebound as 'Fed Pivot' Evaporates, Crude Jumps on Opec+ Output Cut Adrian Ash
04 Oct '22 Gold and Silver Jump Again with Stocks, Bonds as Fed Pivot Hopes Grow on Weak Jobs Data Adrian Ash
03 Oct '22 Gold Rallies Amid Banking Fears Despite Weakest Comex Bulls Since Lehmans 2008 Atsuko Whitehouse
30 Sep '22 Gold Price -8% in Q3 as Dollar Turmoil Sees Bonds -20% YTD, Euro Stocks -32% Adrian Ash
29 Sep '22 Gold Price Erases Kwarteng-Chaos Spike in GBP as Germany Follows UK in Borrowing Billions to Support Gas Demand Adrian Ash
28 Sep '22 Gold in GBP Jumps as UK Deficit Crisis Sees BoE Tries to Suppress Gilt Yields Adrian Ash
27 Sep '22 Gold Bullion Rallies from New 2.5-Year USD Low as Euro Outlook 'Darkens', Sterling Bounces Adrian Ash
26 Sep '22 UK Gold Price Hits Record High, Dollar Price Hits 2.5-Year Low Atsuko Whitehouse
23 Sep '22 Gold Prices Sink in Dollars, Soar in Sterling as Fed Rate Hike Crushes Stocks, Bonds, Crude Adrian Ash
22 Sep '22 Wild FX Moves See Gold Prices Split for US, UK, Japan and Swiss Investors by Central-Bank Action Adrian Ash
21 Sep '22 GLD ETF's Gold Bar Holdings Shrink Again Ahead of the Fed as 'Failing' Putin Threatens Nuclear War Adrian Ash
20 Sep '22 Gold Price 'Not Doing So Bad' in Face of Surging Rates, Yields and Dollar Adrian Ash
16 Sep '22 Gold Price Hits 29-Month Low Vs. 'Safe Haven' Dollar as ETFs Pause Outflows Adrian Ash
15 Sep '22 Dollar Gold Price Falls Through Post-Covid Floor as ETF Investing Shrinks Adrian Ash
14 Sep '22 US Inflation Shock Sees Gold Prices 'Limited' by Surging Fed Rate Bets, But Silver Up $2 from 2-Year Low Adrian Ash
13 Sep '22 Fed Set for 3rd Rate Hike as US Inflation Shock Sees Dollar Jump, Gold Drops $30 Adrian Ash
09 Sep '22 Gold Bullion Rallies with Stocks and Bonds But 'Says Fed Is Winning', ETFs Shrink Adrian Ash
08 Sep '22 Gold Price 'Still Lacking Safe-Haven Bid' as Eurozone Hikes Rates, Slashes GDP Forecasts Adrian Ash
07 Sep '22 Gold Price Back Below $1700 as Dollar and Real Rates Rise Amid Russia-EU Energy Crisis Adrian Ash
06 Sep '22 Gold Prices Split in Dollars, Pounds and Euros as UK Gets 4th PM in 6 Years, Germany's Factory Orders Sink Adrian Ash
05 Sep '22 European Gold Prices Rise, Euro Hits 20-year Low Against US Dollar, as Gas Prices Jump on Russian Pipeline Shutdown Atsuko Whitehouse
02 Sep '22 Gold Bullion Rallies from Post-Covid Lows as 'Good Rise' in US Joblessness Cuts Betting on Fed Rate Hike Adrian Ash
01 Sep '22 Gold Price and Stocks Fall 5th Session Running as Interest Rates Jump on Central Bank Vows to Fight Inflation Adrian Ash
30 Aug '22 Gold Falls, US Dollar and Yields Ease from Multi-Year Highs, Gold ETFs Continue to see Net Redemptions Atsuko Whitehouse

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