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14 Oct '21 Gold Price Touches $1800 First Time in Month as Global Inflation Data Pulls Both Ways Adrian Ash
13 Oct '21 New 3-Decade High in US Inflation Sees Gold Prices Spike and Rebound, 'Transitory Becomes a Swear Word' Adrian Ash
12 Oct '21 Latest Power Price Surge 'Supports Sleepy' Gold Bar Market as China Puts 'Energy Security' Before Climate Change Adrian Ash
11 Oct '21 Gold Price Slips as Oil Jumps Again, US-UK Split from Eurozone Over The 'Inflation Thing' Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Oct '21 Gold Prices Spike on 'Big' US Jobs Miss, Silver Up 7% from 14-Month Low Adrian Ash
07 Oct '21 Gold Price Slips, TIPS Correlation Strongest Since April Ahead of US Non-Farm Jobs Data Adrian Ash
06 Oct '21 Gold Prices Unmoved as Energy-Inflation Surge Offsets Higher Bond Yields and Kiwi Rate Hike Adrian Ash
05 Oct '21 Gold Price Slips with Silver Despite Soaring Energy Inflation, 'Immoral' Debt Mountain, FAANG Volatility and China Real-Estate 'Contagion' Adrian Ash
04 Oct '21 Gold Price Slips from Rebound as GLD and IAU ETFs Shrink, 'Transitory' Inflation Hits 3-Decade High Atsuko Whitehouse
01 Oct '21 Weekly Gain for Gold Prices as Rich World Stock Markets Fall, Comex Bets Jump, Debt Investors Swallow Another $4 Trillion Despite Worst Year of 21st Century Adrian Ash
30 Sep '21 Gold Price Jumps, Ratio to Silver Hits 80 as China's Factories Slow, PBOC Injects Cash as Evergrande Misses Debt Payments Adrian Ash
29 Sep '21 Gold Price 'Going Lower in 2022' as Inflation 'Conundrum' Spooks Bonds and Stocks, Silver at 9-Month Low Adrian Ash
28 Sep '21 Shock of New Energy 'Super-Cycle' Sees Gold, Silver Prices Fall with Shares, Bonds Adrian Ash
27 Sep '21 Gold 'All About Everything Else' as Yields Rise But Evergrande Spurs Chinese Demand Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Sep '21 Gold Price Falls, Silver Hits New 12-Month Friday Low Amid Fed 'Taper' Rate Rise Adrian Ash
23 Sep '21 Gold Prices 'Wake Up' to Fed Taper and Rate-Rise Forecasts, Silver Drops Too Adrian Ash
22 Sep '21 'Buy Gold' Morgan Stanley Doesn't Say, Warning of 20% Stock Market Drop Adrian Ash
21 Sep '21 Gold and Silver Prices Bounce, Equities Rally from Worst Slide Since Covid Crisis as Chinese 'Lehmans' Blames Staff for Fraud Adrian Ash
20 Sep '21 LBMA Attendees Forecast Gold Prices +12% in a Year as Everything Else Falls on Evergrande Panic Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
17 Sep '21 Fed Signals Tapering, Gold Bullion Sets Lowest Week-End Since April, Silver Cheapest in a Year Adrian Ash
16 Sep '21 Gold Prices Sink with Silver Ahead of the Fed, Platinum 'Clobbered' Despite Hydrogen Car Launches at IAA Adrian Ash
15 Sep '21 Gold ETFs Expand as Inflation Jumps in Europe, Energy Costs Risk Blackouts Adrian Ash
14 Sep '21 Gold Prices Spike to $1800 as Core US Inflation Sinks, Energy Costs Surge, China Real-Estate Giant 'Restructures' $310bn Debts Adrian Ash
13 Sep '21 'Recovery Candidate' Platinum Sinks to New 9-Month Low as Gold, Silver Stall Before 'Taper or Wait' US Inflation Data Atsuko Whitehouse
10 Sep '21 Gold Price Slips as PGMs Sink, Weak ETF Demand Says 'Could Be Best Entry Point' Adrian Ash

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