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27 Jan '21 Gold Prices Fall with Real Interest Rates as US Fed Risks 'Taper Tantrum' and 'Inflation Freak Out' in Bonds Adrian Ash
26 Jan '21 Gold Bullion Dead-Flat as US Tensions Rise with China, Russia and China's Rise with Taiwan, India Adrian Ash
25 Jan '21 Gold Prices 'Caught' Between Covid and Massive Stimulus Ahead of Chinese New Year Atsuko Whitehouse
22 Jan '21 Gold, Silver Fall with Stocks, Inflation Outlook as Covid and Lockdowns Worsen, Pension Rows Hit China and Spain Adrian Ash
21 Jan '21 Platinum Price Hits New 4-Year High But 'Gold Has Peaked' as Rising Rates Greet Biden Adrian Ash
20 Jan '21 SLV Silver ETF Expands Fastest in 18 Months as Biden Moves into White House Adrian Ash
19 Jan '21 Gold 'Shall Rise in 2021' as Yellen Vows to 'Act Big' But 'Inflation Is Dead' as Covid Crisis Worsens Adrian Ash
18 Jan '21 Gold Prices Rally from 6-Week Low After Hedge Funds Cut Bullish Bets, ETFs Expand Ahead of Biden White House Atsuko Whitehouse
15 Jan '21 Biden's $1.9 Trillion Stimmy 'Not Enough', Sees Gold Price Slip with Commodities and Rates Adrian Ash
14 Jan '21 Gold Price Flat Ahead of Biden's Covid Trillions as Japan Weighs 'Injecting Money', Germany GDP Shrinks Less Than 2009 Adrian Ash
13 Jan '21 Gold ETFs Grow as Shanghai Premium Rises Ahead of Chinese New Year Adrian Ash
12 Jan '21 Gold 'Under-Priced' as Biden's Borrowing Binge Spurs Taper Talk But Covid Crisis 'May Need Negative Rates' Adrian Ash
11 Jan '21 China Gold Price Hits First Premium in 10 Months as Dollar Rises, US Yields Jump Amid 'Oust Trump' Demands Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Jan '21 Gold Prices Sink $35 as Bonds and Stocks 'Look Past' Covid Crisis, Grim Jobs Data, Trump 'Extremism' Adrian Ash
07 Jan '21 Gold Prices Slip 'For Now' as Trump's Mob Retreats, Bitcoin Jumps Again Adrian Ash
06 Jan '21 Gold Prices Fall from $1960 as Inflation Outlook Breaks 2.0% on US Stimulus, Beijing Battles Dollar Plunge Adrian Ash
05 Jan '21 Gold Prices Hit $1950 as Covid's Winter Wave Worsens, Interest Rates Sink Below Inflation Adrian Ash
04 Jan '21 Gold Prices Start 2021 by Erasing Last of Pfizer Vaccine Plunge as GLD and IAU Expand Atsuko Whitehouse
31 Dec '20 Gold Starts 2021 with Strongest Year in 10, Up 24% to Beat Stocks as Covid Lockdowns Crush Growth and Interest Rates Adrian Ash
21 Dec '20 Gold Prices Spike as Dollar Surges, Stocks Sink on UK Covid Crisis and US Stimulus Deal Atsuko Whitehouse
18 Dec '20 Gold Price Up Yet Gold ETFs Shrink as Dollar Falls, Inflation Forecasts Break 10-Year Average Adrian Ash
17 Dec '20 Gold Price Rises as Fed Vows Zero Rates to 2024, Asset Managers Welcome 'Any Stimulus' as Covid Lockdowns Spread Adrian Ash
16 Dec '20 Gold Price Slips, Silver Tops $25 Ahead of Fed as China's 'Fast Growth' Spurs Copper Inflation, Ruffer Joins 'Crowded' Bitcoin Trade Adrian Ash
15 Dec '20 Gold Price Regains $1850 as Real Rates Hit 3-Month Low Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
14 Dec '20 Gold Price Slips as US Vaccinations Start But 'Inflation Will Support' in 2021 as Germany Re-Enters Lockdown Atsuko Whitehouse

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