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27 Jan '22 Gold and Silver Fall as Markets Bet on 5 Hikes from 'Hawkish' Fed Adrian Ash
26 Jan '22 Gold Drops as Stocks Rebound Before FOMC But 'Fed Mistake Hedge' Snaps Link to Real Rates Adrian Ash
25 Jan '22 SLV Silver ETF Expands Fastest Since #Silversqueeze as Equities Rebound, Gold Nears Euro Price Record Adrian Ash
24 Jan '22 Gold ETF the GLD Expands Most in 18 Years as Stock Markets Slump in Face of US Fed's Inflation Rate Hikes Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Jan '22 Gold Price Gets 'Tailwind' from Russia-Nato Tensions as Silver SLV ETF Shrinks Again Adrian Ash
20 Jan '22 Gold Price at 2-Month Highs as Nasdaq Loses 9% from Nov's Peak on 'Fed Mistake' Bets, SLV Silver ETF Shrinks Again Adrian Ash
19 Jan '22 Silver Leaps, Gold Either '$130 Over-Priced' Or Warning of 'Fed Mistake' as Bond Yields Jump Adrian Ash
18 Jan '22 Gold Price 'Focused on Inflation' as Oil and Bond Yields Rise, China's Property Debt Problems Deepen Adrian Ash
17 Jan '22 Gold 'Has Already Priced In' 2022 Fed Rate Hikes as Bond Yields Rise Again with Crude-Oil Inflation Atsuko Whitehouse
14 Jan '22 Price of Gold Bars Rises in Everything But Japan's Yen as Inflation Hits Euro Politics Adrian Ash
13 Jan '22 Gold Price 'Down But Not Out' as Fed Rate-Hike 80% Set for March But Inflation Ex-US Slips Adrian Ash
12 Jan '22 Gold, Silver and Platinum Rise as Inflation Crushes Real US Interest Rates to New Record Low Adrian Ash
11 Jan '22 Gold Price Holds $1800 Despite Surging Bond Yields as Powell Vows to Fight Inflation Adrian Ash
10 Jan '22 Market Sees 70% Chance of Fed Rate Rise in March, Gold Price 'Less Vulnerable' Than Nasdaq or Bitcoin Atsuko Whitehouse
07 Jan '22 Gold Price Steadier Than Silver as Bad Jobs-Data Miss Fails to Dent Rise in Real Rates Adrian Ash
06 Jan '22 Gold and Silver Prices Sink on 'Hawkish' Fed, TIPS 'More Reliable' Vs. Inflation Adrian Ash
05 Jan '22 Gold and Silver Prices Jump as US Jobs Market Runs Hot, Shanghai Premiums Fall Ahead of Lunar New Year Adrian Ash
04 Jan '22 Gold Prices Start 2022 Down $20 as Traders Bet on Rate Rises, Strong Commodities, Roaring Stocks Adrian Ash
31 Dec '21 Gold Bullion and Silver Prices Extend Up-Trend with Another Annual Average Gain Adrian Ash
23 Dec '21 Gold Price Holds $1800 for Christmas as US Inflation Confirmed at 4-Decade High Adrian Ash
20 Dec '21 Gold Price 'Back on Track' as Stock Markets Slide, Real Rates Fall Amid Omicron Fears Post-Fed Atsuko Whitehouse
16 Dec '21 Gold Price Firm as US Fed Speeds Taper, UK Raises Rate, But Pundits Bearish on 2022 Adrian Ash
15 Dec '21 Gold Price Near 2-Week Lows Ahead of the Fed as Inflation's 2-Edged Sword Whacks US Retail Sales Adrian Ash
13 Dec '21 Gold Price Rises as Yield Curve Flattens, Monster Week for Fed and Central Banks Atsuko Whitehouse
10 Dec '21 Gold Price Rallies as US Inflation Leaps to 4-Decade High Adrian Ash

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