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25 Jun '20 Gold Prices 'Set to Extend Uptrend' But 2020 Scrap Growing, Mine Output -5%, Demand -20% Adrian Ash
24 Jun '20 Gold Price's 8-Year Dollar High Spurs ETF Profit-Taking, US Covid Cases Surge as White House Pushes New Trade Tariffs Adrian Ash
22 Jun '20 Gold Prices 'Sturdy' at 1-Month Highs on Negative Real Rates, Record 1-Day Covid Cases Worldwide Atsuko Whitehouse
19 Jun '20 Gold Prices Gain, Yellow Metal 'Doing Its Job as Risk Hedge' as Private Bank Buying Jumps Adrian Ash
18 Jun '20 Gold Price Rises in GBP as UK Raises QE by 15%, Pushes 'No Deal Exit' from EU Adrian Ash
17 Jun '20 Gold Prices Slip Despite India-China Conflict as US Fed Denies 'Yield Curve Control', UK Plans Extra £100Bn of QE Adrian Ash
15 Jun '20 Gold Price Drop 'A Buying Opportunity Before $1900' as Covid 'Second Wave' Hits Stock Markets Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Jun '20 Gold Prices Rise 1st Week in 4 as China Demand Stays Weak, India Set for Gold Loan 'Surge' Adrian Ash
11 Jun '20 Comex Gold Premium Evaporates as US Fed Vows Negative Real Rates to 2022, Silver Price Twice as Volatile Adrian Ash
09 Jun '20 Gold Price Keeps Pace with Covid's Tech-Stock Winners as 'Wildly Successful' Fed Debates Unlimited QE Adrian Ash
08 Jun '20 Gold Price Erases Shanghai Discount as China's Post-Covid Oil Demand Sets Record Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Jun '20 Gold Prices Sink as Bond Yields Jump Faster Than Inflation Forecasts, Lockdowns Eased Adrian Ash
04 Jun '20 Gold Price Rallies After ECB Doubles 'Pandemic QE', 42 Million US Jobless in 11 Weeks Adrian Ash
03 Jun '20 Silver and Gold Slip But Investment ETFs Expand Again as Consumers China and India Glutted with Bullion Adrian Ash
02 Jun '20 Silver Price Up 20% in a Month, Outpaces Gold Again with $20 'Clearly in Sight' Adrian Ash
01 Jun '20 Silver 'Set for Industrial Boost' and 'Investment Fever' as US Protests Spread, Europe Eases Lockdown Atsuko Whitehouse
29 May '20 Trump's 'Looting and Shooting' Plus China's Military Warning Sees Gold Price Flirt with 92-Month US Dollar Record Adrian Ash
28 May '20 NY-LON Gold Gap Slams Shut as New York 'Glut' Defies Covid Panic Adrian Ash
27 May '20 Silver Prices Test $17 as Gold Falls Through $1700, Ratio Holds 100 for 2nd Day Adrian Ash
26 May '20 Gold Prices Slip, 'Flood of Scrap Selling' Forecast as Mining Sees 'Exploration Boom' Adrian Ash
22 May '20 Silver Outpaces Gold Prices as US-China Row Worsens Over Hong Kong, Yet More Post-Virus Stimulus Coming Adrian Ash
20 May '20 Silver Prices Erase March's Covid Crash, Platinum 'Could Jump' as Gold Rallies, Equities' Vaccine Rally Fades Adrian Ash
19 May '20 Gold ETFs 'Now Bigger Than Germany's Reserves' as Virus Breakthrough Hits Price Adrian Ash
18 May '20 'Bleak Outlook' Sees Gold Price Set New Records Outside the US Dollar Atsuko Whitehouse
15 May '20 Gold Bullion Up as Bond Yields Sink, Comex Volume Hit by NY-Lon Arb Blockage Adrian Ash

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