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14 Apr '21 Gold Prices Hold $20 Jump After Japanese Investors and ECB Bond Buying Seen Offsetting Inflation Fears Adrian Ash
13 Apr '21 Gold Price Erases $20 Drop as US Inflation Jumps, 'Hot War' Rhetoric Worsens in South China Sea and on Russia-Ukraine Border Adrian Ash
12 Apr '21 Gold Prices Slip Ahead of 'Actual Inflation Data' and US Treasury Bond Auctions Atsuko Whitehouse
09 Apr '21 Gold Erases Week's $25 Gain as Factory-Gate Inflation Spike Sees Everything Fall But the Dollar Adrian Ash
08 Apr '21 Gold Prices Buoyed by Weak Dollar and Bond Yields as Fed Vows to Keep QE and Zero Rates Adrian Ash
07 Apr '21 Gold Prices Slip as IMF Hikes Covid GDP Rebound, China-Taiwan Tensions Rise Adrian Ash
06 Apr '21 Gold Price Ticks Higher as 'Much Worse' Covid Wave Worldwide Fails to Dent Stock-Market Surge Adrian Ash
01 Apr '21 Gold Prices Extend Rebound as Yields Retreat, GLD Selling Pauses on Biden's Next Trillion-Dollar Plan Adrian Ash
31 Mar '21 Gold Price Snaps 3rd Longest Gains Since 1971 as Everything Else Rises with Bond Yields Adrian Ash
30 Mar '21 Gold Prices Sink Ahead of Biden's $4 Trillion Plan, GLD ETF Sees 2013-Crash Run of Outflows Adrian Ash
29 Mar '21 Silver Price Slips, Gold Slides as ETFs Shrink Again, Suez Re-Opens, Traders Bet on 'Return to Normal' Atsuko Whitehouse
26 Mar '21 Gold Prices Hit by Rising Dollar, 'Orderly Rise' in Bond Rates Adrian Ash
25 Mar '21 Gold Outruns Silver But Metals 'Got Work Cut Out' vs. US Dollar as East Asia Tensions Rise Adrian Ash
24 Mar '21 Gold Prices Struggle 'But Constructive' at $1730 as GLD ETF 'Hemorrhage' Continues Adrian Ash
23 Mar '21 Gold Price Slips, Silver Falls with Crude Oil and Crypto as Covid Lockdowns Hit Europe Adrian Ash
22 Mar '21 Gold Prices Slip as Central-Bank Turmoil Hits No.5 Consumer Turkey Atsuko Whitehouse
19 Mar '21 Gold Bullion Up 1.7% for Week Even as Bond Yields Defy the Fed, Rise Further Adrian Ash
18 Mar '21 Gold Price Erases $30 Powell Pop as Inflation Forecasts Hit 2008 Highs Adrian Ash
17 Mar '21 Gold Prices Retreat with Stocks, Commodities as Bond Yields Rise Again Ahead of 'Key' US Fed Decision Adrian Ash
16 Mar '21 Gold Prices Rise to $1740, Ignore Fresh ETF Outflows as World Stock Markets Set New Records Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
15 Mar '21 Gold Prices Extend Rebound as Biden's Stimulus 'Risks Inflation' Ahead of Key US Fed Meeting Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Mar '21 Gold Erases Week's Gains But Silver Firmer, Platinum Up 4.6% on Record Deficit, Hydrogen 'Euphoria' Adrian Ash
11 Mar '21 Gold Price Extends Rebound as US Stimulus 'Lets Rip', ECB Vows to Cap Bond Yields Adrian Ash
10 Mar '21 'Silver Lining' for Gold Price as Record-Fast Bond Spike Spooks Repo Market Adrian Ash
09 Mar '21 Pause in Bond Market Sell-Off Sees Gold Price Rebound with Silver, Platinum Adrian Ash

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