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27 Nov '20 Gold Price Plunges to 5-Month Low on Black Friday as Bitcoin Sinks, Dr.Copper Soars on 'Speculation' Adrian Ash
26 Nov '20 12.5% Gold Price Discount for Black Friday as US Fed Delays Rate Hike to 2024 Adrian Ash
25 Nov '20 Inflation Forecasts Recover Covid Plunge But GLD Outflow and Gold Price Losses See 2021 Targets Cut Adrian Ash
24 Nov '20 Gold Price Hits 4-Month Low Even as Real US Rates Retreat on Yellen Getting the Treasury, Asian Bargain-Buying AWOL Adrian Ash
23 Nov '20 Gold Price Slumps as US Economy Booms, Covid Vaccinations ‘Start Next Month’ Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Nov '20 Gold's Bull Market 'Finished' as Mnuchin Pulls Fed Credit, Rates Rise 3x Faster than Inflation Adrian Ash
19 Nov '20 Gold Price Tests Post-Peak Floor as ETFs Shrink, India and China Demand Recovers Adrian Ash
18 Nov '20 Gold Price Slips as 'Vaccine Relief' Ignores Worsening 2nd Wave, Silver Shows Record Deficit Adrian Ash
17 Nov '20 Gold Trading 'Set for a Break-Out' with Comex Bullish Bets at 18-Month Low as Covid 'Explosion' Offsets Vaccine Hopes Adrian Ash
16 Nov '20 Gold Price Shrugs Off 'Better Than Pfizer' Covid Vaccine News as Top 2 ETFs Shrink 1st Time Since March Atsuko Whitehouse
13 Nov '20 Gold Prices Cut Covid-Vaccine Plunge by 40%, India's Diwali Festival Demand 'Tepid' Adrian Ash
12 Nov '20 Gold Prices Try to Rally Again as Inflation Forecasts Hit 18-Month High, WFH Staff 'Should Pay 5% Extra Tax' Adrian Ash
11 Nov '20 Gold Price Bounce Vanishes as Bond Yields Rise Again with Stocks on Covid Vaccine Hopes Adrian Ash
10 Nov '20 Gold Price Rallies from $100 Vaccine Plunge, Nasdaq Slips Again as Bond Yields Reach March Highs Adrian Ash
09 Nov '20 Covid-19 Vaccine Crushes Gold Almost $100 as Bond Yields Jump, Equities Extend Biden Surge Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Nov '20 Rising Odds of Trump Defeat See Gold Bullion Hit 7-Week High as US Fed Urges Fiscal Stimulus Adrian Ash
05 Nov '20 Dollar Down, Gold Prices Up as Biden Edges Ahead of Trump, Investors 'Close Volatility Bets' Adrian Ash
04 Nov '20 Gold Prices Spike on US Election Count as Trump-Biden Uncertainty Whips Financial Markets Adrian Ash
03 Nov '20 Gold Price Breaks Above 'Psychological' $1900 Ahead of Election 2020 Result Adrian Ash
02 Nov '20 Gold Prices Rise, Crude Oil Sinks, Volatility Expected as US Election 2020 Looms Atsuko Whitehouse
30 Oct '20 Gold Prices Rally, Silver Halves 8% Plunge But Real Interest Rates Surge Fastest Since March Covid Crisis Ahead of US Election Adrian Ash
29 Oct '20 Gold Price Flirts with Post-Record Floor as US GDP Rebounds, Stimulus Delayed, France Attacked, Lockdowns Spread Adrian Ash
28 Oct '20 Gold Prices Drop as Stocks, Commodities Sink in Face of Covid's Winter Wave Adrian Ash
27 Oct '20 Gold Bar Buying Rallies in China as ETF Investing 'Plugs Covid Demand Gap', Stocks Markets Slip Adrian Ash
26 Oct '20 Gold Prices Stuck at $1900 as Comex Traders 'Sit on Their Hands' Ahead of Election 2020 Atsuko Whitehouse

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