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27 Aug '20 Gold Price Erased Wednesday’s Gain as Investors Wait for Powell’s Speech, Expecting the Fed to Loosen 2% Inflation Targets Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Aug '20 Gold Rises as Dollar Falls, Stocks Climb Amid Trump’s Covid-19 'Cure', Real Rates Likely Depressed 'For Decades, Not Years' Atsuko Whitehouse
21 Aug '20 Political Tensions Fail to Stop Gold Falling Through 2011 Peak Again as ETF Growth Stalls Adrian Ash
20 Aug '20 Gold Price Drops Back to 2011 High as Fed 'Disappoints' on Yield Curve Control, Bargain-Hunters Expected Adrian Ash
19 Aug '20 Gold 'Needs to Price In' US Military Manoeuvres Near China as Inflation Fears Rise, Bond Yields Don't Adrian Ash
18 Aug '20 Gold Price Jumps Back Over $2000 as 'Turn It Off' Trump Lauds New Nasdaq Record Adrian Ash
17 Aug '20 Gold ETF Profit-Taking 'Stifles Uptrend' as Bond Yields Rise Amid US-China Trade and Tik-Tok Tensions Atsuko Whitehouse
14 Aug '20 Weak Demand Sends China Gold Price to Record Discount as Bridgewater Goes 17% Gold ETFs Adrian Ash
13 Aug '20 Gold Prices Steady from 10% Plunge as US Deploys Bombers Near China, France Deploys Navy Near Turkey Adrian Ash
11 Aug '20 Gold Price Sinks $130 from New Record High as Russia Claims 'Sputnik V' Vaccine for Covid-19 Adrian Ash
10 Aug '20 'Stretched' Gold Price Slips from $2075 Record as ETFs Take Profit, Real Rates and US Dollar Rise Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Aug '20 Gold Price Hits Record Highs 4 Days in a Row, Analysts Predict Further Gains, 'Nowhere Near' All-Time High in Real Terms Atsuko Whitehouse
03 Aug '20 Gold Price Hits New Record High as Lockdowns and US-China Tensions Increase, US Yields Fall to New All-Time Low, Comex Futures Break $2000 Atsuko Whitehouse
31 Jul '20 Gold Prices Set Fresh Weekly Records as China Discount Deepens, 'Eager Bulls' Drive ETF Inflows and Record Comex Deliveries Adrian Ash
30 Jul '20 Gold Price Tests New $1980 Record as Stock Markets Fall Despite Fed's Anti-Covid Slump 'Yield Curve Control' Atsuko Whitehouse
29 Jul '20 Gold Prices 'Need to Correct' from Spike to $1980 But Weak Dollar, US Fed Easing and Comex Trading 'Keep Supporting' Adrian Ash
27 Jul '20 Gold in Yen Breaks 40 Year Record Joining Major Currencies Starting Week with Record Highs as Diplomatic Ties Between China & US Worsen Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Jul '20 Gold Price Breaks $1900, New Record Week-End High as Inflation Rises, Rates Sink Adrian Ash
23 Jul '20 Surge in Comex Trading as Gold Price Sets New GBP, Yuan, Rupee Records, Silver +19% for Week So Far Adrian Ash
22 Jul '20 Gold Sets New Record for 'Dangerous UK', Silver Surges to 2013 USD Level as Shelton Steps Nearer the Fed Adrian Ash
21 Jul '20 Silver Price Hits $21, Up 80% in 18 Weeks from Covid Crash to Crush Gold/Silver Ratio Below 90 Adrian Ash
20 Jul '20 Gold Price Challenges 2011 Dollar Peak, 'Inflation Returns At Last!' Say Analysts Atsuko Whitehouse
16 Jul '20 Gold Bullion Slips $10 as Chinese Stocks Sink 5% Despite Strong Data, Recovery in Jewelry 'Long Way to Go' Adrian Ash
15 Jul '20 London Gold Trading Outpaces New York, Crushes Shanghai, as Cost of Rolling Comex Hits 6% Per Year Adrian Ash
14 Jul '20 Gold Regains $1800, Silver Price Holds $19 as V, U or W-Shaped Covid Recovery Spooks TSLA and ChiNext Adrian Ash

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