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01 Oct '19 Gold Prices Extend Bond Sell-Off Plunge, Stock Markets Defy Weak PMIs as Eurozone Inflation Slows Again Adrian Ash
30 Sep '19 Trump-China Row Sees Dollar Up, Gold Price Down After GLD Expands Fast, Comex Bulls Set New Record Atsuko Whitehouse
27 Sep '19 Gold Prices Drop Below $1500 as Bond Yields Tick Higher, 'Bullish' on Negative-Yield Mountain Adrian Ash
26 Sep '19 Gold Prices 'Supported by Geopolitics' as ECB Board Member Quits Over QE, Negative Rates Adrian Ash
25 Sep '19 Gold Prices Rise for Non-US Investors as Dollar Recovers 'Impeach Trump' Drop Adrian Ash
24 Sep '19 Gold and Silver ETFs 'Driving Prices' as UK Court Finds Closing Parliament 'Unlawful' Ahead of Brexit Adrian Ash
23 Sep '19 Gold Prices Gain as GLD Expands, Germany's Economy Contracts, UK Joins US in Blaming Iran for Saudi Attacks Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Sep '19 Gold Bars Gain 0.8% for the Week as US Strikes Afghans, Not Iran, Crude Oil Adds 6.7% Adrian Ash
19 Sep '19 Gold Prices Regain Fed Rate-Cut Plunge as Iran Warns of 'All-Out War', ECB Loans Find Low Take-Up Adrian Ash
18 Sep '19 Gold Prices Flat as US Fed 'Risks Losing Control of Interest Rates' Amid 'Glut' of Repo Safe Havens Adrian Ash
17 Sep '19 Precious Metals Flat, Oil Loses 1/2 of Saudi-Attack Spike, J.P.Morgan's Head Trader Charged with 'Spoofing' Adrian Ash
16 Sep '19 Gold Prices Lag Crude Oil's Spike on Saudi Drone Attack as China Data Worsen Atsuko Whitehouse
13 Sep '19 Gold Prices Fall 2nd Week Running Despite 'Draghila's Attack' on Euro Savers Adrian Ash
12 Sep '19 Gold Prices Rise After ECB Restarts QE Money Stimulus Adrian Ash
11 Sep '19 Gold Price 'On the Brink' with 'Safe-Haven' Bonds as Draghi Urged to Push 'Ruinous' ECB Rates Even More Negative Adrian Ash
10 Sep '19 Gold Bars Cheapest in 4 Weeks as Citi Forecasts $2000, ECB's Draghi Urged to 'Go Big' at Last Euro Vote Adrian Ash
09 Sep '19 Gold Prices Bounce as Stimulus Hopes Grow, Brexit Looms Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Sep '19 Gold Price Loses Bounce After US Jobs Data, Holds 3% Plunge from Records Adrian Ash
04 Sep '19 Silver Hits 3-Year High, Gold Retreats as UK and Italy 'Defeat Populists' Adrian Ash
03 Sep '19 Gold Price Hits Fresh UK and Euro Highs as Brexit Rebels Fight No.10, German Factories Prepare for 'No Deal' Adrian Ash
02 Sep '19 Gold Prices Rise on Labor Day as Bullish Bets Set Record, US-China Trade War Rolls On Atsuko Whitehouse
30 Aug '19 Gold Prices End August with Raft of All-Time Records as GLD Swells, Yuan Slumps with Sterling Adrian Ash
29 Aug '19 Gold Bars Set Euro and UK Pound Records as Silver, Platinum Extend Jump Adrian Ash
28 Aug '19 Silver Prices Jump, Gold Ratio Sinks as Bond Yields Hit All-Time Low for UK and Italy Adrian Ash
27 Aug '19 Gold Price Tries $1530 in Physical Market After Comex Spike to New Euro Record Adrian Ash

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