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10 Jan '24 Gold Slips as GLD ETF Again Sees No Inflows Ahead of US Inflation Data Adrian Ash
08 Jan '24 Gold Price Hits 3-Week Low as Markets 'Dial Back Fast' on Fed Rate Cut Bets Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Jan '24 Sunk by US Jobs Data, Gold Price Rebounds Near Weekend Record on Fresh Fed Rate-Cut Hopes Adrian Ash
04 Jan '24 Gold Price Rallies, Silver Doesn't, as Fed Debates Ending QT, Middle East Hits Continue Adrian Ash
03 Jan '24 Gold and Silver Fall on US Rate-Cut Doubts as Middle East Violence Spreads Adrian Ash
02 Jan '24 Gold Price Touches Chinese Record as Comex Bulls Bet on Fed Rate Cuts Adrian Ash
29 Dec '23 Gold Price Enters 2024 with 13.7% Annual Rise as Central Bank Buying Beats High Rates Adrian Ash
22 Dec '23 Gold Price +$20 Near All-Time Record as Dollar Weakens Amid Middle East Conflict Adrian Ash
21 Dec '23 Gold Price Tops $2040 as Poland's Politics Turn on World No.2 Gold-Buying Central Bank Adrian Ash
18 Dec '23 Gold Investing 'Still Favored' as US Fed Tries to Cool 2024 Rate-Cut Bets Atsuko Whitehouse
15 Dec '23 Gold Price +1.2% for the Week as US Fed Flips to Fearing Recession Over Inflation Adrian Ash
14 Dec '23 'What a Day!' Gold and Silver Jump as Fed Quits 'Higher for Longer' Adrian Ash
13 Dec '23 Gold Price Rallies But Snaps December Pattern, Holds Lower Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
12 Dec '23 Gold ETFs Shrink, Price Near 3-Week Lows as US Inflation Dents 2024 Fed Rate-Cut Bets Adrian Ash
11 Dec '23 Gold Sinks Through $2000, Silver -13% from Last Week's Peak as China Deflation Deepens Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Dec '23 Gold Price Sinks on US Jobs Data But Sets Record Run Above $2000 Adrian Ash
07 Dec '23 Gold Prices Rise $100 Below Record Spike as Real Rates Fall into 2024 But GLD ETF Shrinks Adrian Ash
05 Dec '23 Gold Bullion Holds 1-Week Lows After 'Blowoff Top' Record in Comex Futures Adrian Ash
04 Dec '23 Gold Prices Erase Big Spike to New All-Time Highs as Fed Rate-Cut Bets Retreat Atsuko Whitehouse
01 Dec '23 2024 Gold Forecasts 'Bullish' from New Dollar Record But GLD ETF Investment Flows Negative Adrian Ash
29 Nov '23 Dollar Down, Gold Price Hits $2050 as Markets Hear Fed's Waller, Ignore Bowman Adrian Ash
28 Nov '23 Gold Price Hits 6-Month Dollar High on 2024 Recession and Fed Rate-Cut Forecasts Adrian Ash
27 Nov '23 Gold Price Jumps vs. Falling Dollar as Hamas/Israel Discuss Extending Ceasefire Atsuko Whitehouse
23 Nov '23 Gold Price Falls into Thanksgiving as Comex Bets Shrink with GLD ETF Adrian Ash
22 Nov '23 $2000 Gold Price 'Bullish' on Central-Bank Buying, Slower Inflation, Geopolitics Adrian Ash

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