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17 Apr '23 'Necessary' Drop in Gold Price to $2000 'a Correction, Not Reversal' Atsuko Whitehouse
14 Apr '23 Gold and Silver Drop from 11% and 25% Monthly Jumps But Ratio Falls to New Year Level Adrian Ash
13 Apr '23 Gold and Silver Prices Jump to 1-Year Highs as Dollar Falls on 'Return to Low Inflation' Adrian Ash
12 Apr '23 Gold Price Sets Record Run Above $2000 on 10th Anniversary of Trillion-Dollar Crash Adrian Ash
11 Apr '23 Gold Slips Below $2000 as 'Challenge' of Fed Rates Offsets China-Taiwan Tensions Adrian Ash
06 Apr '23 'Cup and Handle' Pattern Drives Bullish Gold and Silver Forecasts Higher Still Ahead of US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
04 Apr '23 Gold and Silver Bullion Leap to 1-Year Highs on US Job Openings Plunge Adrian Ash
03 Apr '23 Opec Oil Output Cut Sees Gold Price Near Record Highs on 'Uncertainty' Atsuko Whitehouse
31 Mar '23 Gold Price Sets New Month-End Record High at $1980 Amid Inflation and Banking Scare Adrian Ash
30 Mar '23 Gold and Silver ETFs Expand, Ratio Falls to 2023 Low as Stock Market and Bitcoin Rally 'At Odds' with US Fed Adrian Ash
29 Mar '23 Gold Price Heads for Strongest Month in 31 as Bond Yields Sink Fastest Since 2008 Adrian Ash
28 Mar '23 Gold Price Nears Record Month-End Highs on 'Outdated' Fed Rate Consensus Adrian Ash
27 Mar '23 Gold Price -2.7% from Banking Scare Peak, 'Bullish Room' for Comex and ETF Flows Atsuko Whitehouse
24 Mar '23 Gold Tests $2000 Again Despite Muted ETF Inflows as DB Default Fears Jump Adrian Ash
23 Mar '23 Gold Firm, Silver Reaches $23 as Fed Raises, SNB Hikes in Face of 'Tight' Banking-Crash Credit Adrian Ash
22 Mar '23 Gold Bullion 'Loses Bank-Crash Bid' Ahead of the Fed, China-Russia 'Change the World' Adrian Ash
21 Mar '23 Gold Price -3% from $2000 Peak as Stock Markets Bounce Ahead of the Fed Adrian Ash
20 Mar '23 Gold Price Hits $2000 as UBS/CS Rescue 'Kills' Key Bank Funding Atsuko Whitehouse
17 Mar '23 $1960 Gold Price Sets New UK, Yen Records as Banking Crash Worsens Adrian Ash
16 Mar '23 Gold Prices Rebound as SNB Backstops CS, ECB Hikes, Ackman Calls for Blanket Guarantee Adrian Ash
15 Mar '23 Banking Crash Sees Gold Price Leap, Bond Yields Sink Fastest Since Black Monday 1987 Adrian Ash
13 Mar '23 Gold Prices Jump Above $1900 as SVB Bail-Out Fails to Stem Banking Panic Atsuko Whitehouse
10 Mar '23 Gold Price Jumps on SIVB Crash, Breakeven Inflation Sinks Fastest Since Mar '20 Adrian Ash
09 Mar '23 Size of Gold ETFs Diverges from Price Longest Since Lehmans, All Eyes on NFP Jobs Data Adrian Ash
08 Mar '23 Gold and Silver Tumble as 'High Rates' Powell Strikes Again Adrian Ash

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