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09 Aug '22 Gold Bullion Touches $1800 as US Wage Costs Jump, Productivity Sinks Adrian Ash
08 Aug '22 Gold and Silver Prices Rise as GLD ETF Shrinks Again But Hedge Funds Cut Bearish Comex Bets Atsuko Whitehouse
05 Aug '22 Gold Price Halves Week's Gain to $20 as US Jobs Data Beats Forecasts Adrian Ash
04 Aug '22 Gold Price Spikes as UK Hikes Rates into Recession, Swiss Ban Russian Bullion Imports Adrian Ash
03 Aug '22 Gold Bullion Rallies from Fed Rate-Hike Comments, 'Maybe Now Supported' by Uncertainty Adrian Ash
02 Aug '22 Gold Price Adds $100 from July's Low as Pelosi Goes to Taiwan, Economists Argue Over 'Recession' Adrian Ash
01 Aug '22 Gold Price Extends Rebound vs Falling US Dollar as Markets 'Challenge' Rate-Hiking Central Banks Atsuko Whitehouse
29 Jul '22 Gold Price -3.3% in July After India Duty Shock as Stocks +6.7%, Silver Erases Losses Adrian Ash
28 Jul '22 Gold and Silver Bullion Hit 3-Week Highs as US Fed Hikes, GDP Shrinks Again Adrian Ash
27 Jul '22 Gold and Silver Tread Water Ahead of '75 Bips' Fed Hike Adrian Ash
25 Jul '22 Gold Price Flat vs. Falling US Dollar as 'Necessary Recession' Looms vs. Inflation Atsuko Whitehouse
22 Jul '22 Gold Price Rebounds $50 from Covid Floor as ECB Readies Italy Rescue QE Adrian Ash
21 Jul '22 Gold Prices Rebound After ECB Raises to Zero, China Bail-Outs Spread, Italy Loses Draghi, UK Inflation Hits 1980 Levels Adrian Ash
19 Jul '22 Gold & Silver Flat in USD, Fall Again in GBP & EUR as ETFs Shrink Adrian Ash
18 Jul '22 Comex Bets on Gold Now Neutral, Silver Most Bearish in 3 Years Ahead of the Fed Atsuko Whitehouse
14 Jul '22 Gold Prices Drop as US Inflation Shock Spurs Fed Rate-Hike Bets Adrian Ash
12 Jul '22 Soaring Dollar Sends Gold Price to New 9-Month Low as DXY Surge Whacks Stocks, Commodities Adrian Ash
11 Jul '22 Gold ETFs Shrink, Comex Bulls at 3-Year Low as Dollar Soars on Fed Rate-Hike Bets Atsuko Whitehouse
08 Jul '22 Gold's 9th Weekly Drop in 11 Whacks Price to 15-Month Lows, $1690 Now 'Key' Adrian Ash
06 Jul '22 Gold 'Too Early to Buy' as Silver Price Sets 2-Year Low Amid Recession Warnings Adrian Ash
04 Jul '22 $1800 Gold Price Beats Stocks, Silver, Bonds and Copper in H1 '22 as Recession Fears Mount Atsuko Whitehouse
01 Jul '22 Gold Price Sinks Through $1800 as India Hikes Bullion Import Duty Adrian Ash
29 Jun '22 Palladium Spike on Norilsk Sanctions Leads Gold, Platinum Rally as Nato Looks to Expand Adrian Ash
28 Jun '22 Gold Price Misses Commodity Rally on Macron Gaffe, 'Range Bound' Amid Rising Interest Rates Adrian Ash
27 Jun '22 Gold Price Rallies But G7 Ban on Russian Bullion 'Will Have Limited Impact' Atsuko Whitehouse

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