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The WORLD GOLD COUNCIL produces some of the best gold-investment research you can read today. Used by investment professionals and investors to inform their long-term gold investment decisions, all this research is available to you – for free – online.

To gain full access to this gold research, you need only to register your email address on the World Gold Council's website.

About the World Gold Council
Advocate for the gold industry worldwide, the World Gold Council takes responsibility for implementing global ethical standards, and its many functions include the promotion of gold – whether in technology, in jewelry, or for investment. The WGC is by far the world's largest commissioner of economic and investment gold research, making it all freely available on registration.

Founded in 1987, and headquartered in London – with offices also in New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and Chennai – the World Gold Council is an association whose 23 members represent 58% of world gold mining output. It was instrumental in developing the exchange-traded trust funds (ETFs) now backed by $132 billion of physical gold for private and institutional investors worldwide.

In 2010 the World Gold Council acquired 11% of BullionVault, publisher of this Gold News website, forming a partnership to address unmet demand for direct, convenient investment in physical gold in Western markets.

Expert Gold Research from the World Gold Council
The World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends is the global authority on what's happening – and why – to the key drivers of demand and supply, including Asian jewelry consumption, Western investment flows and central-bank buying. This quarterly gold research is the first source of informed opinion for the world's major news outlets, as well as for professional and institutional investors wanting to get a better handle on the global gold market, and how demand and supply are moving to determine the price of physical gold.

Latest Gold Demand Trends – First quarter of 2014
Full Gold Demand Trends archivequarterly since 1996

World Gold Council research is also particularly strong on the strategic case for gold – the way that, whatever the broader outlook, an investment in physical gold reduces risk and could also improve returns in a portfolio of other, more mainstream assets such as stocks, real estate and fixed-income bonds.

China's Gold Market: Progress & Prospects
Produced with Hong Kong-based consultancy Precious Metals Insights, this 60-page report details how China has gone from deregulating prices and launching domestic gold exchanges little over a decade ago to being the world's No.1 mine producer, importer and consumer today. Short-term risks aside, finds that China's private demand will likely rise a further 25% by 2017.
Quarterly Gold Investor report
Highlights internal research from the World Gold Council's expert team, focusing on the role of gold in investment portfolios.
Central Bank Diversification Strategies
Central banks have starting cutting their reserve allocations to the US Dollar and the Euro. Because gold is non-correlated with other asset prices, and because it lacks all counterparty risk, gold is a highly attractive alternative to include. This analysis shows 8% of central-bank holdings to be the optimal allocation to gold.

Gold as a Strategic Asset for UK Investors
Noting the forthcoming shake-up of UK investment advice through RDR (the Retail Distribution Review), this 34-page paper shows the value of gold as a diversifier and risk-reduction tool in Sterling-denominated portfolios. Analyzing 25 years of data, suggests a 3-10% allocation to gold for conversative to more aggressive profiles.

The Evolving Structure of Demand & Supply Since 1970
A brilliant 10-page study of how the global shape of gold demand and supply has changed over the last four decades. Must-read gold research for any investor considering long-term investment.

The Impact of Inflation & Deflation on the Case for Gold
Produced by independent consultancy Oxford Economics. Models the impact of deflation, stagflation and high inflation (over 10% per year) on gold prices. Finds that gold performs well in both a deflation and a high-inflation scenario. Even under steady economic growth and financial stability, optimum allocation for a long-term UK portfolio is found to be 5% gold.

Gold: A Commodity Like No Other
Analyzes the advantages of a direct allocation to gold, as opposed to exposure through a broad basket of commodities. Finds that adding gold always improves a portfolio's risk-return profile compared with a zero allocation.

Gold: Hedging Against Tail Risk
Studies gold's role as a defence against broader market turmoil. Finds that portfolios holding gold outperformed those without in the majority of extreme market events since 1987. Gold allocations between 2.3% and 9.0% are found to reduce risk and help improve returns for large, widely diversified institutional portfolios.

Gold as a Strategic Asset for European Investors
Produced by the independent New Frontier Associates in Boston, USA. Crunches 25 years of data for European single-currency investors (substituting the ECU before the Euro's 1999 launch). Majority of sample portfolios studied are found to benefit by adding gold, improving risk-return profiles.

Gold: Alternative Investment, Foundation Asset
Examines gold's performance relative to a number of other assets often classed as 'alternative', such as commodities, hedge funds, real estate and private equity. Finds that over the period 1987 to  2011, gold was less volatile, on an annualized basis, than many widely-held stock market investments. Also had a lower correlation with US equity indices.

Please note: Much of the World Gold Council's output – including the specially-commissioned, independent research from world-leading consultancies – is aimed at a professional investment audience. So it can be very technical. The introductions which BullionVault offers above aim to summarize the key points and findings, but for full details, you can download all this gold research for free.

Simply visit the World Gold Council and register your email for full access.

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Please Note: All articles published here are to inform your thinking, not lead it. Only you can decide the best place for your money, and any decision you make will put your money at risk. Information or data included here may have already been overtaken by events – and must be verified elsewhere – should you choose to act on it. Please review our Terms & Conditions for accessing Gold News.

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