Regular Gold Investment Plan

Build savings of physical gold in the Swiss vault

BullionVault’s Regular Gold Investment Plan allows you to build gold savings with minimum effort. You can buy using US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros. Set up a monthly payment into your BullionVault account and we’ll use the available funds to buy gold at the London Price, the global benchmark used in the professional wholesale markets and published daily on the London Bullion Market Association website.

Your bullion accumulates in a professional, high-security vault in Zurich, Switzerland. You can stop making deposits or sell your bullion and withdraw funds at any time, without notice and without penalty. Alternatively, withdraw your gold as a 100g gold bar.

How do I set up the Regular Gold Investment Plan?

  • When logged in to your BullionVault account, switch on Auto-Invest in your settings. This authorises BullionVault to use available money to buy bullion for your account at the Daily Price.
  • Set up an automatic payment or standing order with your bank to make regular deposits every month to your BullionVault account. Do this through your online banking or contact your bank directly. Check the banking fees that will apply each time.

How much does it cost?

You pay the standard commission of 0.5% to buy or sell gold at the Daily Price and the standard monthly storage fee of 0.01% (minimum $4, including insurance). There is an additional 0.3% currency-switching fee for Daily Price orders set in British Pounds or in Euros.

Further details about the Regular Gold Investment Plan

Change your Auto-Invest setting

Professionally vaulted bullion held in a Swiss vault.
Authorise BullionVault to buy for your account at the London Price, published daily on the London Bullion Market Association website.
Set up a regular deposit from your bank.
Sell your bullion and withdraw your money when you want without penalty.
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