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Using the market wizard

The market wizard provides a quick method for suggesting orders that may match your requirements, based on the current market status.

Note. All orders suggested by the wizard should be reviewed thoroughly by yourself before being submitted for trading - especially on larger order values. The wizard's suggestion is just that - a suggestion - and it is taken up at your own decision and risk.

Step 1. Call up the wizard by clicking the 'WIZARD' tab shown on the order panel.
Step 2.

Describe the order you would like to place into the market, including:

  • Action: Whether to buy or sell
  • Vault: Where to trade the bullion
  • Currency: The trading currency to use
Step 3.

Next you need to choose what is your order's most important feature to 'fix' the wizard's suggestion on. The options are:

  • Quantity: Suggest an order which will give me the desired quantity.
  • Limit: How much can I trade for my desired price limit, in kilograms or troy ounces (weight units can be changed from the live order board page).
  • Order value: How much gold, silver or platinum can I trade for a given order value.
Step 4. Click the 'SUGGEST' button at the bottom of the order panel.

What happens next?

  • The wizard will attempt to suggest an order which matches your requirements, based on the order feature you 'fixed'.
  • After careful consideration, you may click the 'BUY/BID' or 'SELL/OFFER' button that appears to initiate an order that should complete in short time, as it is based on the current market state.