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Rate limiting

To protect the performance of the website, actions made either by the web GUI, or via the API, are limited to a maximum number per minute. If this rate is exceeded then the action will be ignored and an error message shown, returning HTTP status code 429. The limit is reset after a minute.

The table below shows the maximum rate allowed for each action.

Action Maximum rate per minute
View market 60
View balance 10
Place order 10 per security ID currency combination
View orders 30
View single order 60 per security ID currency combination

Place order and view single order are rate limited per security ID currency combination. For example, 10 calls to place order may be placed in one minute for AUXZU USD as well as 10 calls to AUXZU GBP, as well as 10 calls to AUXLN USD.

When we reasonably assume multiple client accounts are operated by the same individual, rates will be aggregated across those accounts.

We reserve the right to change these terms without notice and suspend client accounts who are using excessive system resources (e.g. are regularly being rate limited).