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Fund my account - in detail

Click here to read why BullionVault does not accept credit and debit cards.

About linking to your bank account

WARNING! Your BullionVault account is locked to your bank account. Once you have sent us money the first time we will only ever accept further deposits to your BullionVault account from the same bank account, and we will usually only remit funds back to the same bank account*. These are the precautions required by American and European anti-money laundering regulations and by us to improve your security. 

*Exceptions may arise if events make it inappropriate to remit your funds to your current bank.

Acceptable currencies

BullionVault only accepts US Dollars, Euros or British Pounds. If your currency is not currently on the list, then either:

  • Convert your funds into one of our currencies and then wire them to us. This way you will have control over the currency conversion rate that you pay.

    Your bank’s foreign exchange department will usually sell you one of our currencies if you don't have it. When you have bought the currency, they will debit your account in your home currency and be able to transmit the currency you bought straight to BullionVault.

    Or you may be able to obtain a better conversion rate by using currency-conversion specialists Moneycorp (over $5000) or CurrencyFair.


  • Send us your currency to the account for the currency you want it converted to, and our bank will sell it for the currency of the receiving account. We will credit your BullionVault account with the net proceeds of that sale, but you will have no control over the conversion rate which will be set by the bank.

The procedure

Step 1.
less detail
Make sure you are logged in.  This is how we know which reference to put on the pre-printed form.
Step 2.
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Press the ACCOUNT button in the main menu bar.
Step 3.
less detail
In the sub-menu bar click DEPOSIT.
Step 4.
less detail
Select the payment option which suits you.
Step 5.
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Instruct your bank using the details provided, either by initiating a domestic on-line 'pay a bill' style transaction or by visiting your bank.

What happens next ?

Our full banking details

For reference you can find our full banking details here.

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