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21 Feb '08 Gold Ends NY Trade 1.2% Higher as Dollar & Stocks Fall on Weak US Data Adrian Ash
21 Feb '08 Gold: Only Yen and Aussie Dollar Escape New Record Highs as $100 Oil Crashes into Plunging US Interest Rates Adrian Ash
21 Feb '08 Gold Jumps to New Record on $100 Oil, Strong US Inflation, and Fed's Promise of More Rate Cuts Adrian Ash
20 Feb '08 Gold Hits New Record vs. British Pound as Money Supply Soars; KKR Delays Private-Equity Debt Payments Adrian Ash
20 Feb '08 Gold Jumps to Near Record Price as Oil Breaks $100, US Bonds & Stocks Fall Adrian Ash
19 Feb '08 Gold Price Jumps as Banking Stocks Tumble; Platinum Gains Despite "No Actual Shortage" Adrian Ash
18 Feb '08 Gold Gives Back 0.5% Rally as Dollar & European Stocks Rise Sharply on US Holiday Adrian Ash
18 Feb '08 Gold Ends the Week 1.6% Lower Ahead of Presidents Day; Dollar Down, T-Bonds Up on Poor US Data Adrian Ash
15 Feb '08 Gold Slumps into London Close Despite Shock US Data; Stocks Sharply Lower on Surging Inflation Adrian Ash
15 Feb '08 Gold Prices Tight Ahead of Key US Inflation Data; Gold Mining Costs to Soar on Skills Shortage Adrian Ash
15 Feb '08 Gold Ends Thurs 0.6% Higher as Bernanke Dents Wall Street, the Dollar and Treasury Bonds Adrian Ash
14 Feb '08 Gold Prices Dip from Two-Day High After Asian Stocks Jump on Japanese Growth Surprise Adrian Ash
14 Feb '08 Gold Recovers to Close Weds Only 0.25% Down as Dollar Bounces on Surprise US Retail Data Adrian Ash
13 Feb '08 Gold Bounces from 4-Session Low as Euro Stocks Fall on Industrial Data; Inflation Urges New Middle Eastern Gold Buying Adrian Ash
13 Feb '08 Gold Ends Tues 1.5% Lower on Buffett Plan, But Stocks Retreat on Doubts Adrian Ash
12 Feb '08 Gold Dumps $15 on Buffett Bail-Out & Lifeline for US Foreclosures; But Will They Both "Wither on the Vine"? Adrian Ash
12 Feb '08 Gold Prices Dip Ahead of New US Real Estate "Lifeline"; Energy Crunch Looms for World Copper Ouput Adrian Ash
12 Feb '08 Gold Market Ends Monday 0.5% Higher as Stocks Wobble, Bonds Rise on Fresh Credit Losses Adrian Ash
11 Feb '08 Gold Prices Rise Despite IMF Gold Sales Proposal; Food & Metal Prices Soar as World Equities Fall Again Adrian Ash
09 Feb '08 Gold Price Ends the Week 1.1% Higher Even as Dollar Rises Sharply; US Stocks Slip, Oil Gains Adrian Ash
08 Feb '08 Gold Prices Hit One-Week High as Euro Slides, Crude & Copper Rise; Is $10,000 an Ounce Out of the Question? Adrian Ash
08 Feb '08 Gold Gains 0.6% on Thursday as Euro Slumps, Treasury Bonds Slide Adrian Ash
07 Feb '08 Gold Slips from One-Week Highs vs. Dollar & Euro as ECB Sticks, Bank of England Cuts Rates Despite "Sharp" Inflation Fears Adrian Ash
07 Feb '08 Gold Hits One-Week for European Investors Ahead of ECB, Bank of England Rate Decisions Adrian Ash
07 Feb '08 Gold Ends Weds 1.5% Higher as Fed Warns on Inflation; $13bn in 10-Year Treasuries Snapped Up Regardless Adrian Ash

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