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11 Mar '08 Gold Recovers from $19 Drop as Central Banks Scramble to Defend Crisis-Hit Money Markets Adrian Ash
11 Mar '08 Gold Prices Jump with Oil, Stocks & the Euro as Investment Funds Pile into Commodities Adrian Ash
11 Mar '08 Gold Ends Monday 0.23% Lower as US Stocks & Dollar Slide Yet Again on Record Oil, Banking Rumors Adrian Ash
10 Mar '08 Gold Reverses Early Gains as Asian Stocks Tumble, Commodities Slip; "Vicious Cycle of Forced Selling" Continues Adrian Ash
08 Mar '08 Gold Ends Volatile Week Unchanged as Shocking US Jobs Decline Adds to Wall Street Crisis Adrian Ash
07 Mar '08 Gold: "Resilience Proved" Yet Again as Brokers' Panic Whacks Hedge Funds, Stocks & Mortgage-Backed Bonds Adrian Ash
07 Mar '08 Gold Ends Thurs 1.4% Lower; Dollar Sinks as US Home Foreclosures Soar, Wealth Falls, Stocks Hit Crucial Lows Adrian Ash
06 Mar '08 Gold Re-Touches New Record High as Dollar Sinks, Oil Rises; Eurozone Bonds Point to Mounting Pressures Adrian Ash
06 Mar '08 Gold Closes New York at Fresh All-Time High as Dollar & Bonds Fall, Stocks Rally on Poor US Data Adrian Ash
05 Mar '08 Gold Jumps to New Record Highs as the "Only Thing that Sparkles" on US Data Deluge Adrian Ash
05 Mar '08 Gold Slumps with Silver & Base Metals as Oil Slips, Dollar Falls, Bernanke Warns on Housing Adrian Ash
04 Mar '08 Gold Loses 2.3% in 45 Minutes as US Stocks Tumble on Profit Warnings Adrian Ash
04 Mar '08 Gold Prices Recover 0.5% Dip as Dollar Pauses on Central-Bank Rumors; "Pandemonium to Follow" Adrian Ash
04 Mar '08 Gold Prices Reach New Record Highs as Dollar Sinks, Oil Rises on US Strike on Somalia Adrian Ash
03 Mar '08 Gold Hits New Highs in Everything But Yen and Swiss Francs as Stock Markets Slump, Bond Yields Fall, Inflation Rises Adrian Ash
01 Mar '08 Gold Price Ends the Week 2.9% Higher as Dollar Falls for 4th Session; Stocks Fall for 4th Month Running Adrian Ash
29 Feb '08 Gold Hits New Record as Dollar Collapse Rolls On; Bonds Rise in "Flight to Quality" Even as Commodity Prices Soar Adrian Ash
29 Feb '08 Gold Mining Stocks Hit New Record High as Dollar & Stocks Slump on Bernanke's "Bank Failure" Warning Adrian Ash
28 Feb '08 Gold: "Buy the Dips" Advised as Dollar Slides, Oil Rises & US Home-Loan Market Slumps Adrian Ash
28 Feb '08 Gold Ends Weds 1.3% Higher as Bernanke Talks Down the Dollar to a New Record Low Adrian Ash
27 Feb '08 Gold Price Jumps to New Dollar Record as Euro Breaks $1.50 on Fed's Failed Interest-Rate Policy Adrian Ash
27 Feb '08 Gold Price Ends Tues at New Record High as US Inflation Soars, Real Estate Sinks, European Gold Sales Slow Adrian Ash
26 Feb '08 Gold Prices Recover Two-Thirds of "IMF Gold Sales" Dip on Quarter-Century Record in US Inflation Adrian Ash
26 Feb '08 Gold Price Falls on IMF News as Stocks Buoyed by S&P's Monoline Rating; Traders Wait for Key Inflation Data Adrian Ash
22 Feb '08 Gold Rises for 20 Weeks in Six Months as Falling Rates Destroy Dollar; Gold Mining Stocks Fail to Keep Pace Again Adrian Ash

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