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15 Apr '08 Gold Prices Gain 1% on Record Oil, Food Price Inflation & "Public Liquidity" Adrian Ash
15 Apr '08 Gold Ends Monday Unchanged as Dollar Rallies, Treasuries Fall on Surprise US Retail Data Adrian Ash
14 Apr '08 Gold Price Recovers 1.1% Dip as Dollar Fails to Hold "G7 Bounce" Adrian Ash
12 Apr '08 Gold Ends the Week Higher as G7 Meets, Dollar Falls, Crude Oil Bounces Adrian Ash
11 Apr '08 Gold Recovers 1.1% Dip as Stocks Fall, Dollar Slips Ahead of G7 Crisis Meeting Adrian Ash
11 Apr '08 Gold Bounces But Ends Thurs Lower as US Dollar Favors Jobless Data Over Yawning Trade Deficit Adrian Ash
10 Apr '08 Gold Hits Two-Week High for UK Investors as Bank of England Defies Inflation, Cuts Rates Due to Financial Crisis Adrian Ash
10 Apr '08 Gold Prices Gain 2.2% on Weds as Oil Hits New Record, S&P Falls on Profit Warnings Adrian Ash
09 Apr '08 Gold Bounces 1.4% on Record US Gas Prices; Subprime Crisis Presents "Strong" Case for Gold Investment Adrian Ash
09 Apr '08 Gold Drops 1.5% as Base Metals Fall, Equities Struggle on Lower IMF Forecast; "Dollar Crisis" Already Begun Says Ex-Fed Chairman Adrian Ash
08 Apr '08 Gold Bounces to End Tuesday 0.9% Lower as US Home Sales Sag, Fed Frets Over Inflation AND Recession Adrian Ash
08 Apr '08 Gold Price Drops 1.5% at US Open on IMF Plan to Sell 400 Tonnes Inside Current Quota Adrian Ash
08 Apr '08 Gold Market Gains 1.5% on Monday as Crude Oil Surges, US Equities Slip Back Adrian Ash
07 Apr '08 Gold Price Rises to 4-Day High as Global Stock Markets Rally; Case for Banking Bail-Outs Now "Evident" Says IMF Adrian Ash
05 Apr '08 Gold Ends Friday 0.5% Higher as US Jobs Data Sinks, Fed Looks to Bigger Rate Cut Adrian Ash
04 Apr '08 Gold Market Wrong-Footed in Thin Trade by Shock Fall in US Payrolls Adrian Ash
04 Apr '08 Gold Price Recovers Half of Week's Losses Ahead of Key US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
04 Apr '08 Gold Ends Thurs Above $905 as US Jobless Claims Hit Two-Year High Adrian Ash
03 Apr '08 Gold Price Dips from $900 as Paulson Dents Stocks, Bond Yields Fall, Inflation Threat Grows Adrian Ash
03 Apr '08 Gold Ends Weds 1.3% Higher as Bernanke Admits US Recession Risks, Crude Oil Jumps Adrian Ash
02 Apr '08 Gold Prices Recover One-Third of Week's Losses as Global Inflation Points Higher Adrian Ash
01 Apr '08 Gold Prices Sink to Late-Jan. Low as Deleveraging "Murders" Commodities, Wall Street Surge Murders T-Bonds Adrian Ash
01 Apr '08 Gold Sinks Below $900 on "Panic Selling" in Commodities, But Indian Gold Buying Surges on This "Dip" Adrian Ash
31 Mar '08 Gold Ends Monday 1.5% Lower as Silver Dumps 3.75%, Gold Miners Lose 2% on the "Paulson Plan" Adrian Ash
31 Mar '08 Gold Sinks to One-Week Low as Commodities Sell Off, Global Stocks Suffer Worst Quarter Since 2001 Adrian Ash

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