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03 Nov '08 Gold Rally Stalls as "Targeted" & "Courageous" Governments Spark Huge Monetary Inflation Adrian Ash
01 Nov '08 Gold & Stocks End Oct. 14% Lower as Dollar Rally Continues, Japan Cuts Interest Rates Chris Mullen
31 Oct '08 Gold Nears Month-End 10% Down as Japan Slashes Yen Rates; World Stock Markets Lose One-Fifth on Huge Volatility Adrian Ash
31 Oct '08 Gold Ends Thurs 2.1% Lower as Dollar Rises Despite Shrinking US Economy Chris Mullen
30 Oct '08 Gold Dips, Stocks Rally Despite US Recession; Gold Mining Supply "in Crisis" as Government Debt Swells Worldwide Adrian Ash
30 Oct '08 Gold Rises, Stocks Stumble, as Fed Cuts US Interest Rates Back to 1% Chris Mullen
29 Oct '08 Gold Rises & Stock-Rally Fades as Global Trade Slumps; Gold Mining Supply Falls as India's Diwali Demand Rises 50% from 2007 Adrian Ash
28 Oct '08 Gold Rises as Dollar Slips, Wall Street Jumps 10% Ahead of 66-Year Low in US Fed Interest Rates Chris Mullen
28 Oct '08 Spot Gold Bounces as Global Gold Mining Output Drops to 12-Year Low, Funding Dries Up for New Exploration Adrian Ash
28 Oct '08 Gold Ends Monday 1.7% Higher as Equities Fall Again, Mining Stocks Sink Chris Mullen
27 Oct '08 Gold a "Safe Haven" Amid New Currency, Stock-Market Crisis; Prices Dented by Failing Hedge Funds & Forced Selling Adrian Ash
26 Oct '08 Gold Bounces Hard into Friday's Close, Ends the Week 7% Down as Stock Sell-Off Worsens Chris Mullen
24 Oct '08 Gold Drops Through $700 as Dollar-Yen Devastation Crushes Global Equities, Crude Oil & Sterling Adrian Ash
24 Oct '08 Gold Ends Thurs 2.8% Lower; Greenspan Says "I Was Wrong" as WaMu Derivatives Pay 57¢ on the Dollar Chris Mullen
23 Oct '08 "Forced Liquidation" Drives Gold to New 13-Month Low; "If It Goes Lower, I'm Buying" Says Faber Adrian Ash
22 Oct '08 Gold Sinks to 13-Month Low as Surging Dollar Destroys Everything But Treasury Bonds Adrian Ash
22 Oct '08 Gold Drops Again as Stocks & Commodities Fail to Find a Floor vs. Dollar, Yen Adrian Ash
22 Oct '08 Gold Falls as Stocks Sink Again; Dollar Jumps on Global Recession Chris Mullen
21 Oct '08 Gold Slips to 5-Week Low as Flood of Government Cash Hits Money Markets; Mining Supply Struggles as Indian Gold Demand Jumps Adrian Ash
20 Oct '08 Gold Rises as Mining Stocks Jump 10%; Wall Street Gains on Bernanke Support for New Stimulus Chris Mullen
20 Oct '08 Gold Slips as Stocks Rally, Commodities Bounce; Leveraged Betting on Gold Shrinks Yet Again Adrian Ash
19 Oct '08 Gold Ends the Week 7% Lower as US Stocks Rally Chris Mullen
17 Oct '08 Spot Gold Drops to 1-Month Low as Government Cash Piles Up at Commercial Lenders; "Monetary Inflation" to Follow Adrian Ash
17 Oct '08 Gold Ends Thurs 4% Lower as Oil Sinks, Dollar Gains, Dow Reverses 380-Point Loss Chris Mullen
16 Oct '08 Gold Crashes 4%, Dow/Gold Ratio Bounces from 14-Year Low, as Credit Crisis Hits China Adrian Ash

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