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14 Jul '08 Gold Hits 25-Year High in Tokyo as Euro Stocks Bounce on Freddie-Fannie Bail Out; UK Cost Inflation Breaks 30% Per Year Adrian Ash
12 Jul '08 Gold Ends Week 3% Higher on IndyMac Failure, Record Oil & Falling Dollar Chris Mullen
11 Jul '08 Gold: Israeli War Rumor, New Oil Record & Fresh Banking Scare Drive "Crisis-Proof Metal" to Bear Stearns High Adrian Ash
11 Jul '08 Gold Adds 1.5% as Oil Jumps, Stocks Wobble on White House-Iran Showdown Chris Mullen
10 Jul '08 Gold Jumps to One-Week High as Oil Struggles, European Equities Fall; US Jobs Down, Foreclosures Up Adrian Ash
10 Jul '08 Gold Gains as US Stocks Sink, Dollar Falls, on Iran Missile Test & Fresh Economic Fears Chris Mullen
09 Jul '08 Gold Slips as Bullish Run "Hits Correction"; Monetary Expansion Risks High Inflation, Says ECB Chief Adrian Ash
09 Jul '08 Gold Bounces After $20 Loss as Bernanke, Dimon & Paulson Speeches Move Markets Chris Mullen
08 Jul '08 Buying Gold "Prudent" Says Europe's No.3 Bank as Global Equities Hit Bear Market; Adrian Ash
08 Jul '08 Gold Storms into US Close to Recover Monday's Loss as Fed Warns Housing & Banking Crisis "Set to Worsen" Chris Mullen
07 Jul '08 Gold Drops Almost 2% from 15-Week High on Bush's "Strong Dollar" Bluff; Oil Down as Speculators Quit Futures Adrian Ash
04 Jul '08 Gold Holds Onto "Extreme Gains" as Euro Banking Stocks Sink, Yield Curve Signals Trouble in London Adrian Ash
04 Jul '08 Gold Slumps on ECB Rate-Rise; Oil Higher, US Jobs Down Chris Mullen
03 Jul '08 Gold Drops 1.5% as Euro Slides on "No Surprise" Rate Change; Dow's Bear Market Now Official Adrian Ash
03 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Gain as Wall Street, Dollar Slump on Falling US Jobs, Looming Euro Rate-Hike Chris Mullen
02 Jul '08 Gold Slips as Asian Stocks Sink, Credit Spreads Warn of Systemic Risk; Central Banks to Buy Dollars After ECB Rate Hike? Adrian Ash
01 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Leap on Israel-Iran Rumors, Falling Dollar & New Woes for GM Adrian Ash
01 Jul '08 Gold Holds Firms on "Third Oil Shock" as Euro Banking Stocks Sink; Bullion Prices Set to "Double or Triple" Says Citi Adrian Ash
01 Jul '08 Gold Ends Monday Unchanged as Dollar Bounces; Dow Ends Worst June Since 1930 Chris Mullen
30 Jun '08 Gold Touches 11-Week High as World Policy-Makers Work to Push Inflation Higher Adrian Ash
28 Jun '08 Gold Jumps Again After Best Day in 20 Years as Oil Nears $143; Dollar and Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
27 Jun '08 Gold Jumps vs. All Currencies as Stocks Plunge on Libyan Oil Spike; "Ownership Remains Low – Buy" says Marc Faber Adrian Ash
27 Jun '08 Gold Leaps 3.8% on Thurs as Wall Street Sinks; GM Hits Half-Century Low Chris Mullen
26 Jun '08 Gold Jumps to One-Month High as Central Banks Prove "All Talk" on Inflation; Crude Rises, Stocks Plunge Adrian Ash
25 Jun '08 Gold Recovers Pre-Fed Drop to End Weds Unchanged; Lone Dissenter Votes for Rate Hike to Curb Inflation Chris Mullen

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