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10 Jun '08 Gold Slips as Stocks, Bonds, Currencies & Commodities All Fall on Bernanke's Latest Inflation Threat Adrian Ash
10 Jun '08 Gold Slips as Crude Oil Pulls Back, Fed "Talks Tough" on Inflation Once More Adrian Ash
09 Jun '08 Gold Starts the Week $20 Higher as Opec Argue Over Oil's New Record; Asian Interest Rates "Too Loose, Too Easy" Adrian Ash
07 Jun '08 Gold Adds 0.9% for the Week on Record Oil & Iran-Israel Threats; US Jobless Rate Rises Adrian Ash
06 Jun '08 Gold "Ends Corrective Phase" as Asia Seeks to Tackle Inflation; Rich West Merely Talks Tough Adrian Ash
06 Jun '08 Gold Recovers from 2% Drop as Fed Dissent Breaks Out Over "Moral Hazard" Adrian Ash
05 Jun '08 Gold Sinks as Dollar Continues Its "G5-Only Rally"; Real Dollar Crisis Awaits China's Decision, Says Nobel Economist Adrian Ash
05 Jun '08 Gold Slips Ahead of European Rate Decisions; Bernanke Denies "70s Style" Inflation Spiral Adrian Ash
04 Jun '08 Gold Recovers One-Third of "Bernanke Plunge" as Oil Slips, Euro Stocks Drop 2% on Banking Turmoil Adrian Ash
04 Jun '08 Gold & Silver Slump as Dollar Jumps on Bernanke Speech, But "Strong Dollar" Policies Still Lacking Adrian Ash
03 Jun '08 Gold Dumps 2% as Bernanke Talks Up the Dollar; Euro Sinks Faster, 'Tobin Tax' Mooted in Austria Adrian Ash
03 Jun '08 Gold: "Safe Haven Play" Once More as Fresh Credit Fears Hit New York, Asia & London Adrian Ash
03 Jun '08 Gold Gains as Stocks Tumble on Financial Downgrades Adrian Ash
02 Jun '08 Gold Recovers Early Dip without Crude & Euro Support as London Profit Warning Hits Financial Stocks Adrian Ash
02 Jun '08 Gold Slips 0.5% as Hurricane Misses Oil Market, Profits Warning Hits London Banks Adrian Ash
31 May '08 Gold Bounces to End the Week 4% Down, Silver Loses 7.7% as "Hurricane Season" Hits Oil Market Adrian Ash
30 May '08 Gold Bounces as Euro Rallies, Oil Falls; Long-Term Grain & Energy Crunch Set to Worsen Adrian Ash
29 May '08 Gold Slumps to Two-Week Low as Oil Sinks; US Growth Slowing, Inflation Rising Adrian Ash
29 May '08 Gold Slips on "Two Negatives" of Oil & Dollar, But Consumer Inflation Hits Bond Prices as Eurozone Money Supply Jumps Adrian Ash
28 May '08 Gold Recovers Half of Weds' $20 Drop as Oil & Equities Hit Fresh Volatility Adrian Ash
28 May '08 Gold Drops Another 2% as Oil Slides, Euro Falls; Investment Case "Strong" as US Recession Bites Adrian Ash
27 May '08 Gold Prices Dump $20 as Dollar Bounces on New Home Sales Adrian Ash
27 May '08 Gold Slips as Oil Gains, Rice Prices Tumble; Two-Thirds of the World Faces "Double-Digit Inflation" Adrian Ash
24 May '08 Gold Ends the Week 3% Higher as Oil Rises, Dollar & Stocks Fall; Markets Closed 'Til Tuesday Adrian Ash
23 May '08 Gold Prices Rally as Oil Bounces; Fresh Banking & Credit Fears Hit New York Adrian Ash

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