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09 Nov '07 Gold Ticks Lower But Nears 11th Weekly Gain in 12; Art Market Slumps as Stocks Fall Again Adrian Ash
09 Nov '07 Gold Ends Thurs at New 27-Year Closing High; Bonds Rise, Stocks Fall on Fed Speech Adrian Ash
08 Nov '07 Gold Spikes as Dollar Slumps After Bernanke Speech; Inflation + Slowdown = Worst of Both Worlds Adrian Ash
08 Nov '07 Gold Holds in 1% Range Ahead of Bernanke Speech; Inflation Threatens "Penniless Billionaires" Adrian Ash
08 Nov '07 Gold Ends Weds 1.2% Higher as Dollar Sinks, US Equities Slump Adrian Ash
07 Nov '07 Gold Dips from New Records vs. Dollar, Euros and Sterling; Bounces After Sharpest Drop in 3 Weeks Adrian Ash
07 Nov '07 Gold Surges on Chinese Dollar Comment; Bond Yields Slump & Finance Stocks Fall as Global Credit Crisis Deepens Adrian Ash
07 Nov '07 Gold Shoots Higher to End Tues 1.7% Higher as Oil Surges, Dollar Sinks Adrian Ash
06 Nov '07 Gold Hits New Highs vs. Dollar, Sterling & Euros as Mid-East Tensions Rise, Oil Gains Adrian Ash
06 Nov '07 Gold Ends Monday Higher as Crude Oil Falls, Stocks Slip Adrian Ash
05 Nov '07 Gold Holds Steady as Stock Markets Sink on Citigroup Losses; British Pound Sold Lower on Weak Data Adrian Ash
03 Nov '07 Gold Gains 2.9% for the Week as Oil Surges & Stocks Fall on New Credit Worries Adrian Ash
02 Nov '07 Gold Rises as Stock Markets Slump, But Making the Headlines May Signal a Set-back Adrian Ash
02 Nov '07 Gold Ends Thurs 0.2% Lower as Crude Oil Retreats; US Stock Market Drops 2% on Credit Woes Adrian Ash
01 Nov '07 Gold Dips from $799, Breaks New 17-Month High for Euro Investors as Oil Surges Once More Adrian Ash
31 Oct '07 Gold Jumps vs. Dollars, Euros & Sterling as Fed Cuts Rates; US Bonds Sink as Dollar Destroyed Adrian Ash
31 Oct '07 Gold Market in "Bull Run" Ahead of US Interest-Rate Vote; Japan's 18-Year Depression Rolls On Adrian Ash
30 Oct '07 Gold Drops 0.5% on Tuesday; Fed Decision on US Interest Rates Weighs on Financial Markets Adrian Ash
30 Oct '07 Gold Dips as Euro, Stocks, Bonds & Commodities Slip on Doubts Over US Interest-Rate Cuts Adrian Ash
30 Oct '07 Gold Ends Monday at New 27-Year Closing High as Dollar Sinks, Stocks Rally Ahead of Fed Decision Adrian Ash
29 Oct '07 Gold Hits New All-Time High vs. British Pound; US Fed "Has No Alternative" to Destroying the Dollar Adrian Ash
27 Oct '07 Gold Erases Week's Early Dip to Reach New 27-Year High; Next Fed Rate-Cut Due Weds Adrian Ash
26 Oct '07 Gold Nears 9th Weekly Gain in 10 as Stock, Bond & Oil Buyers Gamble on Cheap Money Bail-Out for US Housing Adrian Ash
26 Oct '07 Gold Ends New York at New 27-Year High as Dollar Sinks on Weak US Housing Data Adrian Ash
25 Oct '07 Gold Ends London 0.7% Higher as Oil Rises, But the Gold-Oil Link Still Misleads Investors Adrian Ash

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