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26 Aug '08 Gold Dumps Again with Euro, Stocks & Bond Yields; "Smart Money" Buying Jumps to 12-Month High Adrian Ash
26 Aug '08 Gold Slips 0.7% as London Closes for Bank Holiday; Wall Street Stocks Sink as US Dollar Rises Again Chris Mullen
23 Aug '08 Gold Gains 5.4% for the Week as Bernanke Warns on Economy, Buffett Says Fannie & Freddie Are "Over" Chris Mullen
22 Aug '08 Gold Prices Slip But "Demand Up, Premiums Up" as Gold Coin Shortage Frustrates New Buyers Adrian Ash
21 Aug '08 Gold & Silver Jump on Fresh Russian Tensions, Tropical Storm Fay & Poor US Data Chris Mullen
21 Aug '08 Gold "Surely Bullish" on Russian Tensions, Strong Demand & New "Extortion" Threat for Gold Miners Adrian Ash
21 Aug '08 Gold Ends Weds Unchanged as Oil, Dollar and Stocks Whip on Economic & Political Fears Chris Mullen
20 Aug '08 Gold Rallies to 4-Session High as Inflation-Stimulus Heads for US, China and Britain Adrian Ash
20 Aug '08 Gold Ends Tues 1.4% Higher on Pointless Fed Chatter, "Outside Day" for Dollar Chris Mullen
19 Aug '08 Gold Volatility Points to "Frailty of Fiat Currency"; Private Buying Surges as Inflation Jumps in US & Germany Adrian Ash
18 Aug '08 Gold & Silver End Monday 1.8% and 2.3% Higher as Stocks Fall on Fresh Financial Woes Chris Mullen
18 Aug '08 Physical "Gold Squeeze" Hits Europe and N.America as Private Investors Pile Into Low Prices, Institutions Bail Out of Paper Adrian Ash
17 Aug '08 Gold Sinks 8% Week-on-Week as US Dollar Wins "Best of Bad Bunch" on Forex Market Chris Mullen
15 Aug '08 Gold Slumps to Nine-Month Low as "Shaky" Speculators Bale Out; Private Investors "Actively" Buying at Bargain Prices Adrian Ash
15 Aug '08 Gold Slumps Again Even on Surging Inflation, Foreclosures & Jobless Data Chris Mullen
14 Aug '08 Gold Adds to 4% Bounce as Europe Flirts with Recession; Gold Mining Supplies Fall Despite Record Gold Investment Demand Adrian Ash
14 Aug '08 Gold Bounces to Close Weds 2% Higher as Dollar Falters, Stocks Fall on Poor US Retail Sales Chris Mullen
13 Aug '08 Gold Whips Violently from 8-Month Lows as Dollar Surges Against Everything: Turning Point or a Great Chance to Buy? Adrian Ash
13 Aug '08 Gold Slumps Again to End Tuesday 1.7% Lower Even as Dollar, Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
11 Aug '08 On Friday gold steadily fell throughout most of world trade Chris Mullen
07 Aug '08 Gold prices rose over 1% by midday in London yesterday before dropping at the New York open to a thirty cent loss Chris Mullen
06 Aug '08 Gold lower through most of world trade to its low of $875.75 Chris Mullen
04 Aug '08 Gold Slips with Oil & Stocks Ahead of "No Change" from the Fed Despite 27-Year Jump in Consumer Prices Chris Mullen
04 Aug '08 Gold Slips as Central Bankers Play "Wait & See" with Oil Price Decline; Prices Corrected Too Far, But "No Fire-Sale Yet" Adrian Ash
02 Aug '08 Golds Ends the Week 1.9% Lower After Central-Bank Selling; Weak Data Means No Change in Sub-Zero US Rates Chris Mullen

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