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14 Jan '08 Gold Surges on New US Banking Woes, Falling Interest Rates; "Little Wonder" Investors Flocking to Gold Adrian Ash
12 Jan '08 Gold Ends the Week 3.7% Higher as US Stocks Sink, Oil Falls & Food Prices Soar Adrian Ash
11 Jan '08 Gold Holds Near Post-Bernanke Highs on Merrill's Write-Down, Negative Bond Yields Adrian Ash
10 Jan '08 Gold Surges to New Highs After Bernanke Promises More Cheap Money Ahead Adrian Ash
09 Jan '08 Gold Hits New Closing High Even as Oil Stalls, Wall Street Bounces Adrian Ash
09 Jan '08 Gold Drops After Chinese Investors Pile In; "Stagflation Light" Promises More Gains Ahead Adrian Ash
08 Jan '08 Gold Ends Tues $18 Higher at New Record Highs as US Stock Market Sinks Adrian Ash
08 Jan '08 Gold Leaps to New Records vs. All Currencies as Oil Dips; Too Much, Too Fast? Adrian Ash
07 Jan '08 Gold Bounces from Early Dip as Oil Slips, Asian Stocks Tumble, Dollar Rallies Adrian Ash
04 Jan '08 Gold Heads for Third Weekly Gain on Eurozone Inflation Data & Fresh Surge in Commodity Prices Adrian Ash
04 Jan '08 Gold Dips from Record Highs vs. All Currencies as Tokyo Shares Sink, Commodities Surge Adrian Ash
03 Jan '08 Gold Recovers 1.5% Drop to Hit New Highs as Stagflation Drives Investors Out of Paper Money Adrian Ash
02 Jan '08 Gold Kicks Off 2008 with New All-Time Records in Dollars, Sterling, Euros and Aussie as Global Equities Fall Adrian Ash
02 Jan '08 Gold Jumps into New Year as Oil Prices Rise, Asian Stocks Fall; Experts Forecast New Records in 2008 Adrian Ash
24 Dec '07 Gold Gains Over 2% on the Week As Treasuries Fall Adrian Ash
21 Dec '07 Gold Ends Level After Mixed Trading Across World Markets Adrian Ash
20 Dec '07 Gold Ends Mixed and Near Unchanged As Market Anticipates Q3 End Reports Adrian Ash
19 Dec '07 Gold Gains Over 1% As Fed Announces New Mortgage Industry Rules Chris Mullen
18 Dec '07 Gold Remains Steady While Stocks Fall In Wake Of Credit Market Worries Chris Mullen
14 Dec '07 Gold Slips from Overnight Bounce in London, But Dollar at Risk of "Losing Caste" Adrian Ash
13 Dec '07 Gold Gives Back This Week's Gains as Dollar Rallies on Surging Inflation; Interbank Interest Rates Fail to Fall Adrian Ash
13 Dec '07 Gold Slips 0.8% from Two-Week High as World Stock Markets Slump; "Safe Haven Status" Comes to the Fore Adrian Ash
13 Dec '07 Gold Ends Weds 0.2% Higher as Central Banks Move Together to Address Credit Crunch Adrian Ash
12 Dec '07 Gold Steady as Stocks Rise, Bonds Sink on "Big 5" Central Bank Cash Injection Adrian Ash
12 Dec '07 Gold Recovers 1.2% from Post-Fed Slump; "Double Whammy" Due in 2008 as World Equities Fall Adrian Ash

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