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16 Feb '09 Gold Steady, Currencies Volatile as Global Recession Deepens, G7 Achieves "Nothing of Note" Adrian Ash
14 Feb '09 Gold Ends Week 3%, Dow Loses 5%, Treasuries Fall on US Stimulus Plan Adrian Ash
13 Feb '09 Gold Buying Hits "Big Numbers" as Eurozone GDP Shrinks; Silver "At Mercy of Gloomy Economy" Adrian Ash
12 Feb '09 Gold Hits 7-Month High, New Records for Non-US Buyers, as Banking Crisis & Protectionism Spread Adrian Ash
11 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Jump Over 3%, US Stimulus Agreed at $789Bn Chris Mullen
11 Feb '09 Gold Hits 8-Session High Ahead of Record US Treasury Bond Sale; Ex-Beijing Official Warns of Cost to China's Forex Reserves Adrian Ash
10 Feb '09 Gold Recovers $900-Mark as US Readies $1.5trn in State Lending, UK Bank Bosses Say "Sorry" Adrian Ash
09 Feb '09 Gold Slips But "Inflation Foundations Laid" as US and UK Authorities Side-Step the Banks, Start Lending Directly Adrian Ash
07 Feb '09 Gold Ends Week 1.5% Lower as Stocks Rise on Fresh "Obama Aid"; Job Losses Hit 598,000 for Jan. Chris Mullen
06 Feb '09 Gold Steady, Euro Faces "Systemic" Danger; Gold Output to Fall After South Africa's "Sweet Spots" Mined Out Adrian Ash
06 Feb '09 Gold & Silver End Thurs Higher as Stocks Rally on Accounting-Change Rumor Chris Mullen
05 Feb '09 Zero-Yielding Gold Rises as UK Cuts Rates, ECB Holds Adrian Ash
04 Feb '09 Gold Support "at $880" as Volatility Spooks Indian Buyers, Western Stock Markets Ignore Worsening Data Adrian Ash
04 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Bounce in After-Hours US Trade; US Job Losses Eyed at Half-a-Million for Jan. Chris Mullen
03 Feb '09 Gold Hits "Profit-Taking" After Rapid Run, Rising Indian Scrap Supplies; Australia Hikes Stimulus Spend to 8% of GDP Adrian Ash
02 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Slip with Stocks on Poor US Data Chris Mullen
02 Feb '09 Gold Bounces as Protectionism & Money Printing Spread; Fund Buying Points to "Longevity" Adrian Ash
31 Jan '09 Gold Adds 3.5% for the Week as Stocks Slip, Dollar Gains, "Bad Bank" Plan Put on Hold Chris Mullen
30 Jan '09 Gold & Dollar Jump Together as "Market Dynamic Shifts", Risk Aversion Whacks Stocks & the Euro Adrian Ash
30 Jan '09 Gold Ends Thurs 1.7% Higher Even as Dollar Rises, Stocks Fall; GDP Data Chris Mullen
29 Jan '09 Gold Bubble "Inevitable" as France Strikes, US Prepares New $2trn Bail-Out Plan, Indian Buyers Shun High Prices Adrian Ash
29 Jan '09 Gold & Silver Slip as Obama's $825bn Stimulus Approved, Bad Bank & New Fed Policies Proposed Chris Mullen
28 Jan '09 Gold Bounces from Bundesbank Gold-Sales Rumor; Not the Right Time to Sell This "Ultimate Safe Haven" Adrian Ash
27 Jan '09 Gold Investment Rises as "Price of Money Held Down", Fresh Government Bail-Outs Unleashed Adrian Ash
26 Jan '09 Gold Breaks 10-Month Down-Trend, Hits New Sterling & Euro Records, on Frantic "Safe Haven 2009" Demand Adrian Ash

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