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01 Aug '08 Gold Slips Despite US Jobs Data, GM Losses; Jo'Burg Gold Stocks Tumble on Rising Costs Adrian Ash
01 Aug '08 Gold Ends Thurs 1.2% Higher as Dollar Slips on Weak US Growth, Five-Year Record in Jobless Claims Chris Mullen
31 Jul '08 Gold Gains on Inflationary Slowdown in US; Gold Miners' Results Point to Rising Costs, Energy Problems Adrian Ash
31 Jul '08 Gold Bounces from 2.5% Loss as Oil Gains, Dollar Wobbles Chris Mullen
30 Jul '08 Gold Falls to 1-Month Low Beneath $900 as Stocks & Bonds Gain; Volatility Set to Keep Rising Adrian Ash
29 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Slide as Dollar Bounces on Consumer Confidence, Ignores House-Price Slump Chris Mullen
29 Jul '08 Gold Holds Tight Again as Stocks, Euro Fall; US & UK Governments Scramble to Revive Mortgage Markets Adrian Ash
29 Jul '08 Gold Ends Monday Unchanged as US Budget Deficit Hits $482bn, Two More Banks Fail Chris Mullen
28 Jul '08 Gold Prices Tight as "Typically Quiet" Summer Begins with a Fresh Fall in World Stock Markets Adrian Ash
25 Jul '08 Gold Market "Over-Sold" as Stock-Market Bounce Fails, Bond Yields Sink, Economic Gloom Builds Adrian Ash
25 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Recover US Losses After-Hours; Wall Street Stocks Fall on Housing, Jobless & Poor Earnings Data Chris Mullen
24 Jul '08 Gold Rally Fades as Analysts Left Shell-Shocked by 6% Drop; Dollar & Bond Prices Jump on "Pessimistic" Eurozone Data Adrian Ash
23 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Slump on Lower Oil, Rising Dollar, But Fed Warns Real Estate "Morose" Ahead of Home-Sales Data Chris Mullen
23 Jul '08 Gold Prices Dump Again -- Down 6% in 36 Hours -- as Oil Falls, Dollar Bounces, Bear-Market Rally in Stocks Continues Adrian Ash
23 Jul '08 Gold Slumps as Stocks Rebound, Oil Falls; Fed "Perma-Hawk" Talks Up Interest Rates Chris Mullen
22 Jul '08 Gold Drops 3% as Crude Oil Falls, But "Risk Aversion Prevails"; "Safe Haven Status" Draws New Investment Adrian Ash
22 Jul '08 Gold Prices Touch $975 as "Flight to Safety" Unwinds Stock-Market Bounce, Pushes Investors to Buy Sub-Zero Bond Yields Adrian Ash
22 Jul '08 Gold Adds 0.7% as Oil Bounces on Tropical Storm Dolly; Dollar Falls Chris Mullen
21 Jul '08 Gold Market "Decidedly Bullish" on Surging Inflation; Government Bond Prices Fall; UK Cash-Raising Fails Adrian Ash
19 Jul '08 Gold Ends the Week 1% Down as Oil Slides 12%, Wall Street Rally Fades; Fed Split Over Interest Rates Chris Mullen
18 Jul '08 Gold Slips as Dollar Bounces; Soros Rumored "Long Gold, Short Oil" as Wall Street Losses Mount Adrian Ash
18 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Slip Overnight as Oil Drops 11% in Three Days Chris Mullen
17 Jul '08 Gold Dips as Oil Falls, But "Recession Won't Kill Inflation" Warns ECB Adrian Ash
17 Jul '08 Gold & Silver Bounce from Oil-Led Drop; US Consumer Prices Jump at Quarter-Century Record Pace Chris Mullen
16 Jul '08 Gold Remains "Crisis Hedge" as Inflation Rises Despite Falling Commodity Costs; Credit Risks "Still Rife" Adrian Ash

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