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30 Sep '08 Gold Slips as Stocks Bounce from Record Collapse; "You Should Own Gold," Says Faber – "Physical, Outside the United States" Adrian Ash
29 Sep '08 Gold Gains 4.3% as Stocks, Oil, Silver, Currencies & Platinum Sink on Failed US Bail-Out Vote Chris Mullen
29 Sep '08 Gold Jumps vs. Euro & Sterling as Global Banking Collapse Sparks "Safe-Haven Panic" from Institutional & Private Bank Investors Adrian Ash
29 Sep '08 Gold Jumps vs. Euro & Sterling as Global Banking Collapse Sparks "Safe-Haven Panic" from Institutional & Private Bank Investors Adrian Ash
27 Sep '08 Gold Gains 2.7% for the Week as US Bail-Out Plan Stalls, WaMu Collapses Chris Mullen
26 Sep '08 Everyone "Should Own Gold, Physical Gold" as US Bail-Out Stalls, WaMu Collapses Adrian Ash
25 Sep '08 Gold Slips 1.6% on Bail-Out News; US Economic Data Points to Falling Home Prices, Rising Unemployment Chris Mullen
25 Sep '08 Gold "the Safest Vehicle" as Banking Run Hits Hong Kong, Clergy Turn to Marxism, Ahead of $700bn Bail Out Adrian Ash
25 Sep '08 Gold Ends Weds 0.5% Higher as Wall Street Stops to Watch Bernanke, Paulson Testimony Chris Mullen
24 Sep '08 "No One Letting Go" of Their Gold in New York as Money Inflation, Debt Crisis Continue Adrian Ash
23 Sep '08 Gold & Silver Slip, Stocks Sell-Off as Congress Wrangles Over Wall Street Bail-Out Chris Mullen
23 Sep '08 Gold "Makes Sense" as Wall Street Bail-Out Also Moves to Curb Anti-Inflation Investments in Oil Adrian Ash
22 Sep '08 Gold Jumps $42 per Ounce as Oil Gains 15%, Dollar Sinks with Stocks, on US Bail-Out Plan Chris Mullen
22 Sep '08 Gold Extends 13% Gain as Investors "Seek Transparency" in Physical vs. Paper Metal Adrian Ash
19 Sep '08 Gold Ends Week 13% Higher as "Toxic Bailout" and Ban on Short-Selling Sends Stocks Surging Chris Mullen
18 Sep '08 Gold & Silver Spike But Fall Back on Federal "Bad Debt" Repository Rumors Chris Mullen
18 Sep '08 Gold "Tested & Proved" as Safe Haven as Fed Needs Fresh Capital to Pump $242bn into Financial Markets Adrian Ash
18 Sep '08 Gold & Silver End Weds 10% Higher as "Last Two" on Wall Street Come Under Attack Chris Mullen
17 Sep '08 Gold Leaps 8% on Western Stock Market Crash, Bond Yields Vanish; Counterparty Risk Jumps Front-Stage Adrian Ash
17 Sep '08 Gold Holds Steady as AIG Seizure Whips Stocks; Counterparty Risks in Commodity Notes "Now Clear" to Investors Adrian Ash
16 Sep '08 Gold Unmoved by Fed's "No Change" Decision Amid Stock & Bond Turmoil; AIG Sinks After-Hours on "Conservator" Plan Chris Mullen
16 Sep '08 Gold Recovers Tokyo Tumble as Stock Markets Sink; "Safe-Haven" Bond Yields Driven Far Below Inflation Adrian Ash
15 Sep '08 Gold Jumps 3% as Fed Floods US Banks with Cash After Lehman Collapse; Base Metals, Crude Oil & Foreign Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
15 Sep '08 Gold Spikes as Paulson's "Fire Break" Fails to Prevent Stock Market Panic; Bonds Leap, ECB Injects €30bn Adrian Ash
13 Sep '08 Gold Ends Week Above "Technical Support" at $760; Gold Mining Stocks Jump 10% as Dollar Sinks, Traders Bet on Fed Rate-Cut Chris Mullen

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