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07 Mar '09 Gold Ends Week Unchanged, Stocks Lose 7%, as US Jobless Rate Jumps to Quarter-Century Record Chris Mullen
06 Mar '09 Gold Re-Joins Euro, Erases Week's Loss on Worst US Jobs Data in 26 Years, as Fed Buys $59Bn in Mortgage Bonds Adrian Ash
05 Mar '09 Gold Steady as Europe's Central Banks Step into Unknown, Hope for Inflation, via "Quantitative Easing" Adrian Ash
04 Mar '09 Gold Prices Slip as Euro Bounces, Wall Street Rallies from 12-Year Lows Chris Mullen
04 Mar '09 Gold Bounces with Stocks, Oil & Euro; Strong Correlation Shown "Under Extreme Conditions" Adrian Ash
03 Mar '09 Gold & Silver Dive 2.6%, Stocks End Lower Again, as Bernanke & Geithner Launch $200Bn Credit Program Chris Mullen
03 Mar '09 Gold Slips as Stocks Bounce, Central Banks Unleash Emergency Funds; "Don't Fear, But Don't Ask" Says Europe Finance Chief Adrian Ash
02 Mar '09 Gold Slips 1.5% as Stock-Market Collapse Worsens Chris Mullen
02 Mar '09 Gold Up, Stocks Slump as Financial Crisis Destroys "Optimism on Dividends and Interest" Adrian Ash
28 Feb '09 Gold Ends the Week 6% Down, Silver Drops 9%, as Equities Tumble on "Horrible" US Data Chris Mullen
27 Feb '09 Gold Jumps, "Burnished by Bad News", as Stocks Tumble on Citigroup Rescue, US Contraction, Huge Washington Debt Adrian Ash
26 Feb '09 Gold Slips Again as Stocks Bounce, US Govnt Deficit Hits $1.75Trn, Financial Watchdog Still "Unfit for Purpose" Adrian Ash
26 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Slide Overnight as Wall Street Slips on New $700Bn Bank Rescue Chris Mullen
25 Feb '09 Gold Bounces After "Fast & Furious" Gains; Indian Buying Resumes as ETF Demand Flags Adrian Ash
24 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Slide as Stocks Bounce, Dollar Falls, on Bernanke's 2010 Forecast Chris Mullen
24 Feb '09 Gold Price Volatile as Retail Investors "Threaten Stock-Market Crash", Professional Traders "Ready to Throw in the Towel" Adrian Ash
23 Feb '09 Gold Rebounds as Wall Street Slumps to 12-Year Low, Euro-Gold Price Hits New High Chris Mullen
23 Feb '09 Gold Slips from $1000, Remains "Bright Light in Dim Environment" as Stock Markets Rise on Citigroup Rumors Adrian Ash
20 Feb '09 Gold Adds 6.2% for the Week to $1,000 and Hits New Euro Highs; Stocks Sink on Bank-Nationalization Fears Chris Mullen
20 Feb '09 Gold Defies "Fatigue" Just Shy of $1,000; Stocks Tumble, Financial Panic Hits Europe, Real US Rates Stay Negative Adrian Ash
19 Feb '09 Gold Tests 11-Month High, Breaks Fresh Non-Dollar Records, as UK Money Supply Surges Adrian Ash
19 Feb '09 Gold Gains with Dollar as Long-Dated Bonds Fall on Fed Minutes, Auction Fears & Obama's New Housing Plan Chris Mullen
18 Feb '09 Gold Breaks New Euro & Sterling Highs as "Safety Trade Remains Valid", "Few Other Places to Hide" Adrian Ash
17 Feb '09 Gold & Silver Jump 2.8% as US Stocks Slide, Dollar Rallies, Obama Signs $787Bn Stimulus Adrian Ash
17 Feb '09 Gold Jumps as Stocks Fall, Dollar Gains; "Not a Bubble...Ample Room" for Fresh Gold Investment, Say Analysts Adrian Ash

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