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15 Sep '08 Gold Jumps 3% as Fed Floods US Banks with Cash After Lehman Collapse; Base Metals, Crude Oil & Foreign Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
15 Sep '08 Gold Spikes as Paulson's "Fire Break" Fails to Prevent Stock Market Panic; Bonds Leap, ECB Injects €30bn Adrian Ash
13 Sep '08 Gold Ends Week Above "Technical Support" at $760; Gold Mining Stocks Jump 10% as Dollar Sinks, Traders Bet on Fed Rate-Cut Chris Mullen
12 Sep '08 Gold Bounces as Dollar Stumbles; Deflation Trade in US Bonds & Euro Ignores Cost of Financial Bail-Outs Adrian Ash
12 Sep '08 Gold Falls to "Most Oversold" This Decade as Lehman, WaMu Sink Yet Again Chris Mullen
11 Sep '08 Gold Bounces Off 11-Month Low as Forced Liquidation of All Assets Ignores "Negative News" for US Dollar Adrian Ash
11 Sep '08 Gold Slumps as Dollar Reaches 1-Year High Chris Mullen
10 Sep '08 Gold Drops Right to "3-Year Support Line" as World Stock Markets Erase Fannie-Freddie Bounce; US Default Risk Triples from April Adrian Ash
10 Sep '08 Gold & Silver Fall as US Stocks Slide on Lehman Woes Chris Mullen
09 Sep '08 Gold's Trading Range Tightens, Volatility Jumps, as "Deflationary Depression" Battles "Inflationary Bail-Out" Adrian Ash
09 Sep '08 Gold Slips Back as Stocks Surge on Fannie, Freddie Bail-Out Chris Mullen
08 Sep '08 Gold Whipped as Freddie, Fannie Nationalized; "Triple A" Status of US Treasury Bonds Needs Re-Stating Adrian Ash
06 Sep '08 Gold Gives Back US Jobless Surge, Ends Week 3.6% Lower; Silver Dumps 10% Chris Mullen
05 Sep '08 Gold Jumps on US Jobless Surge; Gold Mining Supplies Fail to Rise in the Face of Higher Demand, Higher Prices Adrian Ash
05 Sep '08 Gold Struggles as "Super Dollar" Dents Oil & Stocks Again; Record Indian Demand Fails to Fix Falling Mine Supply Adrian Ash
05 Sep '08 Gold & Silver Slip as Dollar, T-Bonds Gain on Eurozone & US Slowdown Chris Mullen
04 Sep '08 Gold "Could Gain 10%" by Dec. on Surging Demand as Central Banks Freeze, Caught Between Inflation & Recession Adrian Ash
04 Sep '08 Gold Slips & Silver Slides as Dollar Rallies Ahead of "No Change" in Euro Interest Rates Chris Mullen
03 Sep '08 Gold Slides to $790 Once More as Dollar Pushes Down Everything But Treasury Bonds Adrian Ash
02 Sep '08 Gold Bounces from $40 Loss as Crude Sinks; US Stocks Slide, Dollar & Bonds Rise on Economic Worries Chris Mullen
02 Sep '08 Gold Falls as Oil Sinks; New Surge in Cheap Money & Public Spending Comes Despite Soaring Inflation Adrian Ash
01 Sep '08 Gold Slips as Dollar Bounces, Oil Fades; But Commercial Players Fast-Building Strong "Long" Position as Hedge Funds Go Short Adrian Ash
30 Aug '08 Gold & Silver Creep Higher; US Inflation Jumps at 17-Year Record Pace Chris Mullen
29 Aug '08 Gold Nears Month-End 8% Down; Private Investors Keep Buying as Geo-Political & Financial Risks Mount Adrian Ash
29 Aug '08 Gold Ends Thurs Little Changed as US Growth Revised Sharply Higher Chris Mullen

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