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03 Apr '08 Gold Price Dips from $900 as Paulson Dents Stocks, Bond Yields Fall, Inflation Threat Grows Adrian Ash
03 Apr '08 Gold Ends Weds 1.3% Higher as Bernanke Admits US Recession Risks, Crude Oil Jumps Adrian Ash
02 Apr '08 Gold Prices Recover One-Third of Week's Losses as Global Inflation Points Higher Adrian Ash
01 Apr '08 Gold Prices Sink to Late-Jan. Low as Deleveraging "Murders" Commodities, Wall Street Surge Murders T-Bonds Adrian Ash
01 Apr '08 Gold Sinks Below $900 on "Panic Selling" in Commodities, But Indian Gold Buying Surges on This "Dip" Adrian Ash
31 Mar '08 Gold Ends Monday 1.5% Lower as Silver Dumps 3.75%, Gold Miners Lose 2% on the "Paulson Plan" Adrian Ash
31 Mar '08 Gold Sinks to One-Week Low as Commodities Sell Off, Global Stocks Suffer Worst Quarter Since 2001 Adrian Ash
31 Mar '08 Gold Ticks Up as Eurozone Inflation Soars, Confidence Sinks; Asian Stocks Close Out Worst Quarter in 6 Years Adrian Ash
29 Mar '08 Gold Ends the Week Up vs. Dollar, Lower vs. Euros, as US Stocks & Crude Oil Slip Adrian Ash
28 Mar '08 Gold Falls on US Inflation Data (Minus Eating, Heating & Transport); Aussie Broker Folds on Missed Margin Calls Adrian Ash
28 Mar '08 Gold Unchanged as Dollar Bounces, Stocks Fall Adrian Ash
27 Mar '08 Gold Slips as Dollar Ignores US Slowdown, Global Inflation Focus; "Cash Pipelines" Stay Shut Adrian Ash
27 Mar '08 Gold Gains 1.5% as Poor US Data Hurts Dollar, Stocks Adrian Ash
26 Mar '08 Gold Bounces 1.3% in London as Trichet Warns on Inflation; Inter-Bank Lending Gets Tight Yet Again Adrian Ash
26 Mar '08 Gold Price Ends Tues 1.8% Higher as US Consumer Confidence Sinks to "Watergate" Depths Adrian Ash
25 Mar '08 Gold Regains Late-Jan. Levels as "Situation Normal" Returns for Stock, Bond, Forex & Commodity Traders Adrian Ash
25 Mar '08 Gold Ends Easter Monday Unchanged as Dollar & US Stocks Rally on US Housing Data Adrian Ash
21 Mar '08 Gold Ends Easter Week 8% Down as Silver Loses 17%, Mining Stocks Drop 15% on US Dollar Bounce Adrian Ash
20 Mar '08 Gold Price Sinks to One-Month Low, Down 12% for the Week, on "Heavy Fund Liquidation" Adrian Ash
19 Mar '08 Gold Plummets 6% as Wall Street Gives Back Fed Rate-Cut Rally; Commodities Liquidated in Dash for Cash Adrian Ash
19 Mar '08 Gold Drops 3% as Margin Calls & Tight Credit Whack Investment Funds & Banks Adrian Ash
18 Mar '08 Gold Drops 2.6% as Fed Disappoints Bond Market, Cheers Dollar, with "Mere" 75-Basis Point Cut to Interest Rates Adrian Ash
18 Mar '08 Gold Recovers Overnight Dip Ahead of Fed Rate-Cut; Chinese Premier "Deeply Worried" by US Slowdown Adrian Ash
18 Mar '08 Gold Closes Monday Unchanged as Silver Drops 2%, Platinum Loses $60 on Global Equities Rout Adrian Ash
17 Mar '08 Gold Jumps 3% on Fed's "Sunday Special" as Stocks, Bonds & Currencies Enter "Genuine Panic" Adrian Ash

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