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30 Jun '08 Gold Touches 11-Week High as World Policy-Makers Work to Push Inflation Higher Adrian Ash
28 Jun '08 Gold Jumps Again After Best Day in 20 Years as Oil Nears $143; Dollar and Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
27 Jun '08 Gold Jumps vs. All Currencies as Stocks Plunge on Libyan Oil Spike; "Ownership Remains Low – Buy" says Marc Faber Adrian Ash
27 Jun '08 Gold Leaps 3.8% on Thurs as Wall Street Sinks; GM Hits Half-Century Low Chris Mullen
26 Jun '08 Gold Jumps to One-Month High as Central Banks Prove "All Talk" on Inflation; Crude Rises, Stocks Plunge Adrian Ash
25 Jun '08 Gold Recovers Pre-Fed Drop to End Weds Unchanged; Lone Dissenter Votes for Rate Hike to Curb Inflation Chris Mullen
25 Jun '08 Gold Holds Mid-Point of 4-Week Range as Tough-Talking Fed Votes to "Stay on Hold Indefinitely" Despite Inflation, Recession Adrian Ash
25 Jun '08 Gold Ends Tues Higher as Traders Watch for Fed Statement; Silver Falls, House Prices Sink Chris Mullen
24 Jun '08 Gold Recovers One-Third of Slump as Sub-Zero Interest Rates Prescribed for "Modern Day Depression" Adrian Ash
24 Jun '08 Gold & Silver Bounce After Sharp Monday Sell-Off; Crude Oil Climbs Despite Extra "Sour" Saudi Supply Chris Mullen
23 Jun '08 Gold's Week Ahead: "No Way" Fed Can Raise Rates as Oil Rises, Investment Banks Ignore Clients in Squabble Over Write-Downs Adrian Ash
21 Jun '08 Gold Ends Week 3.6% Higher as Wall Street Drops 3.5%; All Eyes "on Oil and Dollar" Chris Mullen
20 Jun '08 Gold: Investment Funds Seen Moving from Oil to Gold as Political Witch-hunt Blames Inflation on "Hoarding" Adrian Ash
20 Jun '08 Gold Ends Thurs 1.2% Higher Even as Oil Slumps, Gold Mining Stocks Fall Chris Mullen
19 Jun '08 Gold Leaps vs. All Currencies as Oil Production Shut, Bear Stearns' Managers Arrested Adrian Ash
19 Jun '08 Gold Ends Weds 0.7% Higher as Dollar & Stocks Fall on Sept. Warning for US Investors Chris Mullen
18 Jun '08 Gold Jumps into New York Open as Crude Oil Rises, Euro Stocks Fall; Price Inflation "Unabated" Adrian Ash
17 Jun '08 Gold Ends Tues Unchanged as US Rate Hikes Look Unlikely Despite Stronger Inflation Adrian Ash
17 Jun '08 Gold Slips as Volatility Hits Forex, Bonds & Commodities; Policy Makers Unwilling to Raise Rates Despite Rising Inflation Adrian Ash
17 Jun '08 Gold & Silver End Monday Higher on New Oil Record, Falling Dollar Adrian Ash
16 Jun '08 Gold Jumps 1.3% as G-8 Summit Ignores Dollar; Global Inflation Now "Out of Control" Adrian Ash
14 Jun '08 Gold Bounces But Closes the Week 2.8% Lower as G-8 Meeting Buoys Dollar; Silver Drops 5.1% Adrian Ash
13 Jun '08 Gold Bounces as US Inflation Hits 4.2%; China's "Gold Dragons" Target $2,000 an Ounce Adrian Ash
13 Jun '08 Gold Bounces to End Thurs 1.2% Lower as Crude Jumps, Stocks Retreat Adrian Ash
12 Jun '08 Gold Slides to 5-Week Low as Dollar Whacks Oil, Euro & Metals; Beaten-Down Banking Stocks Rally Adrian Ash

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