Gold News
25 Mar '08 Overseas gold prices 'looking good' Goldbug
25 Mar '08 Gold price dip 'not enough to eradicate gains' Goldbug
23 Mar '08 Gold jewelry buying soars after price dip Goldbug
22 Mar '08 Gold output drops in Zimbabwe Goldbug
21 Mar '08 Gold markets 'still good' as stock markets lose out Goldbug
21 Mar '08 Fund managers 'still optimistic' about long-term gold prices Goldbug
19 Mar '08 Current world events 'encourage investing in gold' Goldbug
19 Mar '08 Gold 'has not reached its peak' Goldbug
19 Mar '08 Lower than expected rate cuts are 'good for gold' Goldbug
18 Mar '08 Gold production falls further in South Africa Goldbug
18 Mar '08 US interest rate cuts 'provide ripe conditions for gold prices' Goldbug
18 Mar '08 Gold 'will support the later stages of recession' Goldbug
17 Mar '08 Gold 'looking better than the dollar' Goldbug
17 Mar '08 'Nothing to stop' gold's rise Goldbug
17 Mar '08 New buyers drive gold markets higher Goldbug
16 Mar '08 'Just the beginning' for record gold prices Goldbug
15 Mar '08 Gold investors 'sick of stocks' Goldbug
14 Mar '08 'Sky's the limit' for gold prices Goldbug
13 Mar '08 SA gold production down 16.5% in January Goldbug
13 Mar '08 Gold bullion 'could reach $1,200 this year' Goldbug
13 Mar '08 Safe haven status of gold 'to push up prices' Goldbug
13 Mar '08 Range of factors 'will keep gold prices high' Goldbug
13 Mar '08 German central bank 'to keep gold reserves' Goldbug
12 Mar '08 Miner: Gold likely to surpass $1,500 this year Goldbug
12 Mar '08 Mining royalties law 'may hit gold production' Goldbug

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