Gold News
26 Sep '14 Rising GDP "Boosts Consumer Demand" to Buy Gold Goldbug
22 Sep '14 Gold Mining "Hurt Long-Term", Output "Peaking in 2014" Goldbug
18 Sep '14 "Gradual" Gold Bull Market to Start 2015, "Next Floor at $1200" Says GFMS Adrian Ash
10 Sep '14 3 Reasons the Gold/Silver Ratio "Will Fall" as 2014 Ends Goldbug
08 Sep '14 India's Gold Deposit Scheme Targets "Easy" 200 Tonnes Goldbug
28 Aug '14 China Leads "Strong Recovery" in PV Silver Demand Goldbug
21 Aug '14 Central Banks Buying Gold "Firmly" in 2014 Goldbug
14 Aug '14 Ban Gold Advertising & 22-Carat, Says Indian Professor Goldbug
04 Aug '14 Silver: 3 New Tech Uses to Grow 275% by 2018 Goldbug
18 Jul '14 India "Can't Risk" Easing Gold Import Rules as Trade Deficit Jumps Goldbug
10 Jul '14 Russia's Gold Mining Jumps, Defies 5% Drop Forecast for 2014 Luc Tustain
09 Jul '14 India's Budget "Must Ease" Gold Import Rules to Stem Smuggling Luc Tustain
08 Jul '14 Gold Miner Hedging Now a "Dead Cert" in 2014 Luc Tustain
27 Jun '14 China's Gold Bullion Imports Slump as $15bn of "Fake Deals" Alleged Goldbug
20 Jun '14 Gold Investing to "Suffer" as Global Growth Returns Goldbug
12 Jun '14 S.Africa Wage Offer Sees Platinum Drop 2%, Palladium Lose 14-Year High Goldbug
04 Jun '14 India's Gold Import Duty "About to Be Cut" from 10% Goldbug
22 May '14 India Gold Prices "Tumble" on Easier Import Rules Goldbug
20 May '14 Gold Bar & Coin Demand Hits 4-Year Low Goldbug
19 May '14 New CBGA Affirms Gold's "Monetary Role" But Lacks Sales Limit Goldbug
15 May '14 Silver Investing Hits Record, Scrap "Exhausted" on 2013 Price Crash Goldbug
14 May '14 China's Gold Trade Financing "Only Small Part" of Leasing Boom Goldbug
30 Apr '14 China Gold Supplies "Ample", Imports "May Extend" 25% Drop Goldbug
29 Apr '14 Silver Investment "Still Makes Sense", Industrial Demand "Positive" Goldbug
24 Apr '14 Commodities Investing "Back to Normal" as Another Bank Quits Goldbug

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