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05 Oct '16 Gold Prices 'Could Rally Fast' After Slump on 'Bleeding Obvious' Central-Bank Comments Adrian Ash
04 Oct '16 Gold Prices Break Below Summer 2016 Floor at $1300 Adrian Ash
03 Oct '16 Gold Prices Trade in Narrow Range while Markets Focus on Easing Deutsche Bank Fears and Pound Slumping Near 3-Decade Low Steffen Grosshauser
30 Sep '16 Gold Bullion Halves Weekly Drop as Deutsche Bank Blames 'Rumors, Speculators', China Starts Holiday Week Adrian Ash
29 Sep '16 Gold Prices Slip Despite India 'Surgical Strikes' in Pakistan as Oil Jumps on Opec Output Deal Adrian Ash
28 Sep '16 Gold Bullion 'Vulnerable' Below $1335 as US Fed & Euro Interest-Rate Policies Challenged Adrian Ash
27 Sep '16 Gold Mining 'Needs New Discoveries' as M&A Rejected on Bad Memories, 2016 Price Jump Adrian Ash
26 Sep '16 Gold Prices 'Supported' by Trump-Clinton Debate as Deutsche Bank Sinks, China Risks Grow Steffen Grosshauser
23 Sep '16 Gold Bullion 'Testing Downtrend' as Fiscal Deficits, Money Printing Urged by Pundits, Asset-Fund Chief Adrian Ash
22 Sep '16 Gold Price Heads for Another $75 Quarterly Gain as Fed Holds Rates, UN Warns of 'Crisis Part 3' Adrian Ash
21 Sep '16 Gold Prices Rise Before Fed as Yen Defies Bank of Japan's Urgent New Inflation Plan Adrian Ash
20 Sep '16 Gold Bullion 'Very Thin' as US Fed Meets, $2.2bn Failure Hits China's Bond Market Adrian Ash
19 Sep '16 Gold Prices 'Volatile', ETF & Comex Bets Shrink as US Fed and Bank of Japan Meet Steffen Grosshauser
16 Sep '16 Upturn in US Inflation Sees Gold Price Near 3-Month Low, Indian Discount Narrows on 'Record' Harvest Adrian Ash
15 Sep '16 Gold Bar Smuggling Blamed for India's 2016 Price Discount, London Vaults Regain 1/3rd 2013-15 Outflow Adrian Ash
14 Sep '16 Gold Bullion 'Positive on Stupid Politicians' as China Bank Lending Jumps, Helicopter Money Urged Adrian Ash
13 Sep '16 Gold Price Slips Despite Vix Volatility Jump, Hedges Equity Risk 'When You Need It' Adrian Ash
12 Sep '16 Gold Prices 'Robust' as Fresh Fed Speech Fears See Bonds, Stocks Drop Steffen Grosshauser
09 Sep '16 US Gold Investing Flows 'Driving Price' as Fed 'Dove' Calls for Rate Hike Adrian Ash
08 Sep '16 Gold ETF Impact on Price 'Intuitive' Says SocGen as Euro Gains Before ECB News Adrian Ash
07 Sep '16 Gold Bars Flood into GLD as Odds of Fed Rate-Rise Fade, Beijing's Demand Weak as China's FX Reserves Shrink Adrian Ash
06 Sep '16 Gold Prices Near 2-Week High, Threaten Indian Harvest Demand as Western Investing Jumps Adrian Ash
05 Sep '16 Gold & Silver Flat for Labor Day But 2016 Price Jump Shakes Up India, China Bullion Markets Adrian Ash
02 Sep '16 Gold Investing 'Strongly Inverse' to S&P500 But Both Rise as US Non-Farms Jobs Miss Forecasts Adrian Ash
01 Sep '16 Gold Price Hits Post-Brexit Low in GBP on Manufacturing Jump, GLD Shrinks But 'Risks Ahead' Adrian Ash

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