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25 Jan '17 Gold Bars Demand in China Jumps as Yuan Falls, No.1 Miner for 10th Year Adrian Ash
24 Jan '17 Gold Bullion's Rally Fails to Grow GLD Yet Again as UK Supreme Court Confirms Article 50 Ruling on Brexit Adrian Ash
23 Jan '17 Gold Price Hits 9-Week High as Dollar Falls, Trump Trade Tariffs 'Threaten Inflation', Silver Comex Bulls +10% Adrian Ash
20 Jan '17 Gold Bullion +40% Under Obama, Quiet as Trump Sworn In Adrian Ash
19 Jan '17 Gold Prices Rise vs Euro, 'Vulnerable' at $1200 as Dollar Rises, ECB Warns on Inflation Before Trump Inauguration Adrian Ash
18 Jan '17 Gold Price 'Bullish' as Inflation Breaches Fed's 2% Target, Trump Spurs 'Currency War', GLD Misses Rally Adrian Ash
17 Jan '17 Gold Price Up Through 'Key' $1207 Level as 'Brexit Means UK Out of Single Market' Adrian Ash
16 Jan '17 Gold Price Hits 8-Week High as Trump 'Shocks' Nato, UK 'Threatens' EU Over Brexit, Davos Calls for 'Unity' Adrian Ash
13 Jan '17 Gold Bullion 'Wins When Politicians Attack Central Banks', Outpaces Silver on Week Adrian Ash
12 Jan '17 Gold Price 'Looking to Fail' at $1205, Trump Slump 'Too Early' in Stocks as Chinese New Year Nears Adrian Ash
11 Jan '17 Gold Prices -1% from 6-Week High as Dollar Jumps, UK Trade Deficit Yawns, Trump Denies Russia Scandal Adrian Ash
10 Jan '17 Wholesale Gold Bars +4.6% in 2017, Repeat Last 3 Januarys Even as GLD Shrinks Adrian Ash
09 Jan '17 Gold Trading 'Bullish' at $1180 as China Challenges Trump Over Taiwan, Mexico Adrian Ash
06 Jan '17 Gold Price Gains 1.4% in New Year 2017 as US Wages Jump Fastest Since 2009 Adrian Ash
05 Jan '17 Gold Bullion Up Again in New Year 2017, GLD Yet to React as Weak Jobs Hit Dollar, T-Bonds Rally with China's Yuan Adrian Ash
04 Jan '17 Gold Prices Near 4-Week High as China Boosts Yuan, Euro Inflation Pops, UK Borrows Like 2005, US's Trump 'Key to 2017' Adrian Ash
03 Jan '17 'True Safe Haven' Gold Prices Firm vs. Rising Dollar as Trump Argues Trade War with China Adrian Ash
30 Dec '16 Gold Bars +9.1% in 2016 vs. Almighty Dollar, Lag S&P for 5th Year Running Adrian Ash
22 Dec '16 Gold Prices Muted as Markets in 'Holiday Mood', Investors Await More US Data Thomas Podvin
20 Dec '16 Gold Prices Down, Dollar Near 14-Year Highs After Fed's Yellen Speaks, Berlin Atrocity Atsuko Whitehouse
16 Dec '16 Silver Bullion Falls Harder Than Gold Price 1st Week in 4, 'Big Risk' of More ETF Selling Adrian Ash
15 Dec '16 Gold Prices Sink Back to Feb', Silver -7.5% as US Fed Sees 3 2017 Rate Hikes, Bond Yields 'Break 35-Year Downtrend' Adrian Ash
14 Dec '16 Gold Bars Hit $33 Premium in Shanghai Before US Fed Vote, Traders 'Expect Rally' Adrian Ash
13 Dec '16 Gold Prices Steady as Bond Yields Retreat, UK Inflation Rises, Ahead of US Fed Rate Decision Adrian Ash
12 Dec '16 China's Gold Market Premium Hits $31 as London Price Hits New 10-Month Low on Comex, ETF Sell-Off, India Frozen Adrian Ash

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