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01 Dec '15 Least Bullish Betting on Gold Price in 15 Years 'Likely' to See Short-Covering, But 17% Drop Forecast for 2016 Adrian Ash
30 Nov '15 Gold Rallies from 6-Year Low, 'Unprofitable' Mining 'Hurting Price' Says Record-Output CEO Adrian Ash
27 Nov '15 Black Friday Sees Gold Hit New 6-Year Discount, 'Only 1 in 10' Signs of Capitulation Adrian Ash
26 Nov '15 Gold Price 'Like Watching Dry Paint' with US Shut for Thanksgiving, India & China Demand at Issue Adrian Ash
25 Nov '15 Gold Trading Slips, Price 'Blocked' by US Fed Rate Expectations as Russia-Turkey Tensions Rise Adrian Ash
24 Nov '15 Gold Bullion 'Moving Randomly', Hits Record Gap Over Platinum as US GDP Revised Up, Nickel Hits 2003 Low Adrian Ash
23 Nov '15 Gold 'Risks ETF Sell-Off' at $1000 as Saudis Try to Boost Oil Price, US Fed Split Over 2% Inflation Adrian Ash
20 Nov '15 Gold Price Flips at $1080 as Fed 'Set On Hike', Eurozone Vows to Inflate, India's Gold Bond Scheme Launch Fails Adrian Ash
19 Nov '15 Gold Price 'Probing' Key Long-Term & Elliott Wave Level at $1080 as Baltic Dry Shipping Rate Sinks Adrian Ash
18 Nov '15 Selling Pressure 'Slowing' in Wholesale Gold Bar Market as Price Holds 6-Year Low Adrian Ash
17 Nov '15 Gold Bullion Sets New 6-Year Low Sub-$1080 at London Benchmark, Speculators Turn Tail Adrian Ash
16 Nov '15 Gold Price Erases 'Safe Haven Gain' with Crude, Silver After Paris Terror Attacks Adrian Ash
13 Nov '15 Gold Bullion 'Looks for Respite' After 'Finding Support' at 6-Year Low Ahead of Fed Rate Decision Adrian Ash
12 Nov '15 Gold Bullion Hits Near 6-Year Low on US-vs-Euro 'Divergence' as Precious Metals 'Near Capitulation' Adrian Ash
11 Nov '15 Gold Demand Weak in London, Boosted in India, Dents World No.1 Jeweler's Profits in China Adrian Ash
10 Nov '15 'Little Reason' to Buy Gold Before US Fed Rate Rise, Say Analysts, as ETF Discounts Widen Adrian Ash
09 Nov '15 Gold Price Just 1% Above Half-Decade Low as US Fed Rate-Rise 'Makes Sense', China Demand 'Robust' Adrian Ash
06 Nov '15 US Jobs 'Kneejerk' Sinks Gold Bullion Near 6-Year Low, December US Fed 'Lift-Off' Now 75% Certain Adrian Ash
05 Nov '15 Gold Price 'At Risk' from Fed, Dollar & Jobs Data as India Seeks to Curb Demand, Trading Slumps, Mine Output Grows Adrian Ash
04 Nov '15 Gold Price Drops 'Clean Through Support' as Precious ETFs Shrink, US Jobs Hit Forecast Adrian Ash
03 Nov '15 'Buy Stocks, Ditch Gold' Advise Fund Managers as Nasdaq Hits Tech Bubble Peaks, Bullion Hits New 1-Month Low Adrian Ash
02 Nov '15 Bullion Prices 'Set to Drop Markedly' as Silver ETF Shrinks Near 3-Year Low, London Gold Demand Sinks Adrian Ash
30 Oct '15 Gold Falls 3rd Day, Bullion Offers 'Cheap Insurance' as S&P Jumps 9% for Oct. Despite Profit Warnings Adrian Ash
29 Oct '15 Gold Price Extends Post-Fed Plunge from 'Unfathomable' Spike, 'Good Buying Opportunity' on Weak US GDP Data Adrian Ash
28 Oct '15 Bullion Prices Jump, Silver Hits 4-Month High Ahead of US Fed Rates Decision Adrian Ash

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