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22 Mar '07 Spot gold flat as pundits look to oil Adrian Ash
22 Mar '07 Spot gold rises against falling Dollar; Tokyo futures hit $670 Adrian Ash
21 Mar '07 Gold shoots higher as the Fed kills its failed "tightening" bias Adrian Ash
21 Mar '07 Gold dips sharply ahead of US rates decision Adrian Ash
21 Mar '07 Gold hits 3-week high ahead of US rate decision Adrian Ash
20 Mar '07 Spot gold prices leap as US Fed meets to decide Dollar interest rates Adrian Ash
20 Mar '07 Gold steady as scrap sales rise but world money supply rises faster Adrian Ash
19 Mar '07 Spot gold prices hit one-week high at the Fix; mining and central bank supply to keep falling Adrian Ash
19 Mar '07 Gold slips in London; central bank policies support long-term bull market Adrian Ash
16 Mar '07 Gold holds above $650 to close the week higher in London Adrian Ash
15 Mar '07 Gold pulls back as London closes Adrian Ash
15 Mar '07 Gold rises 1.3% from US low; traders watch for US inflation numbers Adrian Ash
14 Mar '07 Gold bounces with US stocks, recording "higher low" as uptrend continues Adrian Ash
14 Mar '07 Gold drops to new one-week lows as world equities sink Adrian Ash
13 Mar '07 Gold sinks as Europe closes and US stocks fall Adrian Ash
13 Mar '07 Spot gold trades sideways in Europe as Dollar slips Adrian Ash
12 Mar '07 Gold struggles at $650 as the "hot money" switches to stocks and currencies Adrian Ash
12 Mar '07 Spot gold prices rise as India's first gold ETF launches Adrian Ash
09 Mar '07 Spot gold closes London higher for the week Adrian Ash
09 Mar '07 Gold climbs against all currencies; credit bubble also inflates Adrian Ash
08 Mar '07 Spot gold hits $655 in New York Adrian Ash
08 Mar '07 Spot gold hits one-week high as stock markets rally Adrian Ash
07 Mar '07 Spot price of gold rises above $651 in late New York trade Adrian Ash
07 Mar '07 Gold pulls back as Yen rises; investors "jittery" Adrian Ash
06 Mar '07 Gold hold steady as the Yen retreats and stocks bounce Adrian Ash

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