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14 Jun '07 Gold closes 0.43% higher as Producer Prices rise, Treasuries fall Adrian Ash
14 Jun '07 Gold whips around $650 as bond market drops on US inflation data Adrian Ash
13 Jun '07 Gold bounces off 3-month low; "buy on weakness" advises top analyst Adrian Ash
12 Jun '07 Gold closes London below $650 as US government sells $8 billion in bonds Adrian Ash
11 Jun '07 Spot gold regains 0.9% as the Fed pretends to talk tough on inflation Adrian Ash
11 Jun '07 Gold recovers $3 but seen in "range" around $650 per ounce Adrian Ash
08 Jun '07 Gold hits 3-month low at London close on US interest rate fears Adrian Ash
07 Jun '07 Gold sinks 2% as US Treasuries suck funds out of equities and currencies Adrian Ash
07 Jun '07 Gold slips vs. the Dollar as Euro and Sterling fall despite higher interest rates Adrian Ash
07 Jun '07 Spot gold rises after Asian stocks catch-up with UK and US sell-off Adrian Ash
06 Jun '07 Gold mining costs soar as digging moves 4km below ground Adrian Ash
05 Jun '07 Gold ends London at $670; Spain sells more gold to plug its trade gap Adrian Ash
05 Jun '07 Gold holds steady ahead of Euro and Sterling interest rate votes Adrian Ash
04 Jun '07 Spot gold holds at two-week high; gold miners dig deeper than ever Adrian Ash
01 Jun '07 Gold gains 2.1% for the week as major central bank ends its selling program Adrian Ash
01 Jun '07 Gold rises $5 to new 10-day high despite lack of physical demand Adrian Ash
31 May '07 Gold whipped by US data; records fourth-best month ever in May Adrian Ash
31 May '07 Gold rises as Fed's caught between housing slump and inflation Adrian Ash
30 May '07 Gold ticks lower after China's stock market bubble drops 6% Adrian Ash
29 May '07 Spot gold jumps as currency traders cut Euro positions Adrian Ash
28 May '07 Gold steady in thin trade ahead of busy week for US data Adrian Ash
25 May '07 Gold flat despite weak US data as holiday weekend begins Adrian Ash
24 May '07 Gold prices sink on strong US data Adrian Ash
24 May '07 Gold slips before US data; Iran tensions & Iraq spending rise Adrian Ash
23 May '07 Spot gold rises for five sessions running as Dollar sells off Adrian Ash

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