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23 Jan '08 Gold Slips as US Opens; No "Bernanke Bounce" for Dow or Europe's Stock Markets Adrian Ash
23 Jan '08 Gold Ends Tues 4.9% Above Day's Low on Fed's Emergency Rate Cut; "Expect Volatility" Warns Analyst Adrian Ash
22 Jan '08 Gold: Breaking News – Fed Makes 0.75% Emergency Rate Cut; Stocks Bounce, Gold Rockets Adrian Ash
22 Jan '08 Gold Drops 2.1% as Global Equity Losses Reach $5 Trillion; "Panic-Driven" Dash for Cash Supports Dollar & Yen Adrian Ash
21 Jan '08 Gold Barely Touched in GBP, EUR as German Stock Market Dumps 7.1%; FTSE Suffers Worst Day Since 9/11 Adrian Ash
21 Jan '08 Gold Drops 1.6% to Two-Week Low as World Stocks Markets Collapse, Bond Yields Fall, on 'Black Monday' Adrian Ash
19 Jan '08 Gold Prices End the Week at $880 as US Stocks Drop 4%; Gold Mining Shares Fall 8% Adrian Ash
18 Jan '08 Gold Slips to 9-Session Low Ahead of US "Stimulus Package"; Can Bush & Bernanke Save the World's Debt Market? Adrian Ash
18 Jan '08 Gold Ends Thurs 0.1% Lower as Stock Markets Sink on Sub-Prime Fall-Out; US Fed Urges Government Action Adrian Ash
17 Jan '08 Gold Ends London Trade at New One-Week Low; Indian Buyers Catch "IPO Fever" in Stocks Adrian Ash
17 Jan '08 Gold Bounces to End Weds 2.2% Lower; ECB Set to Join US Fed in Cutting Interest Rates Adrian Ash
16 Jan '08 Gold Bounces from 3.8% Plunge as World Equities Sink, Oil Falls & Carry-Trade Currencies Spike Adrian Ash
16 Jan '08 Gold Drops from Near All-Time Record as Stocks Plunge; Bond Yields Fall to 4-Year Low Adrian Ash
15 Jan '08 Gold Drops 1.7% as Global Equities Sink & Oil Falls on "Threat" to Fed Rate-Cuts Adrian Ash
15 Jan '08 Gold Dips as Volatility Widens; Oil Rallies & Tokyo Stocks Hit 26-Month Low Adrian Ash
14 Jan '08 Gold Ends Monday 0.8% Higher at New Record as Dollar Falls, Stocks Bounce Adrian Ash
14 Jan '08 Gold Surges on New US Banking Woes, Falling Interest Rates; "Little Wonder" Investors Flocking to Gold Adrian Ash
12 Jan '08 Gold Ends the Week 3.7% Higher as US Stocks Sink, Oil Falls & Food Prices Soar Adrian Ash
11 Jan '08 Gold Holds Near Post-Bernanke Highs on Merrill's Write-Down, Negative Bond Yields Adrian Ash
10 Jan '08 Gold Surges to New Highs After Bernanke Promises More Cheap Money Ahead Adrian Ash
09 Jan '08 Gold Hits New Closing High Even as Oil Stalls, Wall Street Bounces Adrian Ash
09 Jan '08 Gold Drops After Chinese Investors Pile In; "Stagflation Light" Promises More Gains Ahead Adrian Ash
08 Jan '08 Gold Ends Tues $18 Higher at New Record Highs as US Stock Market Sinks Adrian Ash
08 Jan '08 Gold Leaps to New Records vs. All Currencies as Oil Dips; Too Much, Too Fast? Adrian Ash
07 Jan '08 Gold Bounces from Early Dip as Oil Slips, Asian Stocks Tumble, Dollar Rallies Adrian Ash

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