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11 Dec '08 Gold Jumps 4.5% to Dec. High, Catches "One Hell of a Tailwind" Chris Mullen
10 Dec '08 Gold Gains as Stocks Stall, Bond Yields Turn Negative; Gold Mining Blocked "Without Appeal" at Europe's No.1 Deposit Adrian Ash
10 Dec '08 Gold Gains, Silver Falls, as Wall Street Falls on Lower Earnings Chris Mullen
09 Dec '08 Retail Gold Buyers Stuck with Shortages, High Mark-Ups as Global Credit & Lending Collapse; Central Banks Prepare "Money Flood" Adrian Ash
09 Dec '08 Gold Gains 2.3% After Obama Promises 50-Year Record in Infrastructure Spend Chris Mullen
08 Dec '08 Gold Jumps with Stocks, Commodities and Non-US Currencies as Obama Shouts "Clear!" of the Dollar Adrian Ash
06 Dec '08 Gold Ends Week 8% Lower as US Sheds Half-Million Jobs, Dollar & Stocks Rise Chris Mullen
05 Dec '08 Gold Drops 3% on Half-Million US Job Losses; "Suicidal Policies" to Tackle Deflation Set to Destroy Money's Value Adrian Ash
05 Dec '08 Gold Ends Thurs Near Two-Week Low as Wall Street Stumbles, Jobless News Looms Chris Mullen
04 Dec '08 Gold Unmoved by Historic Rate-Cuts, But "Currency Debasement & Inflation" Loom Amid Competitive Devaluations Adrian Ash
04 Dec '08 Gold Drops as Dollar Gains Ahead of European Rate Slashing Chris Mullen
03 Dec '08 Gold Market "Illiquid" as Zero Interest Rates Loom; Gold Mining Mothballed, Exploration Slashed Adrian Ash
03 Dec '08 Gold Gains as Dollar Slides, Treasury Bond Yields Fall to New Record Low Chris Mullen
02 Dec '08 Gold Bounces, Dollar Surge Stalls; "Don't Trust Central Banks" as Global Economy Implodes Adrian Ash
01 Dec '08 Gold Retreats on Dollar, Yen Surge; "Cascading Crises" Loom as Governments Prepare $2.5 trillion of Debt Adrian Ash
28 Nov '08 Gold Nears 11% Monthly Jump Amid "Deflation Scare", Deluge of New Government Debt Adrian Ash
27 Nov '08 Gold Holds Flat as "Crisis Deepens, Instability Looms" Yet World Stock Markets Rise Adrian Ash
27 Nov '08 Gold Slips 1%, Stocks Rally with Dollar and T-Bonds Despite Flood of Bad Data Chris Mullen
26 Nov '08 Gold Price "Cautious", Coin Shortage Persists as China Slashes Rates, US Bond Yields Hit Record Low Adrian Ash
25 Nov '08 Gold Holds Firm as Fed Adds Another $800bn of Credit Risk to Its Balance-Sheet Chris Mullen
25 Nov '08 Gold Investment: "Significant Shift" into Physical Metal as Governments Throw "All the Money in the World" at Economy Adrian Ash
25 Nov '08 Gold Ends Monday 3.3% Higher as Citi Rescue Buoys Stocks, Dents Dollar Chris Mullen
24 Nov '08 Gold Jumps to 6-Week High as Fresh Bail-Outs Rescue Banking Stocks, Empty IMF's Coffers, Inflate World Money Supply Adrian Ash
22 Nov '08 Gold Ends Week 6.6% Higher as Stocks Lose 8% to 11-Year Low; UK Gold Price Hits Record Closing High Chris Mullen
21 Nov '08 Gold Jumps to One-Month High, Coin Investment Orders Refused 'Til January Adrian Ash

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